Komatsuna's sprout

I had written about Japanese vegetable "Komatsuna" a few days ago.

Finally, I found Komatsuna's sprout are bigger!!! I am so happy!!!

I think this is Japanese vegetable. It is called "Asupara na".

According to the some website, the taste looks like asparagus. In the summer, I grew them. However, I gave up growing them because of the insect damage... Now, I try not to use the pesticide. Because I want to eat healthy vegetables. So I have to check the vegetables every day. If I find insects, I remove them.

Yesterday, I went to the supermarket at the night. I could buy 2 fishes(yellowtail) and the chicken at a low price in the supermarket.

After coming back to my home, I cooked Japanese fish's dish at home. The dish is called "Buri no arani".

I like this dish. So I often cook this when I find the yellowtail in the supermarket. On the weekend, I will try to make the chicken's ham because I found the good recipe on the net. I will write about it later.

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