Garlic and parsley

I miss the spring because I can't plant seeds of plants. By the way, vegetables are fine now.

- garlic
- parsley

- Japanese vegetable "Asupara na"

A few days ago, I bought some fish in the super market and I cooked some foods.

- "Buri no teriyaki"

Japanese food "Buri no teriyaki" is so popular as Japanese new year's food. I like it and I often eat it in the winter.

Now, I have one seed at my home. This is a seed of avocado. A few days ago, I ate it and I am keeping a seed of it. hahaha

I checked some websites. They planted seeds of avocado and they are growing them. I want to try!!!Maybe, I will plant a seed of avocado on the weekend.

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Mike さんのコメント...

Hi Reona
I planted a seed from an Avocado that I ate ... it took several months to start to grow but it did and I now have a plant that is 40 cm tall !!I will email soon ... it is very cold and snowy here in England
take care

reona さんのコメント...


You already planted a seed!!!

The plant that is 40 cm tall???

I'll try to plant a seed!!!!

I read about the weather of UK.
Please take care!!!!