The movies which I want to watch

Today, I kept downloading wave files of movies and uploading them on YouTube. I am very tired now.hahaha.

You know that I like movies so much because I often wrote movies on my blog.

Now, I have some of movies which I want to watch.

- "Anata wo wasurenai"(I don't forget you)

This is a true story of one dead Korean who tried to save drunk Japanese. I am sorry that the main character of this movie was dead. But I really respect him.

- babel

I like Japanese actor Koji Yakusyo and Cate Blanchette.So I want to watch.

- "natsu monogatari"(Once in a Summer)

You may know I like Korean movies and Lee Byung-Hun. So I watched his movies and dramas. I think that he is a good actor of Korean.

- "Little miss sunshine"

After the reviews and story, I really wanted to go to the theater in order to watch this movie at once. The movie looks like wonderful.

- "Ouku" ("Ooku" means rooms that women lived in Edo Castle.)

This movie is about women who lived in Edo Castle while The Edo era. I don't know about them. So I want to know them more.
- "The departed"

I didn't know about a detail story of this movie. But X taught me that it was very good! Then I find the website of this movie and read a story. The story looks like interesting and I like all of actors of this movie. X,Thanks for telling me!!!

Which movies do you want to watch?

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Mr.galle さんのコメント...

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Kokko さんのコメント...

I like to watch movies, too!
My favorite movie is "The Holiday".

I think Lee Byung-Hun is cool, so I'll try to watch the movie "natsu monogatari".:)

匿名 さんのコメント...

I like to watch movies recently.
So,I'd like to watch babel.