Yesterday,I went out from my office to change my mind at noon. Then I found a store that sells environmental things and entered it after I drank a cup of tea and took a rest for an hour. There are many enviromental pamphlets,catalogs and CDs in there. The customer said to me,"Some of them were for free! You can take them if you want." Then I found an English catalog of Earthwatch. I had not known about Earthwatch before I found it. To tell the truth, I thought that it was nice to study English at first. I asked him whether I could get an English catalog of Earthwatch. He with smile said , "Sure!!". Then I put it on my bag. After leaving my office, I got on the train and read an English catalog. I was very interested in Earthwatch projects. According to an catalog, Earthwacth had been stood at Boston of America in 1974. They have been investigating about the world environment since 1974 . Many scientists and volunteers of all the world have helped about investigating environment. In Japan, it started investigating the environmental projects since 1993. If you want to apply for projects, you have to be a member of Earhwatch. The price of entrance fee is 5,000 yen and the annual fee is 5,000 yen. After being a member of Earthwatch,you can receive some catalogs ,monthly emails,infomations of events. I don't decide whether I will apply for a member yet. I have to think it over. Please tell me about Earthwatch if you are member. The project that I am interested in are - Thailand's Colorful Coral Reefs Investigate about wonderful Thailand's coral reefs by snorkeling or scuba diving - Restoring Vietnam's Forests Investigate and collect data of Vietnam's forests.

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