Farewell party

When I got up at this morning,I wanted to take a day off because I felt be tired. But I gave up to do it because I had to attend a farewell party tonight. I am working with some engineers whom my company have been contracted with. Although I haven't talked with them yet. When I had joined the current company at first, I was surprised because my department's engineers had never developed programs and our company's development had been contracted out to subcontractors. But I don't want to contract out all my work because nobody can deal with our system if they are not in my office. Actually,It is sometimes good to depend on them because I don't need to work overtime. But I think it is a problem to contract out all of our systems. I am managing to deal with my work without them. Although they are subcontractor's employee,they go to our company everyday and work at our office without going to their companies everyday. Include they stand for about ten minutes while our morning's boring meeting. Even if they can start their working at their offices since 10 am, they have to arrive at our office until 9 am. Even if they can leave their office at 5 pm, they have to pretend to work until 6 pm during contract. I went to Japanese food restaurant "ichinoya". We had dinner for 2 hours. I ate dishes - salad with Japanese radish and fried fish - Raw fish "sashimi" and grilled fish "yaki-zakana" I especially like "wasabi". I can eat rice with only "wasabi". I think Japanese cold noodle "soba" with "wasabi" is a wonderful dish. During Japanese summer, I can't eat dishes because of suffering from the summer heat. But I can eat only Japanese cold soba when I can't eat anymore. - tempura of Japanese wild vegetables "sansai" and shrimps - rice of vegetables and shrimps - ice cream - drinks (beer,wine,syo-cyu etc) I had to pay 5,500 yen to attend a farewell party. I think the price was a little expensive. The restaurant's menu is here.But sorry. It is only Japanese.

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ba さんのコメント...

oishii ne!!!

i'm glad because you like the same things i do: tempura, sashimi and (yummy!) yaki zakana!!! i mean, except wasaaaaaaaabi. hahahaha

but... where are the pictures of you and your co-workers?

reona さんのコメント...

Totemo oisikatta desu!
Your japanese is good!!

Mike さんのコメント...

Hi Reona
well you are making my mouth water,
It's so hard to find Japanese food here...
a friend mailed me some soba and wasabi with cold dipping sauce so I can make it for myself... I love that.

Last night I went to a restaurant run by a guy from Hong Kong in my home town, I had deep fried chicken wings and a bowl of egg noodle soup with beef and chillies....very tasty.

I guess I will have to go to Japan to taste real Japanese food or maybe I can find some restaurants next time I visit London.

take care

reona さんのコメント...

Thank for the comment!

How are you?

I like china food!

I want to eat soba you make and go to a restaurant you went.

Did you take photos of dishes?
Please show me if you have them.

I hope that you will find nice Japanese restaurants!

I look forward to your report of them!

Take care!!

Mike さんのコメント...

Hi Reona
I have sent some photo's and messages to your hot mail recently,
did you get them??
I sent a photo of the soba I cooked.
I don't have a camera on my phone so i feel a bit strange taking pictures with my larger camera ha ha..
the chef will think there is something wrong.. ha ha
I need to get a new phone.
I will try and visit some interesting restaurants here and take some photos forr you.
take care

reona さんのコメント...


I got your email with photos!!

Your photos are nice!!

Thank you!
I will send you a email soon!

Please show me photos if you get a new phone!
Take care!!

ba さんのコメント...

doumo sensei-sama! shikashi... why 'oishiKATTA'?