Do you know Japanese snack "Umaibou"? When I feel hungry at my office, I ofen go to a convenience store to buy a snack "Umaibou". The price of Umaibou is only 10 yen!! Japanese company "Yaokin" makes Umaibou. I like Nattou flavor of Umaibou. うまい棒 なっとう味 But I can't buy it because there is not convenience stores where I go. So I buy Mentai flavor of Umaibou when I can't buy Natto flavor of Umaibou. Mentai flavor of Umaibou is best popular in Japan. やおきん Y1うまい棒めんたい味30入 There is a website of Umaibou's fans "Umaibou doumei". If you can read Japanese,you will be surprised because there are many informations about Umaibou. The facts that I was surprised at are here. - When the company "Yaokin" had released Umaibou, there was able to be the thing that 50 kinds of imitations were released other companies. Now, only Yaokin. - The secret of length of Umaibou. The current version of Umaibou is bigger than old version of Umaibou. - The employees of Osaka's company "Head Japan" can eat Umaibou as much as you.It is a welfare program because a CEO of it loves Umaibou. I really want to enter "Head Japan". - Which Umaibou is best popular in abroad? It is a Corn Portage flavor of Umaibou. I like it too.

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Mike さんのコメント...

Hi Reona
well ,I've not heard about Umaibou before,there is nothing like that in England.
For snacks here people might eat Crisps or chocolate bars, like Mars or Kit Kat..... I don't have a sweet tooth so I like to eat a packet of crisps, either cheese and onion flavour or maybe salt and vinegar flavour.

ba さんのコメント...

yummy, yummy! hahahaha
i wonder how good it is... i will search 'umaibou' around here.
best regards!

ba さんのコメント...

by the way, i was watching the website and the pet drew on the packet reminded me Doraemon, but it looks different... is it him?

reona さんのコメント...


Thank for your comment.

I hope you like Umaibou!!
I am eating now!!


Thank for your comment!

I was surprised because you know Draemon!!

According to the website,it isn't Doraemon.

ba さんのコメント...

What a pity... i like Doraemon so much... I remeber when i was 7 years old, my father rented some doraemon episodes in japanese. i didn't understand anything but i had a lot of fun with the things he pulled out of his pocket! hahaha