Germany won!!!

Finally, the world cup will finish at 4 am of tomorrow. I watched the game of Germany vs Portugal after I had got up at 4 am. I think the game was nice and the players of Germany were very good. I will watch the game of Italy vs French. If Italy win tomorrow, I think Mike will be able to enjoy his trip of Italy.hahaha. I want to watch the game of tomorrow. But to tell the truth,I don't want to watch the game because the world cup will finish. (But I won't be late for my office after the world up will finish.) Anyway, I will enjoy watching the game of Italy vs French.

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匿名 さんのコメント...

Who do you want to win? Italy or France?

Every team that I wanted to win lost their games so I am a bit scared to cheer for Italy.

reona さんのコメント...

Thank you for the comment!!!

Well,I hope that Italy will win.
At the first,I thought Brazil,Argentina,and England would win at this world cup.

But my bets lost.hahaha.

I hope that you will enjoy the game of Italy vs French!

Have a nice day!

Mike さんのコメント...

Hi reona
in the end I couldn't see all of the game but I saw a little and some highlights... Germany were very good in the end... it was nice as they were at home.

ha ha yes I want Italy to win because I will fly to Milan tomorrow... i wish I was going today and I could watch the game in Italy!! Some of my friends are already in Italy.
It will be sad to see the end of the world cup ..
but then I can start to follow Forest Green Rovers again
their season starts on Wednesday!!

enjoy the final
take care

Fabian さんのコメント...

You saw the game. It was very great! I'm proud of them :-) and enjoyed firework after the game here ^^.

Bonne chance, la France!!!
(Good luck France!!!)

reona さんのコメント...

Thank you for the comment!

Yeah, Germany was good!

Your friends are in Italy?
Sounds good!

I hope you enjoy Italy and Italian Food too!!!

I have to look for my favorite team like your Forest Green Rovers!!!

Enjoy your trip and take care!


Germany was very nice!!!
Firework? Wow.
I envy you because you live in Germany.
The world cup is a big festival too!
So some of Japanese who love football go to Germany in order to watch the games.

Let's enjoy the game of final!

Mike さんのコメント...

wow... Italy won...
It will be some party in Milan....
i hope it is still going on when i arrive tomorrow...

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