You make me happy now

Now, I am wathing the TV progmras of Nakata. I know he did good job. But I can't stop feeling sad. But Ba makes me happy now. Could you understand? Yes.Finally,Your letter and present were arrived at my house! When I read your letter,I coulnd understand well. Because I felt same feeling. I will write the letter from you. Thank you very much!!! And I am sorry because I mistook the cake!hahaha

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ba さんのコメント...

To know you're happy brings me a great joy in my life!! Thank you!

i'm just a little sad because Brazil will not play anymore, so one of the reasons i sent you the gift is no more ...

anyway, i hope you still may wear it!

um beijo,

erika さんのコメント...

Yes, I was also sad to hear that although I'm not interested in soccer. He is great. He is intelligent.
I admire his life :-)

reona さんのコメント...

Thank you for the comment and nice letter and present!!

We have reason!!!

I am wearing this!!!

Thank you very much!

Thank you for the comment.
I agree with you.
He is great.

ba さんのコメント...

thank YOU! ;)