controlling me

I was controlled by the world cup on this weekend. Yes, tonight too. While this weekend, I awoke until eearly morning in order to watch the games of the world cup. Then I slept until afternoon. Hahahah. Anyway,I really enjoyed watching the games. I saw these games. - Poland vs Ecuador - England vs Paraguay ( Mike,congratulations!I thought England would won.So I was glad!!) - Trinidad And Tobago vs Sweden - Argentina vs Ivory Coast ( How exciting game!! I like Argentina too. ) - Mexico vs Iran ( Wow.Mexico won!! Ba knows the reason I was glad! ) Well,I thank Japanese broadcast 'NHK'. Because only NHK broadcast all the game of world cup in Japan!! Finally,the game of Japan and Australia will start tonight! I will watch the game on TV at 11 pm! And I want to watch the game of Italy and Ghana too. But it will start at 3:45 and it will be broadcasted until 6 am. I am afraid that I will be able to go to my office after watching the game. Hahaha.

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ba さんのコメント...

Great bet about Mexico!!! I really didn't believe Iran were able to score one goal. specially because the Mexico's main defense man is nothing less than Rafael Marquez, who plays on Barcelona.

Anyway, congratulations for the result!!!

reona さんのコメント...

Thank you for the comment!

I could enjoy watching games because of our bets!!

Your bets was great!!
- England vs Paraguay

Take care!

Mike さんのコメント...

Ha ha, yes my weekend was also built around the matches but luckily they are afternoon and evening here so I can still sleep.

It was great for England to win , we had a good party!! They didn't play as well as they should but all that counts is the victory.

I've managed to see at least some of every match so far but now I'm at work so it gets harder..ha ha.

Good luck to Japan today

reona さんのコメント...


I could understand that you enjoyed world cup party!!!

That's nice!!!

The games will be continued!!!

Our joy too!

Take care!