Friday night's party!!

Yesterday was Friday night's party!! On Wednesday, I got the call from my friend of my college classmate at night. At friday, I met my friend in Shinjyuku after work . Then we went to Japanse pub 'Touhou-kenbunroku'. we ate these food. - salad with wasabi sauce 680yen - Yakitori 190yen - Yakisoba with Omelet 580yen - boiled shrimp with mayo - okonomiyaki with cheese (I think that okonomiyaki with cheese is wonderful.Plese try it!)

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Piccola さんのコメント...

Wow! The Yakisoba with Omelet looks really delicious. *drool* hehe

ba さんのコメント...

ok, now i'm starving. And it's your fault! hahahaha

Reona, just one question: how can you remember all the prices?

Ipshi さんのコメント...

i wish ud tell me what these dishes hav so i can figure out more about them ...

Ipshi さんのコメント...
Ipshi さんのコメント...

forgot to mention ... ur site always makes me drool tooo !! im so hungry right now

Ipshi さんのコメント...

that deleted comment is mine in case ur wonderin .. i posted a comment twice ... im very fine and yes i hav played a little cricket when i was younger ... everybody in this country loves cricket ... with the possible exception of my boyfriend !!!

Mike さんのコメント...

Hi Reona
hope you are well,
yet more fantastic food from Japan!!
Okonomiyaki with cheese does sound good!
What kind of cheese is used? is it added during cooking or put on top to serve? i think I must make some ..ha ha. take care

reona さんのコメント...


I knew the price because I looked at the menu of the web site I had gone to!

Ok.I will try!

Hold on!
I will post the detail!

Yes,Okonomiyaki with cheese is good!

We use processed cheese.


It is used when we make pizza!
I mix okonomiyaki - flours,meat,vegetables,cheese after baking Okonomiyaki!

But I think it is good too that you put cheese on top of okonomiyaki.

reona さんのコメント...

yes,Yakisoba with omelet is very delicous.

reona さんのコメント...

Yakisoba Recipe is here.

If you put baked eggs with sald and pepper on the top of Yakisoba after making Yakisoba,
you can eat yakisoba with omelet!

reona さんのコメント...

Yakitori are traditional style Japanese kebabs!


There are many types of Yakitori in Japan.
We eat Yakiroti with salt or japanese sauce.

Makell Bird さんのコメント...

Interesting fact: "Touhou Kenbun Roku" is actually "The Travels of Marco Polo", a book written by Marco Polo which (for some reason) seems to be a big deal in Japan. There was also a very obscure video game by the same title for the Famicom (Japan's NES/Nintendo). There was also a doujin by that title as well hehe. I have the soundtrack to this game! :)