Not only me

According to the news, Thailand's priests enjoy watching the games of world cup. They watched the games until early mornings and slept until Mass of morning. Then they were late for Mass. We have to set the alarm of the clock every morning and I hope that we will be able to get up at the morning and we won't be late for our work.

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ba さんのコメント...

But it is for a good reason, right? hahaha

Our bets are getting warmer!

Mike さんのコメント...

It has to be done... ha ha
okay so i get lucky this time as it's in Europe..
I love the way the whole world gets excited about this one event!!
take care

reona さんのコメント...


Thank you for the comment!

Yes.Good reason!


Thank you!!!

I envy you!!!
But I will try the games.
Let's enjoy the world cup together!