the stadium of Yokohama

I am exciting now. I could watch the games of world cup!! Of course the world cup will start soon! I remember that I had gone to the stadium of Yokohama while the world cup of Japan and Korea in 2002. There were many people in there. I wanted to buy the ticket but I couldn't buy it because it was very expensive. But it was very exciting experience for me. I used to try buying the tickets of the world cup on the net while the world cup had been hold in Japan. Sadly, I couldn't finish buying the ticket on the net. Of course it was not only for me. My friend had been looking at the web site for hours at midnight in order to buy the ticket. I really hope that I will watch the game of the world cup someday.

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ba さんのコメント...

Hmm... Let's see... 2010 World Cup will be in South Africa. But for 2014 Brazil is trying to bring it here!

Just one thing I've learnt from my germany friend: it doesn't work try to buy tickets on stadiums or by internet... you have to buy them on an 'illegal' way (do you know that resellers who reserve their tickets and resell them for 5 times more the real price?)

reona さんのコメント...

Thank you for the comment!

I think I will not able to go to South Africa.
If the world cup will be hold in Brazi,I will try to go to Brazil.
Because I want to meet you in Brazil!

Yes.I know that it is very difficult to get tickets.

I know the price of tickets.
When the world cup of 2002 was hold in Japan,I saw people selling the ticket in Yokohama!
The price of tickets were very expensive.

But my frined got the ticket!!
Her friend worked Japanse event company.She had a connection!!
Then she could see the game on the stadium!!

ba さんのコメント...

What a lucky person she is!!!!!

Mike さんのコメント...

It would be amazing to see a world cup game
at the stadium..... of course this year in Germany would have been my best chance to go but I am too busy with work. We deal in Concert tickets so we have some good contacts for getting football tickets but they are very expensive......... at least we have T.V. to see the games.
Did you see England beat Jamaica 6-0 on Saturday.
I think they needed to play a tougher team for a proper warm up?
take care

reona さんのコメント...

Yes,she was lucky!!

I couldn't watch the game of England.
I will try watch the game on this Sat!!

In 2002,some of Yokohama citizen were given the tickets of world cup.
Do you know that?
I wanted to be Yokohama citizen!

Take care!