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Yeah, Japan couldn't win at the game of Japan vs Croatia. Although I didn't think that Japan would win at all. On the world cup of Franch, Japan had played with Croatila in 1998 and Japan lost. So I thought Japan couldn't win. My bet was correct. Of course I wanted Japan to win. But it was difficult. Anyway, next game is very difficult for Japan. Many co-workers took a day off today. I thought some of them watched the games until morinign.Hahaha. By the way, I want to talk about my trip of September. Yes, I am thinking that I will go to Penang again. After I had gone to Penang, I hoped that I would go to Penang again. At frist, I thought I will go to Langkawi of Malaysia. I heard from my friend that Langkawi is wonderful. But I may go to Penang this year again. When I had gone to Penang, I couldn't do scuba diving. So I hope that I will enjoy doing scuba diving or snorkeling. I have to decided that I will go to Penang on September until next week.

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Hi Reona
I have just got back from the pub where I watched England v Sweden at the pub (drinking scrumpy ha ha)
well..... it was an exciting game to watch but our defence was often poor... but we won the group and so don't play Germany.... phew.
I still think we will have a difficult time now.

where ever you go on your trip I hope you have the greatest time!!!

take care

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I watched the game too!!!
England is strong.

I hope that England keeps winning!

I like scrumpy!!!hahaha

Take care!

P.S I will post when I will be able to reserve the tour of Penang.

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take care