Well, I want to talk about one restaurant. When I went to Roppongi and saw the exhibition of Roppongi Hills, I went to one Japanese restaurant in order to have dinner. It was "Innaka-ya" of Roppongi.

When I entered this restaurant, I couldn't see the menu list of this restaurant because there were not any menu at the restaurant. I ordered some glasses of beer and 3 dishes(Squid, Sashimi,Skewered young chicken) because I didn't feel hungry at all. Then I paid money after eating them. So I was very surprised. Why? Because it was more expensive than I guessed. If you want to know the menu is here. After dinner, I went back home and checked this restaurant on the net. Then I could understand why this restaurant are very expensive. Yes, celebrities, Tom Cruise,Eric Clatopn, Jean Reno etc, often visit this restaurant. If you want to have dinner at this restaurant, you have to have a lot of money. I was lucky because I didn't order many dishes. If you want to go to Inakaya, you may need to check the price of the menu. Of course you many need to consult your wallets!

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Mike さんのコメント...

Hi Reona
well that's a bit of a trick hiding the prices ,
because they know people will visit because of the celebs,
but they don't want them to know the prices before they order!!!
Well , ... was the food good? Was it worth the extra money?
take care

Ipshi さんのコメント...

how come no fotos of the food ???

i hope it was yummy :) big name restaurants fleece ppl big-time as well .. theyre just takin advantage of their name .. but poor ppl these big name places dont last very long.. soon some other restaurant takes their place!!

reona さんのコメント...

Thank you for the comment.

Well, food was good.
But I think the price is a little expensive because the foods are not special...

So I won't go to there again.

I prefer this restaurant.