Mobile mail order

I like digital so much. I read the news about "a mobile mail order". Some people like to use mobile phones when they buy things. Although I don't use them at all. But I agree with that the market size of "a mobile mail order" exceeds 500,000,000,000 yen this year and the market of mobile mail order keep being bigger. I don't use them when I buy things yet. But I use mobile phones when I send emails, check the time of trains or maps,reservations of trains. I have other news that I had forgotten to write about it on my blog. It is how to contact your family by mobile phones. Do you send emails or call by mobile phones when you have to contact your family? I often get emails from my friends and my family by mobile phones. According to the news, people of 61.9% send email families by mobile phones more than call when they have to contact them. I can understand it. Because it is not a good manner to call by mobile phones when we get on the trains and subways. So I send someone emails by my cellphone when I have to contact them at once while getting on the trains etc. In the beginning, I will try buying a book that my mother wanted on Amazon by mobile phones in order to buy things by mobilep hones.

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Mike さんのコメント...

I don't think sending e-mail from mobile phones is so popular here,
but everyone sends text messages which is prtty much the same thing... I think though soon people will use email instead of texts.
I spend too much money already ..ha ha ...I don't want to shop from my phone as well ...ha ha ha

ba さんのコメント...

in japan you use CDMA technology, right?

here in brazil, TIM company has taken all the market with GSM, which has half of resources of CDMA. So, mobile phones, only for SMS, MMS and sometimes, email.

匿名 さんのコメント...

You are so so so so way ahead of every country in the world when it comes to technology and its habits.

"not a good manner to call by mobile phones when we get on the trains"
Oh so I wish it would be the same here but no, people talk loudly on the mobiles on the train. It is actually nice to be on the tube in that respect cos there is no coverage on the Underground.