Rolling stones

I managed to deal with some troubles of new service and I will take holidays next week. By the way, I want to write about one package. Yes ,I got the nice package from Mike again!!!! Mike, Thank you so much! This is a book of England brewer and pubs. After I read this book, I really hope that I see the brewery and drink England beer on the English pubs someday ! In addition Mike's picture and his words were on the book.I could find you at once!!! These are chocolate of Green and Black. Of course I can't buy Green and Black's chocolates in Japan. I don't eat them at all. Why? I will eat these with my family next week. My mother loves chocolates so much. (My father too.) Especially, she knew the chocolates from Mike . So she is waiting for eating chocolates. I hide them because she may eat alone. This is a DVD of Rolling stones!!! I had never gone to their concerts in Tokyo yet. But I decided that I will go to their concert of Tokyo after I watched a DVD of Rollingstones. Their music and performances were excellent!!! Mike, thank you very much! I can't express my joy! I will send you things later.

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Mike さんのコメント...

Hi Reona
you are welcome, I am glad you can enjoy the gifts,
I hope you Mother and father enjoy the Chocolate!!!
oh and you manage to keep some for yourself ..ha ha!!

The Rolling Stones put on a great show these days,
thay don't do badly for old men eh? ..ha ha

Have a fantastic vacation and a lovely time with your family

please take care

reona さんのコメント...

Thank you for wonderful gift and your kindness!

I really thank you!
I will go to Nagoya at tomorrow's night even if the problems don't happen.(hahaha.They are bugs!!!)

I like Rolling Stones!
They are very cool!!!
You were very lucky because you could watch their concert of Italy!

Take care!

P.S I will send you emails and photos after I will go back to Tokyo!