Do you know hiyayakko(cold tofu)? Please try making hiya yakko after reading this if you think it is not easy to make Japanese dishes. We eat often Hiyayakko on the summer. It is very easy to make Hiyayakko! I eat this Hiyayakko. Ingredients are ・Tofu ・Tuna ・Soy sauce(or Ponzu) ・tomato ・mayonnaise Just eat them(tofu,tuna,tomato) with soy sauce and mayonnaise on Tofu if you like mayonnaise. It is easy, isn't it? So my dinner is recently hiyayakko!

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Hi Reona
your right , it does look easy and tasty!! What type of Tofu do you use ?? you can buy tofu here but there are several types? can they all be eaten un-cooked do you think?

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i love tofu ... tho my dad once got a lot of tofu and made it for b'fast, lunch and dinner (in various types)
i had tofu sandwiches, tofu omlettes and a tofu gravy where the tofu was rolled into balls and seasoned with salt pepper and chilli powder .. it was yum but very annoying!!

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Thank you for the comment!

I think you can make Hiyayakko easier because you are very good at cooking!

We buy both tofu of momen and kinu when we eat Hiyayakko.
Cotton type may be called Silk type of Tofu and Momen type may be called in Cotton type in other countries.
I prefer kinu type of tofu.
Which types tofu could you buy in England?

We eat un-cooked tofu as Hiyayakko.
Very easy!


I am glad you like tofu!
Is Tofu popular in India?
And is it easy to buy Tofu in India?

I want to eat tofu sandwiches, tofu omlettes !!!
Sounds delicious!!!

Do you know okinawa dish 'Tofu Chanpur'?


Recently,Okinawa dishes are popular in Tokyo.
So I sometimes eat Tofu Chanpur.
It is very easy to make.

Please try eating Japanese food in India when you have a chance!