Prison hotel

Well,I read the news of the government,international,internet,games and entertaiment etc on the net or daily emails from websites. Then I foud interesting news every day. Apple's users looked forward to WWDC. Of course me too. By the way, I am reading a new books now. The author is Jiro Asada. The movie was made this book 'Poppoya' of him. Do you know Ken Takakura? He had played a role of 'Black rain'.Then played a main role of the movie 'Poppoya'. By the way, the title of the book I am reading is 'Prison hotel'. The story is about the hotel of Japanese Yakuza! The owner of hotel is Yakuza .The story began that his nephew visited his uncle's hotel of Okuyumoto. Employees of this hotel are Yakuza! Yes. Very funny. So people didn't know that they were Yakuza and interesting incidents happened around them while staying the hotel. When I read this book,I couldn't stop laughing on the subway. The hotel was in Oku yumoto. I like Okyu yumoto. There are nice hotels in there. For example, Yumoto Fujiya hotel. I heard that John Lennon stayed this hotel and he liked this hotel. I want to stay this hotel someday. But I may not want to stay Prizon hotel of this book although the book is very funny.

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ba さんのコメント...

do you like ken takakura roles? he is very serious...
i remember this movie, it is very funny!

i look foward to 'prison hotel' foreign release!!

Mike さんのコメント...

Hi Reona
I know of Ken Takakura, they call him the Japanese Clint Eastwood here??
I have only seen one film here with subtitles called
Shinkansen daibakuha,
I don't know Poppoya , I don't think I can get it with subtitles.... it was called railroad man in the U.S.A.
maybe I can see it one day
Prison hotel sounds cool too.... I bet the book is not available in English either ..ha ha
take care

reona さんのコメント...

Thank you for the comment.

I don't watch 'Mr. Baseball' yet.
You know about Ken Takakura very well.

Thank you for the comment.
Do you like Sonny Chiba?
Is he famous in England?

I like The Yellow Handkerchief.
It is an old movie.But story is good!


I hope you can watch Poppoya someday.
Poppoya is a very nice stroy.