Hanauma Bay

I went to the Hanauma Bay! I had looked forward to going to there and snorkeling before traveling. I waked up at 5 am and left my room. I waited for the bus to the Hanauma Bay. After 10 minutes,The bus arrived at the hotel and picked up me. After I arrived at the Hanauma Bay, I had to listen to the lecture in the Hanauma Bay. After listening to it,I went to the Hanauma Bey by the car. The beach was very beautiful. The hanauma bay is very famous. At the first,I felt fear. But I enjoyed snorkeling in the sea. I watched many fishes there. After snorkeling,I slept in the beach for 2 hours. Because I early waked up this morning. When I waked up in the beach, My back was very hot & get browned. Then I did snorkeling again. Because it was a time to go back, I put on my clothes and took some pictures. I hope I will go to the Hanauma Bay and enjoy snorkeling again.