Once, I wrote about the CM's song that is popular in Japan. These girl sang the song.

When I watched the one TV program, the crew of BBC came to their live in order to have an interview with them.

Someday, You may watch them on TV.

Do you always practice abdominal breathing?

I wanted to do Hot Yoga again. Then I decided to go to Yoga on Friday. As soon as it was 6:30 pm, I left my office and got on the subway.

I arrived at the Yoga studio and I enjoyed doing Hot Yoga for 1 hour. When I done Hot Yoga for the first time, I couldn't do the method of Yoga "abdominal breathing". I didn't know that it is important to breathe from the abdomen while doing Yoga.

After doing Yoga at previous time, I had checked some websites of Yoga. Then I knew it for the first time. Then I sometimes practiced abdominal breathing even while working and getting on the subways.

Prepare Yoga lesson alone

Anyway, I could breathe from the abdomen yesterday because I had practiced abdominal breathing . It was very hard to take difficult poses while doing the method of Yoga. In addition, the temperature of the studio is 95-100 degrees. But I tried to keep doing the method of Yoga breathing.

Because of doing the Yoga breathing's method , I broke a sweat more than before. The teacher said that it is most important to keep doing the method of Yoga breathing while doing poses of Yoga. I agree with it. And we don't practice abdominal breathing in our personal lives at all. We use only noses while breathing.

I will study the poses of Yoga at tonight and tomorrow and I will try to do poses of Yoga at home. I can understand why many people like Yoga and want to do Yoga after I tried to do Hot Yoga 2 time. If you can make your rooms maintained at a temperature of 95-100 degrees and you can look at the websites of Yoga or look at this video, you can do Hot Yoga at once.

I couldn't do this pose while practicing abdominal breathing.

Could you do this pose while practicing abdominal breathing?


Are there any sweets and snacks on your desks?

I read the website about the method of Yoga breathing on the net. I will try doing the method of Yoga at the next time.

By the way, I couldn't eat lunch yesterday.

Going on a diet?


I didn't have any money because I left my wallet at my home. I noticed it before I went to buy a lunch box. But I didn't need to put up with the hunger because of some snacke and sweets.

Chocolate from Mike and rice crackers "O-Senbei".Mike,Thank you!

. I was lucky. But I ate more!!! Yeah,I know that it is my fault because I like chocolates and rice crackers.

塩味サラダせんべい定家の月 サラダ仕立てご愛食用(1枚入り19袋)(係数8) If there is a box of rice crackers, I must eat them at once.haha. 【サラダ煎餅詰め合わせ】 定家の月 小缶(1枚入り36袋)(係数16) Be careful because you may eat more if there are delicious sweets and snacks around you.

New drama

Recenlty, I couldn't enjoy watching Japanese dramas at all because there weren't any interesting dramas. But since next month, new dramas will be broadcasted on TV.

The drama that I want to watch is this. I like Tsuyoshi Kusanagi. If you live in Korea, you may know him because he can speak Korean and he is known for Korean very well.

I like his dramas "The Way I Live" "When I Fall in Love", "The Way We Live", before. So I will watch a new drama "My road(or My way?)" on next month. Of course I look forward to the season 3 of "LOST".


After doing Hot yoga

Yesterday, I done Hot yoga for 1 hours at the Yoga studio. It was an amazing experience for me. After changing into clothes ,I felt hot and sweat a great deal as soon as I entered the studio. Please read this if you want to know more. So we have to prepare the water of 1 liter and drink water while doing Yoga. I finished drinking the water of 1 liter before finishing the class. So I may prepare more water at the next time.

While doing Yoga, I noticed that it is difficult to master a method of breathing of Yoga. And I couldn't take some pouses of Yoga.

But after doing Yoga, I felt my body was lighter and the calmness of my mind.

Although I had a cold and a fever, I really relaxed and felt good after doing Yoga. When I left the studio after taking a shower, I wanted to walk and feel the wind of air. So I walked a little. It was very nice. I think that it was true that Doing Yoga has a relaxing effect.

If it is possible, I want to go to the Hot Yoga studio and do Hot yoga every day. Of course I decided that I will keep doing Yoga at the Yoga studio and I will try doing Yoga at my home by myself.



I got a day off of work today.Because I have a cold now.

I am sorry that I finally used all my precious paid days off lost.haha.

When I got up at the morning of yesterday, I felt a fever and a headache. Then I went to the office and my condition was worse. I couldn't get a day off of work because I had to attend one meeting. (I will write about it.)

While the night of yesterday, I couldn't sleep at all because I couldn't stop coughing. When I have sick or colds, I often think I need my family. Because I have to make meals even if I have a fever.

Anyway,I could take a rest although I am feeling a headache and having a fever. By the way, I will go to one place even if I will have a fever tomorrow.



I have been interested in Yoga for a few years. There are many Yoga studios. But I didn't have any chance to go to Yoga. Before, my friend went to Yoga. She said that Yoga is very good for health and mental. She could relax and refresh because of Yoga .Before she had been suffering from atopic dermatitis. When she had worked hard, Her skin had been worse. I heard that stress and bad foods cause atopic dermatitis. It is true that Yoga can be relaxing, even better for your health.

About 2 week ago, I looked at the website of Hot Yoga on the net and I made a reservation of Hot Yoga class. If I pay 1000 yen tomorrow, I can do Hot Yoga 2 times until this month.

Why don't companies recommend that employees do Yoga?

If many companies recommend that employees do yoga and offer yoga studio as welfare program near an office, the employee's stress may disappear.

Only me?


Schools and programs,and money!!!

I have kept looking at the websites of schools in abroad for weeks.

Yes, I have an itch to study abroad. Yesterday, I talked about it with my family and friends. They agreed with me. In addition, I don't feel any satisfactions and passions,love from my work and company.

The programs and prices of schools are different and there are many various programs.(learning IT, Tourism,Gerdening,aromatherapy,bussiness etc) I was interested in some programs and some schools. I will look for their informations on the net.

I need at least 1,000,000 yen if I study abroad for 1 year. Of course I would like to do that for 1 year in order to master English.

There are intern programs in some of schools. I would like to try working as the intern if I study abroad.

I don't want to regret having lost the opportunity to go to abroad for study someday.

I will keep looking at the informations of studying abroad.

What are there upon your desk?

I like plants and flowers. Once,I had written about it on my blog. I bought new plants last week.

When I had worked at the ex company, I brought a plant and I put it on my desk. When I felt some stress and tired, I saw it for a while. Because of it, I could refresh my mind.

But now, there aren't any plants on my desk of the office. So I may bring a new plant in order to put it on my desk of my office later.

Where is my decision?

Yes, I am thiking to quite the my office. I have never been to feel any satisfacions and any passions from my work. And I don't want to work until 60 years ago because I can't develop my skill at all etc. And I am 32 years old now. I am not young. I know that. I think it is a chance to study abroad. I don't want to regret about it for now. I talked with my important frineds and my family on this weekend. I will think about it for a little and I will plant to decide to it. Where is my answer?


Food of Neo Stall

I had gone to stalls. But I didn't write about it more. So I want to write about it.

When I arrived at International forum of Yukuraku-cyo, there were a lot of people. Already, they enjoyed eating and drinking while sitting down the seats. I couldn't find any seats at once. So I bought a bottle of beer and I drank.

After a few mins, one Japanese comedian appeared. His name is Yuichi Kimura. He is very good at cooking. And his cooking books are sold and his cooking TV programs are broadcasted. Then he made Japanese noodle "Udon". Ad campaign's event of "Udon" one company "".

While drinking and looking at his cook, I took some photos.

Then I needed some food and beer. So I looked for food of stalls!!!

There were Indian,Greek,Mexican,Korean,Japanese(rice balls,okonomiyaki,miso soup etc),Italian, other dishes.

Beef kebabu

- Thail food

Finally,I bought one spring rool and a bottle of beer. After I could find a seat, I enjoyed drinking beer and eating Vietnamese Spring Roll.
After drinking beer, I felt cold. So I bought hot soup of spicy soy milk. It was very delicious.

The taste looked like Pork Miso Soup "ton jiru". If I will go to Neo stall again, I will try eating other food.


Do you have watches?

Yesterday, I left my cellphone behind at my office. Then I went back and I noticed it at my home.

One thing I thought was how to get up in the next morning without my cellphone. I use my cellphone as an alarm clock every morning. Then I thought how to get up for a few mins.

How could I get up without my cellphone?

PDA and TV

At first, I set the alarm of my PDA. Because the sound of PDA's alarm is small, I thought again. Then I had been turning on TV all night because I can't sleep well if I hear any sounds and lights. Then I slept although I wondered whether I could get up at 7:20 am before sleeping.

Of course I got up without my cellphone today!!! Although I couldn't sleep well.

When I arrived at my office, I looked at my cellphone.

My cellphone was keep ringing an alarm at my office since 7:10 am. By the way, I noticed one thing by not having a cellphone.

It is a watch. I don't have any watches for a long time. So I look at my cellphone when I want to know what time it is. My cellphone is useful as not only alarms of morning clock but also watches. Anyway, I will try not to leave my cellphone at my office and others because I don't want to keep turning on TV while sleeping and I want to sleep well.


Once upon a time in America

Yesterday was a holiday. I finished reading a book "iCon". Then I watched the movie "Once upon a time in America" at night.

My father loves movies. So since I was a child, I often watched movies with my father at the movie theaters. Of course I watched this movie before. But I didn't remember the story of this movie. I just knew the last of this movie. Because I was a child and it was difficult to understand the story for me. So I wondered why one person disappear on the road before last night. If you watched this movie, you can understand. Anyway, I could enjoy watching this movie and I finally could solve my longtime question.

By the way, I have other question of other movie. Also it is a longtime question.

I don't remember how old I was. I just remembered that I had been at the movie theater with my father and mother.

Once, I heard from my mother that my parents often had gone to the movie theaters with me many times at the nights since I was a baby. Then they had watched movies and my mother had held me while watching movies. Of course I had been falling asleep in my mother's arms during the movies. But I had woke up and I had seen one scene of the movie.

The scene I remembered is

At the night, it is a storm.

 Then One person (I think that it was a men) hide behind the curtain in the room. He has a knife and he is waiting for someone. After a while, one fat man is coming into the room.

That's all I remembered.

Before, I asked my mother which movie it was. But she didn't know it.

This may be a longtime question.


Neo stall and comedian

I got up 10 mins ago. My brain was not ready. Yesterday, I left my office at 7 pm and went to International forum of Yuraku cyo because there were stalls around them. Yeah, I saw some stalls around them. Already, there were a lot of people who was eating foods and drinking beer. The stalls provided Indian food and Greek, Mexican , Greek, Korean ,Hawaian food. If I felt hungry, I could eat all of them. I was sorry that I couldn't eat them. By the way, I met Japanese comedian in there. I took photos while drinking beer. After drinking beer, I felt cold. So I bought miso soup by soy milk. It was very delicious! I could enjoy stalls and seeing night view yesterday. I will post photos on my blog and Flickr later.



I found one intersting service.

Official Seal Generator

You can make the seals of yours by using this website.



I am watching the movie "The Talented Mr. Ripley". Yeah,I watched it several times. I know the last of it and story. But I am wathching it because I like it.

My favorite actress ,Cate Blanchett played as a role of this movie. By the way, I like the original movie "Purple Noon" too. Well,I prefer the original moive "Purple Noon".

Which movies do you like?


I like stalls.

When I went to Penang island, I was very surprised at stalls of Penang. There are a lot of stalls around the beach "Batu Feringhi". If you go to there, you can enjoy shopping and eating delicious food of stalls. The hotel "Grand Plaza Parkroyal Penang Hotel" where I stayed was a best place in Batu Feringhi. So I went to food stalls many times a day while I was in Penang.

It is difficult to find a lot of stalls every day in Tokyo. I am sorry because I can see stalls while only festivals in Tokyo. But I knew that there are stalls in specific places of Tokyo.

Yes, "Neo Stall".

If you go to specific places(Yuraku-cyo,Harajyuku etc), you may luckliy find some stalls.

I can't have any chance to go to stalls yet. But they will set up stalls around yuraku-cyo station at tomorrow's night. If I don't have a headache tomorrow and I leave my office until 7 pm, I may go to see stalls.

Of course I will write about it if I go to there.

Autumn flavor?

Since yesterday, it has been cold. So I put on the jacket. Summer was gone and autumn is starting.

By the way, Apple finally started new service of downloading the movies and new iPods. Yes, I had waited for this news.

Now, I want to watch some movies after I read the news about Toronto International Film Festival.

- The Bug Master(mushishi)
- Death Note
- All the King's Men
- Babel

I will write about them later because I have a headache today.


Amazon River

I need Amazon.

After the work, I got on the subway and the train .Then I got off the train on the station my way to home. Because I wanted to buy the text book of TOEIC. I have never taken exams of TOEIC. Since last week, I read the bogger of persons who are studying in other countries. When I was a student, my father said to me that you must go abroad and study English. But I didn't do that at that time because I wanted to play with friends. But now, I want to study abroad and master English. Although I sometimes can't write Kanji by the pen. Do you want to say "always"?

It may be right.haha

I know that it is not easy to do that because I have to work and earn money. But I want to study abroad someday. My hope. So I got off the train and went to a book store.

Unfortunately, the book store was closed.

Yes,I need amazon. It is open all day.

So I will buy the text book of TOEIC later. Because Amazon waits for me until eating dinner.

The next world cup of football

I read the news about the next world cup.

According to the news, the next world cup may be held in Australia. Once I read the website who is African and lives in Africa about the next world cup. He worried about the next world cup and he tried to post the articles of real African because the crimes of African are increasing. People who plan to go to Africa at the next world cup have to know about them.

I am glad that the next world cup will be held in Africa. But it is important that people can enjoy watching the games at the good stadiums and players can practice and stay at the hotels with their families while the world cup. The host countries must prepare stadiums , accommodations, transportation while the world cup.

When the world cup of Japan and Korea was held in Japan, I think that some of people took great pains because they must prepared the infrastructure for the first time.

Of course we could enjoy the world cup because of them.

So infrastructure(stadiums,transportations,hotels etc) is most important and the host country for the world cup have to spend a lot of money.

Anyway, I look forward to the next world cup!haha


Amazon Unbox

When I read the news about Venetia International Film Festival, I was sorry that the movies "Paprica" and "mushishi" couldn't get a win.

By the way, I read the news about Amazon Unbox. After reading it, I want to try downloading movies and TV programs someday by Amazon Unbox.

It is true that we can download the movies and TV shows for free by Bittorrent etc. But I go to the rental shops in order to borrow DVDs of movies I want to watch when I can't find the movies. If I can download the movies that I look for , I may use Amazon Unbox for now.

In addition, I think that the prices are very good.

- The price of one episode of TV programs is $ 1.99.
- The price of new movie are $ 3.99.
They are cheaper than the prices of theaters and rental shops.

And if you download them on Amazon , you can watch them before finishing downloading them.

If the movies "mushishi" and "Paprika" are sold on Amazon Unbox, I may download them at one.

By the way, I saw the website of Mushishi before I wrote this article. I was very surprised and I really want to watch the movie becuase Odagiri looked like Ginko and!!!


Lemon gas



I love these CM.

Yes, 24 hours!

Do you like?



I like him. Oh,Mistake. Her!!!

The meeting

Do you like meetings?

Well, I have to attend regular meetings on Friday. So I sometimes feel boring while the meetings. If you work at Japanese companies, you may be surprised because they like meetings and you have to attend long meeting at the companies.

By the way, I couldn't put up the boring meeting on last Friday. So I did one thing...

drawing a picture!!!

I know that I was silly. haha

While the boring meeting, I imagined Penang island and doing parasailing. Then I drew a picture of parasailing.

If the boring meeting will be continued , my job may become an artist painter.


43 places

I wrote about my next vacation. I have one reason why I dicided to go to Malaysia again. Because my mother wants to go to Malaysia. So I have to go to the travel agency in the very near future after discuss what we want to do. Today, I looked for the informations of Langkawi and Penang islands on the net. I found one website about travel. 43 Places. You can write about the places where you have been to and ask the questions about the travel. If you are a member of 43 places, you can put the map and the list where you want to go on you blog. I don't finish updating the list where I have been. I will do that later.



After work, I went back home and turned on the TV.

One movie was broadcasted when I was turning on TV.

"The Killing fields".

Do you know about it?

This movie was made in 1984. Yes, it is a little old movie.

But the message of this movie is not old.

This movie was based on the true story.

Once, I had gone to the exhibit of Pulitzer Prizes photos and I saw photos of Cambodian civil war . I was very shocked at some photos.

After I watched a movie "The Killing fields", I can't forget these words.

American:“Forgive me”.

Cambodian:“Nothing to forgive you, nothing”.

Just their friendship.

If you watch this movie, you can understand the title of this article.

Before, I didn't know this movie. But today this movie became one of the movies I love.

Jidaiji temple #2

After walking the forest, I finally went to Jindaji temple.

This is an entrance of temple.

This belfry is an important cultural property. The Emperor Syowa visited at this and he said that it was good to keep this for a long time.

Before praying, we wash hands by this water.

This is a brozne of Buddha and has been designated as a cultural asset of national importance.

Then I decided to eat lunch. Of course soba!!! Once, I had gone to Jindaji temple and I ate Jindaiji soba. So I went to the other restaurant at this time. The restaurant I had lunch is "Monzen".The menu is here.

I ordered 2 cold noodle "soba" and 1 bottle of beer.

This is a cold noodle "soba" with wild vegetables.

This is a cold noodle "soba" with tenpura.

I can eat a lot of noodle "soba" because soba is my favorite food!!!

This is a bottle of Jindaiji's beer. I drank this for the first time. I want to drink this beer every night!!! haha.

After lunch, I found a interesting shop "Kitarou chyaya". Kitarou is a main character of Japanese anime "Ge-ge-ge no kitarou". If you go to this shop, You can buy Kitarou's goods. These are manju. I ate too much so I couldn't eat them any more.

These are soba breads.

If you buy them at this restaurant "Yaoki", you can eat them outsite the restaurant while looking at the nice views.

I found a cicada! If children come to Jindaiji, they don't need to buy them at pet shops!!! (I can't catch them now.haha)

After waling around Jindaiji temple, I went back to yukari. I really enjoyed!! I will go to there on this month because the maple leaves will have turned red. Anyway, Jindaiji is one of the places I love because I can feel nature.

Yahoo Widgets

I downloaded Yahoo Widgets. Yes, Japnese version of Yahoo Widgets started yesterday. The news is here.

Yahoo Japan provides 10 widgets and we can download and use third party widgets.

I can use these of Yahoo widgets now.

- Notepad widget
- Calender widget
- To Do widget
- Clock widget
- Map widget
- Search Engine widget
- Yahoo email checker widget(I don't use it.)

Now, I like Notepad, Calender, To Do widget. I will try it.


Jindaiji temple #1

I want to write about Jindaiji temple more because it was a wonderful place.

After I got on the train for Chofu station for 10 mins and I waited for a bus of the hot spring "yukari". If you get on the train and bus from Shinjyuku staion, it takes about 30 mins. There are shuttle buses for free to the hot spring "yukari". Then I got on the bus for about 15 mins and I arrived at a hot spring "Yukari". There are some hot springs and spa , a shop and a restaurant "Shiroyama" of natural food. in "Yukari".

This is a old building or warehouse to keep household effects safely. It was called "Kura".

This is a door of "kura".I think I couldn't see "kura" in Tokyo.

These are a garden of Jindaji hot spring "Yukari".

Then I went to Jindaiji temple by walk. I found plants and flowers!!

If I live to the place around Jindaiji, I must have a garden and I could enjoy gardening!!! Then after walking for 7 or 8 mins, I arrived at Jindaiji temple!!! These are images of Japanese gods "Ebis" and "Daikoku".

This is a temple.

Then I walked around the forest of Jindaiji temple.

I found Japanese noodle restaurant while walking! Soba of Jindaiji is very famous. Of course I love!!!

These are beer of Jidaiji. Yes, Very good!!!

Then I walked again. I found this. The weed has an amazing ability to survive!!!

There are some flower shops.

These are red pepper. If I buy these, I don't need to buy powder of red pepper at the shops! I will buy if I go to there again!!!

These are wind chimes of Japan. They are called "Fuu-rin".

The weather and air were very wonderful.

There are restaurants and shops around Jindaiji temple.

I found an intresting thing in front of the restaurant. This is a tanuki's figure. It is said that they are good-luck articles sold at religious festivals.

These are beer of soba!!!

This is a windmill.

These are rice cracker "Senbei". Yes, Japanese snack!

These are dauram dolls.

After I walked the street, I went to Jindaiji temple. I will write about it later. If you want to see photos, you can see them at this.