Today was a very bad day!!

Today was very bad day for me. I couldn't meet a friend who was worked with her. So I couldn't have a lunch with her at my favorite restaurant. And more,My leader made me programm now,because of my boss had said me not to program any more. But when I'll spend one day,The weekend will be came. I'm waiting for the weekend.


House party!!

I went to the Motosumiyoshi because of the home party. Miss.Akiko was a same member of the department in the the previous company. We had worked together before 2 years ago. She had cooked the food and we ate those. Those was very delicious!! ・A steamed chicken with the tomato & the spinach ・Handmade tofu ・The rice ball of brown rice ・Miso soup ・Dip of a cheese And we had a good time!! Then I and Miss.Asanuma stayed in Miss.Akiko's house. Today,We waked up at 10 o'clock and had a breakfast at the restraunt. I went home at 12 o'clock. Then I slept,because I was tired.


Going to the cafe of convesation in English.

After work,I went to the cafe of conversation in English. Last week,I went to there with a friend. Today I went to there alone. The fee is 1,000 yen for one hour. I couldn't speak English,because the member spoke English more than me. The contents of conversation was about travel and music and job.

I watche the movie of 'memento'

I like guy pearce. For the first time,I had watched the 'The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert '.
It was very interesting. And I like 'L.A. Confidential'.
Today I watched 'mement'.
I had watched it at twice. I think His perfomance & story is great!! It was very interesting too.


I was busy too...

Today,Miss.Katomi came back to the office. But she had a cold. We met at the smoking room in the afternoon. And Talked. I had a heavy headache and was very tired at 5 o'clock. I will go to sleep early. Tomorrow,It will be starting that the check of the quality in the program. I must finish making the document too. Then I must present the documents for my boss until the date of 21.


Today was a very busy day!!

Today was a very busy day,because I programed the News contents and type of 3GC by vodapon's contents. I had a lunch with Miss.Nakagawa after a long time. We ordered the green curry. It was delicious and the price wad 900 yen. In the afternoon,I was chat with Mr.Itakura in the net. We met and had a dinner after work. I met him at the first time. He was in tokyo from Kyoto due to the job. I was glad to talk him.


I had a good time!!

I met Mr.Owner and we had a lunch at Indian restaurant. The restaurant is all-you-can-eat for 1100 yen. There were four type curry,a salad,two fried food,and two sweet. After the lunch, I changed the cellphone. Then we went to the Roppongi Hills to see the photograph of Fifa. After museum, we went to the cafe of conversation in English. I was very fun!! We heard that The party will be held on Next Month. We decided go to the party!! And I thought I would go to there alone.

I left the office early to go to the hospital.

I went to the office,but I was in too bad condition after a lunch. Then I left the office early to go to the beauty clinic and mental hospital. I went to the mental hospital and I told the doctor of his name was Mr.Sasaki that I had been in too bad condition and couldn't sleep since 2 week ago. The doctor told me that my illness was worse than 2 week ago. And The medicines was change. Those were strong. After the hospital, I went to Shinjyuku to have a dinner with Mrs.Mine. We had a good time.


Having a lunch with a friend

I was late for the regular morning meeting. I arrived at 9 o'clock. I did working in the morning. And I went out my office to have a lunch with a friend.


Takeing a walikng is fun!!

I went to the Meiji-jinguu with mom in the morning. There was a lot of trees and I could relax by that. After paying there ,we went to Harajyuku and had a lunch at the firstfood. Then we went go home. After a long time I taked a walking ,I decited to take a walking more.


Since it said that mom wanted to go to Washington, D.C. to travel in April yesterday, I investigated the bloom time of the cherry tree of Washington etc. till 4:00 in the morning. This moring I said her that I had checked about it. After all We will go to there,because I can't take a holiday in April. I will travel Bali alone Island next year. But I worry about going.


Good condition

It was rain because of the typhoon. I waked up at 4 o'clock and watched '24hours' on the TV. Then I cooked food,and had a breakfast. After a breakfast, I slept until 11 o'clock. And I had a lunch mom cooked and went to the supermarket. I bought a milk and a chocolate for mom and a bottle of shochu and a soy milk. I was in good condition today.


The Hospital & the party!!

The doctor told me the result of the medical checkup. I don't have liver trouble,but I had a strong gastritis. I twisted to take succeedingly the medicine which governs gastritis, and the medicine which prevents an ulcer. After the medical checkup,I and mom had a breakfast at the cafeteria. After a breakfast,I went to the dermatology of the hospital. Because the pimple of stress nature increases and it does not heal up. I said the doctor that I had a depression since last year. And The pimple was mading as I started the work. The doctor told me to be relax after the work. And I took some medicines and a cream that heal up. I will go to the dermatology of the hospital after 2 week. Then I leave the office until 12 o'clock. I worked at 20 o'clock. After the work, I went to the party that party's name was 'The interesting circle'. I joined in it for the first time.I met various people and had a good time.


The Strong despression & headache

When I waked up in the morning,I felt a strong depression & had a strong headache. Then I took day off. Now, I am feeling a strong depression and don't want to do anything and talking anybody. I always don't want to going home ,because mom don't understand me & about my illness. What is worse, even if a mom understands about my illness ,she doesn't do.


The medical examination

Today I didn't have a breakfast because of the medical examination in the afternoon. I went out my office at 12pm. At 13pm,I arrived at the station. But I was lost the a medical center,I asked to peoples way to where is there. Then I managed to arrive there. After the medical checkup,I had a lunch at 16pm. Then I went home. Because Midnight I couldn't sleep , I watched '24hours' on the TV. I could sleep at 4am.


Elvis's film

I went to the library to watch Elvis's movie this morning.
エルヴィス・オン・ステージ スペシャル・エディションワーナー・ホーム・ビデオこのアイテムの詳細を見る
Mom arrived at the library before 9 o'clock . Then we watched it. It's a documentary film made in 1970years. Mom likes him. But I don't know him. After movie,I understood that he was a greatest singer in 1970.


The sleeping drug

I went to the hospital. Today I said the doctor that I could not sleep. He told me to take a sleeping drug. I am happy,because I can sleep tonight. Tomorrow,I'll plan to watch the elvis's DVD with mom. And I'll have to watch 'the 24 hourse season 2'. It is very exciting and interesting!!