Hanshan Temple of Suzhou

I want to write about my travel of China because I have some time.

I left from Tokyo and arrived at Shanghai of China 22 pm. It took about 3 hours from Narita to Shanghai. Then we checked in the hotel on the first day. Next day, we got up at 6 am and we had a breakfast in the hotel. After the breakfast in the hotel, we got on the bus in order to go to Suzhou. It takes 2 hours from Shanghai to Suzuhou by the bus. You may know that Suzuhou is called "Oriental Venis". There are many rivers and famous temples etc in Suzuhou. The silk of Suzuhou is famous. At frist, we went to Hanshan Temple. This temple was built in 502 year. But this temple was built in 1860 because of the fire.

This is Gotama Siddhattha's statue of the gold.

This is a belfry of the temple. The stone is a fieldstone and a popular photo spot.(Of course, we took photos in this place!)

Then we went to Chinese famous garden. I will write about it later.


I don't write about my travel of China. I really had a great time with my mother! I will about it later. During traveling in Shanghai, I ate Chinese foods in the restaurants. After coming back to Tokyo, I made this Chinese dish at my home because I ate this dish in Shanghai for the first time and it was so delicious!

- fried celery with garlic

I just

Chinese garden of Suzhou

After going to the temple, we visited at the one place by the bus. The place was Chinese garden "liu yuan". You may know this garden because this garden is so famous. One chinese man built this garden for his father. Then the garden was started building since 1559 years and finished building in 1557 years. The garden is registered on the World Heritage List.

So I really had wanted to visit at the garden!!!

There are many trees and a big lakes , chinese houses in the garden. So we could enjoy Chinese old culture while going around the garden.

We could see many wonderful furniture because there are many houses in this place. This isn't a glass. This is made of silk!!! How wonderful!!!

We stayed at this garden for about 2 hours. I really enjoyed!!!

Then we had a lunch at the restaurant. I ate these dishes.

Of course, I drank beer! This beer is Chinese one.

This is 盤門

This isn't a photo. This is a silk's work!!! I visited at labo of the silk.

Cheese on Toast

Recently, I eat breakfast at my home.

Although I didn't eat anything at all... This was my breakfast.

Cheese on Toast!!!

I baked the toast with the egg and a slice of the cheese. Then I add rocket on the toast wtih garlic and basil powder! It was so delicious!!!

By the way, I planted Japanese vegetable "Komatsuna" a few days ago. Komatsuna is so popular in Tokyo. According to the books or websites, Komatsuna has begun to be cultivated in the vicinity of Komatsugawa, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo in the Edo era.

If it is summer, we can harvest a crop of Komatsuna for about 20 days. However, I have to keep growing Komatsuna about 80 days in the winter. Of course, I will enjoy growing vegetables. So it is so fun for me!



I came back to Tokyo from China. I will write about my trip of China later. I worried about the vegetables in my home. However, they are fine. I am so happy.