Korean movie "JSA"

Have you ever watched Korean movies?

You know that I like Korean movies and dramas so much.And I sometimes watch the movies about wars.

Today, I watched Korean movie "JSA" again.

I think that the movie is one of my favorite Asian movie about the war. The story was about 4 people. 2 solider were north Korean. The other was south Korean. One soldier whom Lee Byung-hun played as met north Korean soldier by one accident. Then they started meeting in the midnight and enjoyed talking. I know that it is so worst to do that in the international govenrment point.

But I like this movie so much although the story was very sad. Anyway, I recommend this movie. I think that this movie is so excellent.


Metting frinds & sleeping

Today, I have to make some document of new project. It is difficult that everyone understand the system.Anyway, I will keep doing it tomorrow.

By the way, I met my favorite friends at the night of Saturday. We wanted to eat Thailand food. So I left my apartment at 6:30 and arrived at the place where we were waiting for. Then we went to the restaurant and enjoy talking and eating for 4 hours!!!!

I like talking about something and listening to other person's talks. I could really relax with them.

We plan to have a dinner at the next time and go to the firework of Yokosuka in the summer. Of course, I will talk about it after that.

Then after coming back to my apartment at 12pm, I couldn't watch at all. So I watched the movie "Rocky" on TV for the first time. I had never watched it before. Well, it was good. After watching it, I found Korean movies and dramas and kept watching them until the morning. Of course, I slept all day on Sunday.it was waste of the time?

But I needed sleeping on Sunday. If I didn't any sleep on Sunday, I might take a day off although I have to upload the date of DB.


Crowded people

Yesterday, I went to Shibuya after work. I often think there are a lot of people in Shibuya and I often took someone while walking in Shibuya.

In the past, I liked Shibuya when I was young. Because there are a lof of cool shops and cafes etc in Shibuya.

But I recently don't like crowded people. I may walk slower than other. I prefer nature places. Anyway, I watched the movie "The Holiday". I like all of the this movie's actress and actors. The story was nice. While watching the movie, I really thought I wanted to go to England.

After the movie, I could enjoy eating dinner. Yesterday was a good day for me.


My treasure

I forgot to write about wonderful package.

A few days ago, I got it. There a lot of post cards,CD,a toy!!!!

Thank you so much!!!
I put the pretty toy in my mobile phone because I can feel you!


Gap between rich people and poor people in Japan

Since last year, the media said that gap between rich people and poor people in Japan.

Many documentary TV programs about gap between rich people and poor people were broadcasted.
In 1991, Japanese ecomony was worst. Many of young people coudln't to enter the companies because the companies wanted to cost down.

I was shocked that young people can't work as employees and they have to work as part time jobs or temporary. So they can't get money to live. For example, money to rent the apartments. They looks for the jobs every day and they stay at Manga cafes because they don't have money to rent appartments. So they sleep at Manga cafes every night. What do you think?

Is Japan rich??? I don't think so.

Because they don't have any dreams.It is so sad. No hope...

I think everyone need hopes.

I think Japanese government and companies have to change.


Saving money

2 days ago, I have been preparing a lunch box and I eat it at my office.

Before, I bought instant noodle and ate them. But I want to save money. So I decided to make lunch box.

Menu is so simple.For example, Onigiri, baked or boild eggs, salada. I will keep preparing a lunch box.


The holidays of next month

Yesterday, I got a call from my father. He asked me to reserve the rooms of the hotel on next month's holidays "Golden week". He had bought a new car last month and he will come to Tokyo by the new car. You know that it is hard to reserve the rooms while the holidays "Golden week".

Anyway, I had to find the hotel!!! So I checked many websites of hotels in order to reserve 2 rooms. After 2 hours, I finally could find the website to reserve. We won't need to stay and sleep in the car because I could reserve 2 rooms. We don't decide to do where we go yet. But I hope my family will enjoy together next month.


LOST season3

I went to my brother's home on the weekend. Then we kept watching 13 episode of "LOST season3". By the way, I started working today. A lot of email....
After work, I will buy a new plant. Of course, I will display it on my desk of the office. When I am at my office, I will be able to relax by the plant.


Shiokara and wine

Do you know Japanese food "Shiokara"?

I especially like shiokara of Cuttlefish. It is easy to make it. So I sometimes buy a Cuttlefish and make shiokara.

I like to eat shiokara while drinking wine. It is very good taste.
If you want to try to make it after reading this website, you will be able to eat shiokara.


My new plant "mints"

You know that I love herbs.
Today, I bought the new plant "Mints".

The smell of it is so good. I put the leaves of mint into the tea.

I'd like to buy other herbs and feel nature in Tokyo.


U.S.-Japan Friendship Yokosuka Cherry Blossom Festival

Recently, I didn't upload my blog.

Today, I went to Yokosuka. Because there was a festival of Cherry blossoms in the US Naval Base. I left my home at 10 am. Then I arrived at Yokosuka and walked to US Naval Base for 15 mins. After that, I entered into US Naval Base. There are a lot of cherry blossoms in there. They were very beautiful.

Of course, there were a lot of food stalls in there.

This is a famous pizza shop "Antnony's pizza".

A lot of people bought them. But you have to keep standing up for at least 1hours in order to buy them.

Before, I have been to US Naval Base in order to see fireworks festivals 3 times.

I really enjoyed seeing beautiful cherry blossoms. I like Yokosuka so much because there are the ocean and some beautiful parks in Yokosuka. So I may leave my appartment and live in Yokosuka. Anyway, I could feel the wind and smell of the ocean, fresh air and enjoyed the festival.

Please look at this if you want to see more photos.