Meeting my parents

Hi,How are you? I plan to go to Nagoya in order to meet my parents and stay for 1 or 2 week. So I can't upload my blog. I will write about it after coming back to Tokyo. See you!


Yokosuka's firework festival

Hi,how are you?
Today is a special day.

Because today is Mike's birthday. Mike, happy birthday!!! I hope you enjoy your birthday.

By the way, I went to Yokosuka base to see fireworks. I go to see them every year. Before starting fireworks, I could bought pizza that is famous because pizza of Anthony is delicious.

This is Anthony's pizza.

It was delicious. I will buy it at the next time.

At 7:30, the fireworks started. For 1 hours, I could enjoy watching fireworks.

Please look at this if you'd like to see photos more. Do you plan to go to see fireworks this year?


Japanese rainy season

Hi,how are you? I am suffer from the heat of Japanese summer. I can't sleep at nights without the air-conditioner.

Finally ,the rainy season has gone yesterday. This season is so strange. Because of long rain, the prices of vegetables higher now.

By the way, AFC football game was over. Japan couldn't win to Korea. I was sorry.

Anyway, I hope the players of Japan will make efforts.