Yes,Lack of sleep

I took a day off today. Why? Because of the game of soccer Japan and German. In Japan, it started at 4:20 am. So I tried not to sleep until 4:20 am. What did I do until 4;20 am? After work, I met with my friend and talked about the game of Japan and German while having dinner and drinking. It was very long time because I just waited for starting the game!! After meeting friend, I went to my house and arrived at 4 am. I really think the game of Japan and German was wonderful!! It was 7:00 am when the game was over. But there were one problem after the game.That's right. I didn't sleep at all. So I took a day off. (Please keep it secret!!Please! hahaha) I wonder whether I will be able to get up the morning after watching the game of early morning and go to my work while the world cup. I know that it may be a silly problem. But it is important that watching the games of world cup for me . I hope that I can take day offs while the world cup!
Recently,my joy is checking the post box of my house. Why? Because the post card or the letter are waiting for me! I got the letter form Ba for days. And I finally got the letter from Mike!! Mike,Thank you very much!! After opeing the letter, I could find wonderful post cards!! These are cotswolds post cards. Japanese is here. I like gardens so I really want to visit cotswolds!! Thank you ,Mike!!


Ruby on Rails

Do you know about Rudy? Yes,I know. But I didn't use Rudy when I make web programs. I am trying Ruby on Rails now. Rudy is a language that Japanese Mr.Matsumoto developed. I know about PHP,Perl because I use them when I develop programs. Why am I trying Rudy on Rails? I read that it is very easy to develop programs by using Rudy on Rails. I hope that it would be nice & easy for me to develop programs by Rudy on Rails. I finished creating the table of MySQL and installing Rudy and Rails!

Rafthing of Tone river

Once, I posted the article about rafting of Tone river on June. Yes, I got the email of the schedule this morning. Schedule? I will have to go to Tokyo station until 9:00 am. Then we will go to the Tone river with the bus. According to the email, we will arrive at the Tone river at 11 am. After eating lunch, we will start doing rafting at 13 pm and then we will enjoy doing rafting until 16 pm!! Sounds nice!! After rafting, we will go to the hot spring 'Onsen' for 1 hours. But I am afraid that it is rainy season in Japan now. Last week, it had been rain. So I looked at the weather news a few mins ago. Oh, my god!! Yes, according to the news, it may be rain on Sun when I will go to Tone river. I hope that it will be clear on Sun!!


The Goal

Finally,the world cup will start next month. Although I watched the movie 'Goal!' last month but I didn't post the article about it. Because I can't expalin about it in English. Yes,The movie 'The Goal' was wonderful. The movie was not only about the soccer but also the life for example dreams,family. So I recommend that you will watch the movie 'The Goal'. I think that the movie 'The Goal' is fun for everyone.


Last night,I met my friend and we wen to Japanese pub 'Ganko' of Ginza. Because I wanted to talk about the business etc. Yes,I have been thinking about starting the business for a month. Although I am an employee now, I want to start my business like my friends. Anyway, I ate too much last night and so I regret. - sashimi - salada - sushi - Japanese seaweed 'mozuku' with vineger. 【売り切れゴメン】本年度産天然もずくの収穫は、わずかです!希少!沖縄産天然もずく(塩蔵)... mozuku is seaweed.Okinawa's mozuku is famous. - satsuma-age 【送料無料】鹿児島 岡留屋本店 さつま揚げ詰合せ I can't eat satsuma-age.But my friend wanted to eat it. So we ordered. Satsuma-age is made from fishes. - soy milk ice cream Although I ate too much,I ordered ice cream... 豆乳アイスクリーム6個セット (北海道・札幌市)。 If you don't have a lot of money and want to eat food at Japanese food , you will have to go to Ganko!! Because the prices of Ganko were not expensive and foods were delicious. Now,I understand why the prices aren't expensive. (There are many shops and restaurants of high prices in Ginza.) Ganko was restaurant from Osaka. (I heard that the price of Osaka are more economic than Tokyo.I could understand that was true.)


Oriental radio!!!

I posted the video of Japanese comedian 'Oriental radio' a few days ago. They are popular since last year. Their comedy shows of their funny heroic episodes 'Buyouden' are broadcasted on TV now. This program was 'Enta no kami-sama' broadcasted. What did they say? Yes,the answer is here. Atsuhiko Nakata : I walked for 5 hours without the trains in order to save money. Shingo Fujimori : Work as a part-time job if you have time to walk for 5 hours. Atsuhiko Nakata : I usually read from the last episode of mystery novels at first. Shingo Fujimori : Because you can finish reading the novels of long story for only 5 mins! Atsuhiko Nakata : I move approximately 3 millimeters bus stop every day. Shingo Fujimori : After 2 years, the bus stop will be front of your house. Atsuhiko Nakata : I am fashion-conscious! Shingo Fujimori : That's right.You catch cold earlier than anyone!! I am sorry becuase I can't translate into English very well and I couldn't find this TV program with English subtitle. Anyway,Their shows are funny!

How much is the calorie of fried chicken?

Yes,I am still keeping doing diet. But I regretted the dinner of last night. Why? Because I went to Chinese restaurant with my friend. Then I ate too much! Anyway,I will go to Tone river in order to do rafting next month. I have to put on the swimwear while doing rafting. I am afraid that I won't be able to put on it.hahaha. So I have to keep doing diet until doing rafting. Although we ate two pieces of fried chicken as lunch.Now,I checked the calories of fried chicken. The calories of fried chiken is 261 kcal. So I took 520 kcal...

The Pinker Tones "Love Tape"


Japanese comedian

I like funny things! I like Japanese comedian Oriental radio. Of course Hard gay too. Plese look at this if you don't know Hard gay. P.S Thanks,X!! I laughed when I watched Hard gay again. I like his TV programs 'Bakuten'. He said 'Fo!!'.Then his words were popular in Japan last year. He won the prize of popular words. Do you know that he is not only a comedian but also fighter? I want to watch the game of his fight!


Salt or sauce?

I am dieting now. But I want to post the article of Japanese pub. Last night,I went to Japanese pub 'izakaka' with my friend. Don't worry about my body!! Of course I didn't eat too much. We ordered these. - the salad with soy milk sauce \720 - sashimi (tuna,hamatchi,hotate,salmon)\1,580 - Yakitori chicken meatballs 'tsukune' \480 Yakitori is popular in Japanese pub. The prices are about 200 yen per one people. There are many types of Yakitori in Japan. - chicken breast - enoki mushrooms wrapped in slices of pork - chicken with green pepper - green onions and chicken breast - chicken cartilage - liver - chicken meatballs 'tsukune' - chicken skin 'torikawa' - chicken wing 'tebasaki' - asparagus wrapped in bacon - pork belly - hearts of chickens 'hatsu' I like chiken's gizzards 'Sunagimo' of yakitori best. But I didn't ordered it last night. We eat Yakitori with salt or Japanese sauce made from Soy sauce and sugar. I prefer salt when I eat Yakitori.


For you!

I am happy now. Well,to tell the truth, I was not happy because of some reasons before receiving the letter from Ba . I may post it someday. Anyway, I am happy. How wonderful the letter from Ba is! I can't explain the joy.Your letter is really my treasure. I have the letters and post card from you in my bag. Thank you very much. And I really want to meet with you! Airgatou!!


Tateshina & Villa of Yasujiro Ozu

I forgot posting the article about Tateshina and a villa of Japanese famous movie director Yasujiro Ozu 'mugei-sou'. I and my friend went to Tateshina of Nagano prefecture by the car. We arrived at Tateshina at afternoon. Then we decided to have lunch at the restaurant of Japanese noodle 'Soba'. This Japanese noodle 'soba' restaurant's name is 'soba-syou'. Then I ordered Oroshi-soba.It was 950yen. Very delicous!! After eating lunch,we went to the villa of Japanese famous movie directore Ozu. It was very fantastic! Everybody can show and enter the villa for free. But we couldn't enter the villa because the time was over 16 pm. So we sat down the chair of garden and looked at the view for 1 hours. I hope that I will go to the villa again.


My black pants

After work, I met my friend last night. Then we drank coffee and ate chocolate cakes during talking about our jobs. After chatting with my friend, it was 9 pm . Then I remembered the fact at the station before going back to my house. Yes,the answer was my black pants. I had never put on it for 6 month. Then I tried putting it on after waking up in the morning of yesterday. But I couldn't put on it in the morning. Because of my belly fat!! So I decided to walk to my house. I could watch the night view of Tokyo while walking. I managed to arrive at my house after 10 mins. But I couldn't give up eating dinner because of the hunger. Anyway,I wil try putting my black pants tonight while praying my god. I hope that I will be able to put on it again.


How do you eat avocados?

How do you eat avocados? I ate abocados with Wasabi and Japanese Soy sauce 'Syo-yu'. Very simple! I like this way how to eat abocads. Please tell me if you buy wasabi on this web site!

korean wave 'Han-Ryu'

You many know that Korean movies and TV programs have kept being popular in Japan since 3 years ago. It is called Korean wave 'Han-ryu'. At first, Korean dramas Winter Sonata 'Fuyu-sona' we call started to be broadcasted on TV in 2003. Then Korean actor Bae Yongjun was popular among Japanese elder women. After that, many Korean movies and dramas started be broadcasted in Japan. As soon as they have been broadcast in Japan, they are popular among many Japanese women in Japan. When I was charged with the web site of cellphones during working at the ex company, the web sites of Korean entertainments was released on the web site of cellphones. But I didn't watch Korean movies and dramas yet at that time. And I often had to work overtime during working at the ex company because there were many tasks. ( Now,I am remembering that I worked during Japanese holidays 'Golden week' of last year.) Finally, I recently watched Korean movies and dramas. I watched these. - Beautiful Days 'Utukushiki-Hibi' - Happy together - Addicted - Bittersweet Life These are Lee Jung Hyun's movies. I knew Lee Jung Hyun before I watched these because I had watched the movie 'JSA'. I think 'JSA' was good. Anyway, I could enjoy these very well.


Japanese Curry?

Japanese ofen eat curries and make them at homes. There are many restaurant of curries in Japan. 'Curry house Coco-ichiban-ya' is famous as franchise chain of curry restaurants. If you go to them, you can choose the degree of hot flavor and the volume of rice and you can choose curry which you want to eat among curry more than 30 kinds. 'Shinjyuku Nakamura-ya' had been a famous as the Indian curry restaurant for a long time. You can eat thease as much as you like at this restaurant. - 6 types curries - rice and nan breads - salads - soups - drinks We use these pastes when we make curry dish at homes. This curry powder is a famous product of 'S&B-Curry'. S&B 赤缶カレー粉400g These are curry pastes of 'House food'. ハウス食品 ジャワカレー220g各種 ハウス ザ・カリー140g(カレールー)各種 We don't need to make the Curry's spice by ourselves when we get them. In addition, we can buy retort pouch food of curries at the stores. Japanese company 'House food' makes many types curry pastes and retort foods of curry. After put retort foods of curry into water,we wait for a few minutes and we can eat curry. I found the curry of vegetarian on the net! ベジタリアンのためのカレー In Japan,we eat many types's curries. - Curry with rice or nan breads - Curry udon - Curry nanban ( soba ) etc If you want to eat Curry Udon in Japan, I recommend the restaurant 'Sugamo Konaya'. The menus are here. By the way,How to make Curry udon? It is very easy! This recipe is for 5 people. 1.put water(500cc), Japanese soba soup 'soba-tusyu'(600cc), chicken(150g) into a panstew and stew for a few minutes 2.put curry powders(240g) into a pan - This is base of Curry soup. 3.stew long green onions or onions and put into a pan of Curry soup 4.After boiling Udon and then put Curry soup into Udon There is a food amusement park 'Yokohama - Curry museum' in Yokohama. I found a interesting web site about curry. The web site is here. Although I am a Japanese, I prefer Indian curry to Japanese curry.


Japanese singer

I got Japanese singer Naotarou Moriyama 's songs. He is one of singers I like. His mother Ryouko Moriyama is a famous singer too. This song is 'Sakura'. Do you like it? I think his voice is wonderful.

Japanese food 'Nattou maki sushi'

I bought Nattou maki sushi(Nattou roll)! Once,I posted about Nattou. Nattou is one of foods I love. So I ofen eat Nattou maki sushi! Tonight,I will watch movies while eating Nattou maki sushi as dinner.


Japanese restaurant 'Oto-Oto'

How was lunch of Japanese restaurant 'Oto-Oto'? Yes, It was wonderful.I could see a fine view while eating lunch because there are trees in front of this restaurant. I ordered 'To-fu yuba-zen'. Yuba is made from soy milk. Do you know how to make Yuba? You can make Yuba at home and eat it! If you want to know , look at this.I like yuba with wasabi! I could eat Yuba with wasabi,Fried tofu 'Age-dashi-tofu' and fish,rice,miso-soup,Japanese pickles 'Tsukemono'. And coffee too! The price was 1,350 yen! There were many dishes in this restaurant. For example, - Japanese noodle 'Inaniwa Udon' - Grilled fish etc I hope that I will have dinner in this restaurant someday. I know other nice Japanese tofu restaurant 'SORA-no-niwa' of Shibuya. I went to there some times. Url is http://r.gnavi.co.jp/fl/en/g775401/


I went out to meet my friend. The place we met was Nishi-shinjyku. It is one of the place I like because there are many shops and parks in there. When I arrived at 'Shinjyuku center building', it was 11:50 am. So I took pictures around there. This is Tokyo Metropolitan government's building. If you go to there, you can go to the observation room for free and see a view at the observation room of 202 meters above the ground. I took photos while waiting for my friend. I found nice restaurants. - Indian restaurant 'Tarlly'. Curry is one of the dish I love. My ex co-workers are Indian and we often went to the Indian restaurant to have lunch. When I took pictures, there were many people who were eating curry at there. If I didn't need to wait for my friend, I surely would eat curry at this restaurant. - Intailian restaurant 'Aruden tei' I didn't know that this restaurant is well known to Italian who live in Tokyo. There were many photos in front of this restaurant. - cafe 'HAITI' I want to drink coffee at cafe 'HAITI'. Because Ba told me that coffee is good for our health! Of course I like coffee! After 10 mins, my friend arrived and we went to Japanese food restaurant 'Oto-oto'. I remembered that I had lunch with my ex boss at this restaurant once when I looked at this restaurant. This restaurant's food was very delicious! Sorry, I need to sleep more. Because I couldn't sleep last night. I will post again.

Traffic jam 'Jyutai'

Japanese famous traffic jam 'jyutai' of 'Gloden week' started! This morning,I woke up at 9:30 am because today is a holiday. Then I turn on the TV and watched a news about traffic. If you watch the crowded cars of highways, you don't want to go out by cars. According to the news,today is the peak of traffic jam!! The drivers have to wait for hours in order to arrived at the places. Anyway,I hope that I will have lunch with my friend today without a traffic jam.