We need hopes and laugh!!!

Have you ever watched the movie 'Life is beautiful'? This is one of the movies I love. I can't remember how many times I had watched this movie.So I can say 'Buongiorno, Principessa!!!' although I have never learned Italian.(It means 'Hi,Princess!!!'.) I have this movie's DVD and I sometimes watch this movie. I don't know whether I will be able to become the person like Guido. But I will try. Guido is wonderful. He could let the persons happy and he never lost enjoying life when he was in trouble. I really respected Roberto Benigni when I had watched this movie for the first time. We need hopes and laughs. And if we can have a little hopes and we can laugh, we will be able to feel happy. I want you to watch this movie if you don't watch the movie. I think it is very simple how to live and feel happy.

Zico,Good bye!!

Yes. I could take a rest for 2 days. But I would like to watch the games of world cup at once. The game of Argentina vs Germany will start at 12 am in Japan. Of course I will watch it. (But I don't know that I will watch next game of Italy vs Ukraina because I will have to go out on Saturday.) By the way, I watched the news that Zico left from Japan yesterday. I felt some sadness. New coach of Japan is not decided on yet. Ivica Osim is a coach of Japanese soccer theam 'Jef United Chiba' and he is thinking over. Anyway, I am happy because I will be able to watch the games again!!! (I hope that it will be nice if the world cup is held every year.Although players will feel awful.)


Flowing somen 'nagashi somen'

I ate noodle as today's lunch again. Noodle is one of the food I love. I want to talk about Japanese food 'somen'. Do you know 'nagasi somen'? We often eat cold somen or soba in the summer. The way that I eat somen best is 'Nagashi somen'. When I was a child, I ate Nagashi soba a few times. I think that Nagashi somen is good for the party.Please look at this if you try nagashi somen. If you have somen,Japanese soba tsuyu,and banboo, you will be able to try eating nagashi soba. - somen 揖保乃糸 そうめん 上級品 42束【送料無料】 - tsuyu ほっこりそばにぴったりのそばつゆ 300ml Oh, I forgot. This is the machine of nagashi somen. If you get this, you don't need bamboo. You will be able to eat nagashi somen at your houses using this machine. The price is 4800 yen. 家庭用流しソーメン器 そうめん太郎「竹取」 Is this machine expensive?


Who is new coach???

I watched the game of the world cup until early morning. Now,I am waiting the game of Germany vs Sweden,Aregentina vs Mexico. The games that I watched were here. - France vs Togo I think France is not good on this world cup. Is it wrong? - Switzerland vs Korea Switzerland won!!! But Korea was good. It is true that Korea is stronger than Japan. By the way, Japanese players came back to Japan today. Although the world cup doesn't finish, Japanese soccer is starting working at the next world cup.(But my world cup doesn't finish.I will keep watching the game until morning.hahaha) I am sorry that Zico quits although he said that he became a coach of only this world cup. According to the news,new coach may be Ivica Osim. I hope that Japan will be able to play on next world cup. And I want to say that I thank Zico and Japanese players because I could enjoy watching the games of Japan.



I read the funny news about Japanese 'Kanji'. Once, I had talked about Kanji to Ba and then he was surprised. According to this news, 70% of Japanese couldn't write Kanji since they had used PC. Now,We use PC when we make documents. We don't use pens when we write. That is true. I don't ofen use any pens when I work. If I don't have any pens, I will be able to work at my office. Japanese feels that they have trouble in writing Kanji with using pens. What do they do when they don't know how to write one Kanji? 52% of Japanese input Japanese hiragana with PC in order to convert it. Yes, me too! Japanese thank Japanese input method.

Early exit from the World Cup

Japan lost in the qualifying round. I waked up at 3:40 and I was waited for starting the game of Japan vs Brazil. Then the game had started at 4 am. I guessed that Japan lost before the game. I thought that Brazil would get 5 points. They did good jobs because they could get 1 points. I thought Japan would not get any points. Ba,Congratulations! I could feel Brazilian strength when I was watching the game. They show me excellent goals. They are really good players. Anyway, the game of Japan was over. This world cup may be a last chance for some of Japanese players . For example Hidetoshi Nakata. In the fact, he said that this world cup might be a last chance before the world cup. I felt some sadness after the game was over. Because Nakata cried. Anyway,we have to learn this chance of world cup. The next world cup will be held after 4 years ago. I don't know all current players will be able to play at that time.(I think a few players will be able to play. Because their ages are in late 20s. I hope that Nakata and other players will play on the next world cup in Africa.


Not only me

According to the news, Thailand's priests enjoy watching the games of world cup. They watched the games until early mornings and slept until Mass of morning. Then they were late for Mass. We have to set the alarm of the clock every morning and I hope that we will be able to get up at the morning and we won't be late for our work.

The game of England and the post from Mike

England's victory Mike, Congratulation!!! Yes, I watched the game of England vs Sweden after I got up at 3:30 am. The game played to a draw but I think the game was good!!! (Unfortunately, my bet was wrong. I guessed that England would win before the game! I think many people thought that England would win.) Anyway, England kept being a top of group A and they advance to the final 16. I hope that England will keep winning ! By the way, I had gone to the post office on Monday because of one reason. What is one reason? Yes. It is the post from Mike! Mike, Thank you very much!!! I am very happy.He sent me the books of Cotswolds,CDs of his band and the letter. I really appreciate. I really enjoy listening to the songs of CDs and reading the books. I can't explain my happiness. Mike,Thank you very much! P.S I was very impressed by the beautiful gardens of Cotswolds when I read the books. When I read and looked at the book, I could understand that Cotswolds is a historic place.In addition I was very surprised because there are many gardens in Cotswolds!


Do you go to the movie theater?

Do you go to the movie theater? I love movies. So I often watch movies. But I don't recently go to the movie theaters. In stead I watch the movies on the net or download the movies. Accoding to this news, 36% people answer that they will not go to the movie theaters if the DVD of movies that they want will be sold as soon as the movie will be released. Me too!!! In Japan, we can watch the movies or anime,etc by 'Gyao'. I had watched the movies by Gyao several times. Another services had started in Japan. - Gyao if you are a member of Gyao, you will be able to watch the movies or animes etc. - Online theater of Yahoo if you want movies of online theater, you have to pay 350 yen. (Sorry. I don't want to use this service.) - Tsutaya Discas After people order the movies on the net, people will get movies's DVDs sent by post at homes. Then after watching the movies, you send DVD by post again. Will you go to the movie theaters in order to watch movies in the future?

My next trip

Yeah, Japan couldn't win at the game of Japan vs Croatia. Although I didn't think that Japan would win at all. On the world cup of Franch, Japan had played with Croatila in 1998 and Japan lost. So I thought Japan couldn't win. My bet was correct. Of course I wanted Japan to win. But it was difficult. Anyway, next game is very difficult for Japan. Many co-workers took a day off today. I thought some of them watched the games until morinign.Hahaha. By the way, I want to talk about my trip of September. Yes, I am thinking that I will go to Penang again. After I had gone to Penang, I hoped that I would go to Penang again. At frist, I thought I will go to Langkawi of Malaysia. I heard from my friend that Langkawi is wonderful. But I may go to Penang this year again. When I had gone to Penang, I couldn't do scuba diving. So I hope that I will enjoy doing scuba diving or snorkeling. I have to decided that I will go to Penang on September until next week.


The game of Italy vs US

The game of Italy vs US will start in Japan at 4 am. If Italy will won at this game, I will be able to get the towel gain!!! Tomorrow, I will have to go out in order to go to the post office and meet my frined. So I don't know I will watch the game of Italy vs US. I hope that Italy will won.


It is raining in Japan. Yes,Japanese rainy season 'Tsuyu' came. By the way,I am watching the game again.Hahaha. Yes,my current joy is to watch the games. I had watched the game until 6 am and then I slept because I didn't need to work on this weekend. If I had to work on this weekend, I might cry!!!! Anyway, could you imagine that Argentina got 6 point before you watched the game? The game was excellent. Actually, I thought that Argentina would win before watching the game. But I didn't guess that they got 6 points! I was glad I could watch the game of Argentina. In addition, I could watch Maradona!!! When I was a child, He was our hero. My little brother had displayed his poster in his room when he was a child. One day, I quarreled with him . I think the reason of a quarrel between brother was famicon.(Sorry.It was very silly. But we were children.) After that, he had left our house in order to play outside and I had entered his room .Then I had done silly thing. What did I do? I had drawn a mustache on the poster of Maradona by using a black pen. Then my brother had come back to home and had watched the poster in his room. He had cried for many times. Yes, I was a bad sister at that time. I have to buy the poster of Maradona and give him it soon.


The unfortunate phone

Now, I am watching the game of Argentina vs and chatting with Ba at home. By the way, my boss take holidays since today. He will take holidays at next week too. Anyway, today I attended the boring the meeting for 1 hours from 9:am to 10:30. Then I finished my tasks of today. I hoped that I would drink wine at Shinjyuku after work. But I had to give up because of the unfortunate phone. The phone was ringing when it was 5:40 pm! I felt it must be a bad news when it was ringing. And My guess was right... He asked me to fix at once after he found the bug of our system. So I gave up to drink wine at Shinjyuku. If my boss didn't take a holiday today, I must ask him to fix the bug because the system of the bug isn't my task and it is his fault. After I could fix the bug at my office, I left my home. I am sorry that I couldn't drink wine at Shinjyuku. Now,I am drinking wine while watching the game. I think Argentina will won at this game because Argentina's condition is good since they played for the first time.

The winning bet

Yesterday, I watched the game of England vs Trinidad and Tobago. Mike,congratulations!!! Could you enjoy the game? And how was England? Well, I got the chip of England today. Now, I look for the chips of Japan,Brazil. But there are't chips at the stores. I think soccer fans bought all of them! I hope that I will be able to buy them!!! By the way,I posted the article of about the campaign. I got the email of coca-cola Japan. Then My bets won!!! Do you want to know my bets? - The game of Korean vs Togo I bet Korean would win. - The game of Brazil vs Croatia I bet Brazil would win. - The game of Spain vs The Republic of Ukraine I bet Spain would win. I know these bets may be easy. I thought these were easy too. Is it wrong? Anyway, My bets won. So I will be able to get the towel of the world cup. I couldn't select the towel I wanted. After 2 weeks, I will get one of these towels!!! I will post again when I will get the towel.


Tokoroten of summer Japanese food

Do you know 'Tokoroten'? I love Tokoroten. Tokoroten is Japanese summer food. Tokoroten is made from seaweed 'Tengusa'. This is Tengusa. 日本の天草の1/3は伊豆・伊豆諸島産です。なかでも伊豆半島産は品質は最高ランクです。伊豆天草... The price is 525 yen. But we don't make Tokoroten by tengusa. Because it is hard to make tokoroten. So we buy tokoroten at the stores. The prices are almost about 150 yen. The calolies of tokoroten is 0 kcal! So woman like.(hahaha) We eat Tokoroten with soy sauce and Vinegar,a little mustard! Of course I care about my weight. But I really like the taste of Tokoroten since I was a child. 柿田川名水ところてんのめちゃくちゃ美味しい食べ方を発見!大和芋サクサクところてんセット限... Please tell me whether you like tokoroten if you eat tokoroten.


My mind is foggy from lack of sleep. I watched the games until 6 am. At frist, I watched the game of Spain vs Spain vs Ukraine. Spain got 4 points and Spain won! I think the game was interesting. Then I watched the game of Tunisia vs. Saudi Arabia.The game ended in a draw. When I watched this game, I wanted to sleep. But I tried to watch this game. Because I wouldn't get up again and watch the game of Germany vs Poland if I would sleep. Lastly,the game of Germany vs Poland had started. Finally,Germany got 1 point at injury time. After watching the games, I feel tired. So I slept for 1 hours. Tonight's games are here. - Ecuador vs Costa Rica (From 10:00 pm to 12:00 am) - England vs Trinidad and Tobago (From 1:00 am to 3:00 am) - Sweden vs Paraguay (From 4:00 am to 6:00 am) Do you know that the games of next week will start at 11 pm and they will finish at 6:00 am. (The game of Japan and Brazil will start 4:00 am.) By the way,I want to talk about my new collection. I am collectiong these. Yes,Cocacola Japan started new campaign!!! It is called 'chip'. There are 32 kinds of chips that is printed national flags of participation country 32 countries of FIFA WORLD CUP2006 Germany. The number of 14 columns is printed by the back side of a chip. We post the number on the web site of cocacola Japan. Then we can bet 3 results of world cup's games. Then I will be able to get these towels if my bet win. This campaign will be kept until July 4th. I have to keep driking coca-cola until I will get all chips!!!


Who's greener?

I read interesting news about Google and Microsoft. The news is here. I repsect these actions. I hope that many companies will try these actions.


I managed to sleep at my house and get up at 3:20 am yesterday. Of course I wanted to watch the game of Brazil vs Croatia. Certainly,I hoped that I would watch the game of Korea vs Togo, France vs Switzerland too. But I couldn't sleep for 1 hours if I had watched the games. So I gave up. By the way,I want to talk about our bets. My bets lost! But ba's bets of Korea vs Togo won! Congratulations! Oh,I have to talk about the game of Brazil vs Croatia. I am glad that Brazil won. But I think Brazil couldn't play well. I hope that I will be able to watch their good plays from now. Do you know that we call Brazilian soccer players Canary's corps'Kanariya gundan' or selecao in Japan?


The game of Italy vs Ghana

I watched the game of America vs Czech Republicafter after watching terrible game of Japan vs Australia.Then I tried to watch the game of Italy vs Ghana. But I fell to sleep. Sorry,Ba!!! When I noticed that I fall to sleep,it was 6:30 am. Hahaha. Then I looked at the news of the soccer on the net and I knew that Italy won! Although I believed that. And the score was 2-0! Luckly, I won the bet of Italy vs Ghana. I really enjoy our bets! Tonight's schedule of games are here. - Korea vs Republic of Togo (from 10 pm until 12 am in Japan) - France vs Switzerland (from 1 am until 3 am in Japan) - Brazil vs Republic of Croatia (from 4 am until 6 am in Japan) Oh, my god. I have to sleep at once because I want to watch the game of France vs Switzerland,Brazil vs Republic of Croatia. So I will leave my office until 8 am and then I will nap in order to watch the games. The first game I want to watch is the game of Brazil vs Republic of Croatia. Next is a game of France vs Switzerland. 『No.8 カカ』NIKE 06 ブラジルホームユニフォームimp adidas/アディダス ワールドカップ2006ドイツ大会 History Tシャツ(ブラジル) 【メール便OK】祝ワールドカップオフィシャルサッカーTシャツ【ブラジル】 I will set a alarm of the clock. 【送料無料】PUMAブラジルサッカージャージ【スペクトライエロー】プーマトラックジャケットメ... フィンタ FINTA/キーホルダー(ブラジル国旗) 【送料無料】ブラジル代表シリーズadidas ブラジル TT


Terrible game

Yeah,same situation. I know this situation.And I had watched the game like this many times. Japanese team used to play at soccer.Then they lose fight motivation and they tried to defense after they got the point. I don't understand that. But this team was different for me. This team was changed by Zico. But this game was terrible. There were many their mistake. And now,I hate Japanense reporters. Why? After Japan got the point,he said "Don't mistake.and defence!!". I think it is nonsense not to keep attacking. I thought it was difficult that Japan win before the game. But after Japan got 1 point,I hoped that Japan might win. But our hope didn't come true.Although they had some chances to get a point but they couldn't. I can't express my sad. I know that the game will be continued. But this game was terrilbe. I remember old Japanese team's games.When I had watched the games of old Japanese team,I was often disappointed. I know Japanaese soccer is still development. But I want them to play well with fight motivations. Sorry.I can't explain well because my english isn't perfect. If I post in Japanese, I will post many words. Really, I am disappinted. If they play well and they lose,I may understand. But this game was terrible. I don't like the play of this game. We have to learn how to play more. Very sad...


Now,the first half of the game of Japan vs Australia finished. Japan got 1 point!!! Zico,supporters and I shouted when Japan got 1 point. I think my voice was large.hahaha. The players of Australia were good. So Japanese players,fight!!! (Yanagisawa,shikkari shiro yo-!!!sorry if you like yanagisawa.I like him but I want him to play well.)

turn the clock back!

I am falling to sleep and I can't stop yawn. I can't remember how many times I was falling to sleep until this afternoon. I didn't sleep until 5 am in order to watch the games. Yes,I watched the games. The game of Mexico vs Iran started at 1 am .Then it finished at 3 am.Then the game of Angola vs Portuga was broadcasted fron 3:45 am until 6 am. It is 4:30 pm now. I will go home as soon as it will be 6 pm. Then I will nap for at least 2 hours before the game of Japan vs Australia at 10 pm. After the game of Japan vs Australia, the games I want to watch will start and finish until early morning. Oh, my god! I want to be a student!!! If I was a student,I will get up at afternoon and I will watch the game until morning.

controlling me

I was controlled by the world cup on this weekend. Yes, tonight too. While this weekend, I awoke until eearly morning in order to watch the games of the world cup. Then I slept until afternoon. Hahahah. Anyway,I really enjoyed watching the games. I saw these games. - Poland vs Ecuador - England vs Paraguay ( Mike,congratulations!I thought England would won.So I was glad!!) - Trinidad And Tobago vs Sweden - Argentina vs Ivory Coast ( How exciting game!! I like Argentina too. ) - Mexico vs Iran ( Wow.Mexico won!! Ba knows the reason I was glad! ) Well,I thank Japanese broadcast 'NHK'. Because only NHK broadcast all the game of world cup in Japan!! Finally,the game of Japan and Australia will start tonight! I will watch the game on TV at 11 pm! And I want to watch the game of Italy and Ghana too. But it will start at 3:45 and it will be broadcasted until 6 am. I am afraid that I will be able to go to my office after watching the game. Hahaha.


The game of Germany and Costa Rica

I could watched the game Germany and Costa Rica!!! I think that it was wonderful game. Of course I thought Germany would won before the game. But Costa Rica was good too. Now,I am tired because I was excited. X knew about it. Hahaha. Sorry. At the night of tomorrow,there is a game of England! I will watch it. Mike,please tell me about people of England after the game. After the game of Germany and Costa Rica, the history of Japan was broadcasted on TV. Then I remembered one fact. Do you know that some of silly people criticized Zico when Zico were a director at once? The reason is simple. Japan couldn't win after Zico became a director at once. It was nature. Japan had to learn how to play a good soccer. Anyway, I hope that the players of Japan will be able to play well.


2006 FIFA World cup

Yes,I am watching the ceremony of 2006 FIFA world cup on TV now. Wonderful players of soccer are shown on TV! Pele,Dunga, Leonardo,Littbarski etc!! (I had gone to the stadium in order to watch the games of Jubiro iwata and I could see Dunga's plays!!) After 10 mins, we will be able to watch the game every day during the world cup!!! I am afraid that I will be able to sleep after watching the game. Because I may be excited! My family love soccer .I think my dad are excited now because my dad had joined the soccer club and he had played the soccer when he was a high school student.Although the soccer wasn't popular when my dad was young. Then he was a soccer coach of our school when I was a student. My brother had joined the soccer club of school and played the soccer too . So my family won't be able to sleep!!

The world cup!!!!!!

Yes, I am waiting the date of the world cup will start. Finally,the game of German and Costa Rica will start at midnight! My life will be changed because of the world cup. I won't sleep until early morning and I will be late for my office. Sorry.I am joking now. Everyone,enjoy the world cup!!


Do you know Ikigami? I bought new anime comic Iki-gami of Motorou Mase last night. I knew about Ikigami 2 days ago. Ikigami is Japanese manga and it still published now by the manga magazine "weekly Young Sunday" of Shogakukan. What will you do if you die after 24 hours? Will you spend with your family or friends? Or, will you do things you love? Will you spend money you have in order to have a good time? Or, will you are alone? Ikigami's story is what you will you do if you die after 24 hours. The detail story is here. According to the national prosperity maintenance law, All of Japanese have to get vaccinations in Japan when they are 6 years old. Vaccinations are not simple vaccinations, One person will dies by preventive injection to 1,000 people. Because there is a vaccination with the capsule. When it is the date and time decided beforehand to 18-24 years old, the vaccination with the capsule explodes and will take life away. The government only know who will die. Yes, the government control people by using vaccinations. The main character is a civil-Service employee and his work is to deliver the paper 'Ikigami' to one person will die after 24 hours. What will they who will die after 24 hours do after they get 'Ikigami' and they know that they will die after 24 hours? I read first episode of Ikigami and I was very impressed. I like Ikigami. What will I do if I die after 24 hours?


"Asian Kitchen"

I attended the meeting of new service from 6 pm to 7 pm. Then I left my office at once and I went to Shinjyuku station in order to meet my ex co-worker. Yes, we wanted to think about the bussiness. To tell the truth, this meeting was more important than boring silly meeting to me. Sorry. I am honest.Hahaha! We went to the restaurant "Asian Kitchen" together. Then we talked about the business after we ordered beer and hot spicy food. I will prepare to start the business and have to know about many things. Now,I am fun very much! By the way, we left the restaurant at 12 am!!! Yes, we had been talking about the business or our companies etc for 6 hours! Of course she came from England 1 month ago and I heared about England and study abroad from her. Could you believe? I really enjoy talking with her,eating hot spicy food. we eat these. - Yam woosen (salad with harusame and green leaves) 680 yen - Patthai (Thailand noodle) 680 yen - banh xeo (Vietnam's okonomiyaki) 780 yen - the pizza of shrimp and white sauce I think I would be happy if I was born in Thailand.



I like manga and anime although I am adult. I look forward to a magazine of Japanese manga 'chorus' and buy it once a month. And sometimes, I buy the manga comics. 2 days ago, I went to the book store after work and I bought some manga comics at the book store. I want to buy 'Death note' but there aren't them in the book store. The movie of 'Death note' will be released on Jun 10 th. Yes, I want to watch the movie of 'Death note' too!!! Tatsuya FUjihawa played the main role Yagami and Yagami has one notebook. It is a mysterious notebook. The names of persons who will die were written on the notebook called 'Death note'. When I was in Akasaka of Tokyo, I watched Tatsuya Fujiwara. I think he is a good actor. Anyway,I will post the article about 'Death note' soon. Today, I am going to post the article about Vagabond. I know about Musashi Miyamoto who was samurai.This manga was based on the history novel written by Japanese famous writer Eiji Yoshikawa. I know him but I didn't read his books. But Takehiko Inoue changed some character for example Kojirou Sasaki when he made this manga. I think it is fun to read this manga for Japanese too. Recently,we don't read Japanese history novels because they aren't funny and they are difficult. (Sorry if you like.) But anime and manga are fun to read. So I recommend this manga 'Vagabond'. The price of Japanese comic is 524 yen.(I could get them by paying more cheap price.) バガボンド(1) バガボンド(2) バガボンド(3) The 23th episode of Vagabond will be released soon. 【予約】 バガボンド 23 Please look at this if you want to know about the detail of the story. These are figures of Vagabond. - The figure of musashi 2,580 yen バガボンドアクションフィギュア武蔵単品 - 3 figures(musashi,insyun,inei) バガボンドアクションフィギュア3点セット(武蔵・胤舜・胤栄) - The first episode of novel 'Musashi Miyamoto' by Eiji Yoshikawa 699 yen 宮本武蔵(1) I may go to the town that I can buy Japanese anima figures soon.


Rose from Brazil!!

I gave wonderful rose tonight! Yes,this rose arrived from Brazil!! In addition wonderful letter too! Thank you,Ba!!!!!!!!! I am very glad! I can't believe that I live in Japan far from your country because I can feel you are close to me! I am a happy person because I could know you! Thank you! Tchau!!!

ged senki!!!!!!!

In Japan,the commercial of new movie 'Ged senki' of studio Ghibli started being broadcasted on TV since last week. The preview of this movie is here. The director of this movie is Goro Miyazaki and he is a son of Hayao Miyazaki. According to the news, he had made this movie as a director for the first time. Although I had watched the movie "Howl's Moving Castle", I couldn't think was good. Sorry if you like! I hope that 'Ged senki' will be one of the movies of Studio Ghibli I love!


Rafting and soccer game

Yes. I finally had done rafting on Sun! After I arrived at Tone river at 11 am, I had lucnh and put on the swim wear until 13 pm. Then I had been starting doing rafting and enjoyed rafting until 16 pm. But i was very tired. After rafting,we went to onsen by the bus. I arrvied at my house at 22 pm then I watched the game of Japan and Malta. To tell the truth,I wanted to go to sleep because I was tired. But I tried to watch the game. It was true that Japan won.But I think the game was not good. Anyway,I will post the article again.


Friday night's party!!

Yesterday was Friday night's party!! On Wednesday, I got the call from my friend of my college classmate at night. At friday, I met my friend in Shinjyuku after work . Then we went to Japanse pub 'Touhou-kenbunroku'. we ate these food. - salad with wasabi sauce 680yen - Yakitori 190yen - Yakisoba with Omelet 580yen - boiled shrimp with mayo - okonomiyaki with cheese (I think that okonomiyaki with cheese is wonderful.Plese try it!)


the stadium of Yokohama

I am exciting now. I could watch the games of world cup!! Of course the world cup will start soon! I remember that I had gone to the stadium of Yokohama while the world cup of Japan and Korea in 2002. There were many people in there. I wanted to buy the ticket but I couldn't buy it because it was very expensive. But it was very exciting experience for me. I used to try buying the tickets of the world cup on the net while the world cup had been hold in Japan. Sadly, I couldn't finish buying the ticket on the net. Of course it was not only for me. My friend had been looking at the web site for hours at midnight in order to buy the ticket. I really hope that I will watch the game of the world cup someday.