Volver of Pedro Almodóvar

Yes, I finally watched the movie "Volver" of Pedro Almodóvar 3 days ago!!!

I wanted to watch this movie since last year.(Ba knows it.hahaha)

After watching this movie, I repect Pedro Almodóvar.He is great. Of course, all of the cast of this movie were excellent.

Mothers's loves.

Especially,Penelope Cruz's performance is so good.She played as a character of strong and kind,beautiful mother.

I like the song of Volver. I will try the lyric of English on the net. When I try to sleep, I keep listening to this song now. I like the scene that Penelope song this song. I felt that she is strong and kind as a mother of this movie.

I think this movie is so great!!!


Good movies

Hi! I am sorry. I didn't upload my blog.

I enjoyed watching movies and reading books because my doctor said that I had to stop using PC for a while...

Anyway, I am better.

Before, X told me that the movie "The Departed" was good and I finally watched it.

To tell the truth, I didn't like Leonardo Dicaprio before watching this movie. But I changed. His play was so excellent. Of course, other cast and the director were so wonderful.

Then I watched the movie "Kinky Boots".This movie was so funny and I was impressed.

By the way, finally,the movie that I am looking forward to watching it will be released on this Sat in Japan.

Yes,it is "Volver" of my favorite director is Pedro Almodóvar.

Ba told me about story last year. I can't wait for watching it.


Keep watching movies and drama


How are you?

I am a little better.

While taking a rest, I had watched some movie.

Some of them were good, other was bad....

Anyway,these are movies and dramas that I had watched.

- LOST season3
Finally, I finished watching it.So long... I heard that that the rating was bad. But I want to watch next season.

- The World's Fastest Indian

The movie was excellent!!!

- Babel

If you like it, I am sorry.Because I don't like this movie. I know this director. Because he made my favorite movie "21 GRAMS" and it was so good.

Now,I want to watch the movie "The Queen".

After watching it, I will write about it.