The holidays

Hi, how are you? Now, I am at a home of my parent. Yes, I got on the highway bus for Nagoya in Shinjyuku of Tokyo after attending the farewell party on 26 th. Then I arrived at Nagoya station of Aichi pref in the early morning of 27 th after 6 hours ago. I couldn't sleep enough while getting the bus. Maybe, I was a little excited because I drank a lot of beer in the party. Anyway, I enjoy talking with my parents and watching the movies. I will write about the movies later.


I am up to my neck in work!!!

Hi,how are you? I am so busy since Monday... So I had to work overtime on Christmas... The reason is my job... Yes, I had to fix bugs and programs and release them. I couldn't send emails from my friends at all. I am sorry because I didn't send cards and emails etc from my friends. I will send them from my friends later.


Try not to spend our money?

I can't get over this cold yet...
Anyway, I will take a rest after my work.

By the way, I finished reservations of highway bus yesterday.
I have some tasks of my work until new year end holidays.
And I have to attend the farewell party on 26 th because one temporary staff will quit.

So after I will attend the party after completely finishing my work on 26 th, I want to get on the highway bus at a midnight.
If I get on the bus, I will arrive at Nagoya station in the early morning of 27 th.

If I take day offs from 29th of Dec, I can stay at my parent's home for 8 days!!!

The winter holidays of this year is so long for Japanese.
If Japanese economy was good, many people would go to travel during the winter holidays.
However, the news said that the number of Japanese who will go to travel this year is decreasing.
I can understand that because our salaries may be cut off from now.

About 6 months ago, prices of many things in Japan were raised up.
Now, many Japanese try not to spend their money...

Unfortunately, I don't have any special plans on Christmas and new year day.
However, I will try to have a good time with my family.


Lack of sleep

I have a fever yet..

Unfortunately, my cold is worse than it was yesterday.

I have a runny nose and a little fever, a heavy cough...

Yesterday, I left my office as soon as it was 6 pm.
Then I got on the subway and the train for about 40 mins and arrived at my home.
At first, I didn't want to cook any food.
Because I was so tired.
But I cooked Japanese noodle "Udon" of the boiled egg and ginger, onions.

I slept at 11 pm.
After 2 hours, I suddenly woke up because I had a blocked nose and I couldn't breathe at all.
So I decide to give up to sleep again and started reading books in the bed.

I put Kleenex into my nose because I had a runny nose.
If you saw me, you must laugh at me...

Anyway, I read the book for 4 hours and I tried to sleep again at 5 am...
So I felt a sleep when I woke up this morning.

Although I wanted to stay at my home, I left my home at 8 am after taking a shower.

I hope I will sleep enough tonight until the next morning.


The hotels around hot springs

Hi,how are you?

I am not fine because I have a cold since last Friday...
Now, I have a fever yet...

By the way, you may know I like hot springs.

When I went to Kagoshima on Feb, I took hot springs of the hotel many times a day.
(For example, I took a hot springs 2 times after having a dinner.
Before sleeping and after waking up in the morning, I took a hot spring again.)
They offer limousine service from hotels to the center of Tokyo.
(The fee is only 300yen!!!)

I would like to go to hot springs because the winter is so cold.

I found the hotels "Ohruri".

There are hotels around major hot springs and the prices are so cheap!
Their hotels are close to famous hot springs.
(Kinugawa,Kusatsu,Nikkou,Nasu,Shiobara etc)

Kusatsu is one of my favorite Japanese places. Kusatsu is famous as the winter sport's place.

If you go to there with 4 person, the price with half board is 5,300yen per a person.
(It is including limousine service and dinner and breakfast)

Do you want to go to there?


My year-end and new year holidays

Hi, how are you?
I am fine and I am enjoying net surfing in the office.hahaha

By the way, I am planning to go to Nagoya-city of Aichi pref in order to spend time with my family while year-end and new year holidays.
(I can take holidays from 30 th of Dec until 5th of Jan.)

On 29th of Dec, I will get on the highway bus to Nagoya-city from Shinjyku station. After about 5 hours, I will arrive at Nagoya station stay at my parent's home until 4th of Jan.

Last year, my brother and I have been to Atsuta Shrine on new year day and enjoyed the countdown of New year in there.
When we visited at there,there were a many food stalls around shrine.
Then we drank beer after praying.

According to the website of Wiki, Nobunaga Oda visited at Atsuta shrine and prayed for victory the war in 1560.

There are many exhibitions of national treasures(swords,votive objects,ancient texts etc) in museum of Atsuta shrine.
If I have a chance, I will try to visit there.

I didn't know that!!!

I am looking forward to go to Atsuta shrine again!


Hi,how are you?

I am fine.
However, it is too hard for me to get up and leave from my bed in the morning. Because of extremely cold morning...
So I need many times to leave from my bed everyday.

By the way, I found nice website "Lang 8".
Do you know about this website?

I think this website is so useful for people who want to study languages on the net.

If you write diaries and there are mistakes of your diaries(grammars,phrase etc), somebody correct mistakes for free!!!

And you can check contents of "Lang 8" and you ask somebody help about studying languages.

I signed up for "Lang 8" yesterday, I started my diary of Lang 8.
After starting my diary, I corrected mistakes and taught other Japanese.

If you would like to learn languages or master by using Lang 8 for free, please try using "Lang 8".


What will you do while your year-end and New year holidays?

Hi,how are you?

I didn't upload my blog recently.

Now, I have some free time.
Although I wanted to look for the tour of UK, I can't go to there on Feb of next year.
Because Japanese economy is worse day by day...

I often listen to the news about layoffs of Japanese companies...

Oh, I am sorry.

However, I have to put up with saving money for now...

I will write about my plan of the year-end and New year holidays.


Brit Awards 2009

来年2月に『Brit Awards 2009』が開催されるそうです。

日時は2/18(水)。ロンドン アールズコートで開催されるらしい。



「BW」 「BW」


UK again?

Hi,how are you?

I managed to finish off one of tasks on time and I have some free time until mid-Nov. So I will try to check out the tours of travel agency on the net and I will decide to go to where I'll go next year.

Do you know where I will go to travel on Jan or Feb of next year?

Well, at first, I'd like to go to Italy or Spanish,Malaysia.
My mother hopes that she will visit Italy or Spanish.

I will need a long vacations if I go to there with her.
Because there are far from Tokyo, And heavy jet lag too.
I like travel.
However, I don't like to get on planes for a long time...

Then we discussed where we will go to there a few days ago.

We want to visit UK again after going to UK for the first time.
Yes, now, I am looking for informations of UK.

Although I have been to UK for the first time, I really love UK's culture or nature, other.

And I didn't go to all museums of UK around London.

So I'd like to go to there again.
Now, I miss UK's pubs because I am writing about UK.


Please wait!

Hi, I am so busy because of my work... I would like to update my blog. However, I can't do now... I will update my blog and send emails to my important friends later! So everyone, please take care!


Dark chocolates and my dream

Do you want to stay healthy?

I read an interesting article about our health.

According to it, we can stay healthy if we keep eating dark chocolates!!!
The article said that regular xomsumption of small doses of dark chocolate my protect our hearts from inflammation and subsequent cardiovascular desease.

A few years ago, dark chocolates are so popular among young women in Japan.
The news said that dark chocolates help our diet.
I know that chocolates have many cacaos and polyphenol.
Of course, I like chocolates before I knew that.
So I often eat or drink chocolates when I feel hungry in my office and home.

I would like to eat dark chocolates because I wrote about it.

I must buy a lot of chocolates after work...

Yes, I believe that my height doesn't increase forever because I will keep eating dark chocolates every day.
It must be many woman's dreams.

Do you believe that?


Do you know Kiriboshi daikon?

Hi,folks. How are you? I am fine.

Do you know dried shredded daikon radish of Japan? We call it "Kiriboshi daikon".

I usually cook "Kiriboshi daikon" of the taste "Soy sauce".

The recipe is here.

1.Soak Kiriboshi-daikon(30g) in water(400cc) about 5 minutes. Squeeze out the water.
2.Cut in pieces long about 4cm. Save 200cc of reserved water for later use.
3.Cut deep fried been curd "abura-age"(1/2 piece) in pieces width about 1cm. Add less than1 tbsp sugar and 1 tbsp light soy sauce, and cook it,mixing on a medium heat until the sauce is ready.
Then I ate "kiriboshi daikon" and rice.

It was so delicious!

I will cook other dish of "Kiriboshi daikon".


The recipe of Omurice


How are you? I am fine.

Today is a pay day. So I am so glad!!!

Because I lost many money this month.... I may write about it on my blog.

Anyway, I will same money to travel next year.

By the way, I would like to write how to make omurice on my blog!

The recipe is here.

1.Cut chicken(30g) and slice green pepper(1/4),onion(1/4),2 mushrooms.
2.Melt butter or oil in a hot frying pan, saute first the onion, then add the chicken, and finally the mushroom and green pepper.
3.When the onions in the pan become semi-transparent, season with two-and-a-half tablespoons of tomato ketchup. Add cooked rice(about 60g) and a dash of salt and pepper.
Saute until done, then turn off heat and leave in the frying pan.
4.Break 1 egg into a bowl, mix, then add a little salt and pepper. Oil another frying pan, and then melt 10 g butter in it over a medium-high heat. Pour in the egg mixture.
Spread around quickly with broad strokes while moving the frying pan back and forth.
5.When the egg is half done, place the rice mixture from Step 2 on it, a little on the far side of center. Take the frying pan off the heat, then tip the pan a little to make the half of the thin omelet near you flip over onto the rice mixture.
6.Raise one side of the frying pan a little, and tap the handle to roll the omuraisu, gradually wrapping the rice inside the omelet.
7.Keep tapping until the edges of the omelet come to the top, then change the position of your hands on the frying pan handle and tip the omuraisu onto a plate so that the edges are underneath.

I think the step 6 and 7 are a bit difficult.
Indeed, I can't do that.
So I often cover baked egg into ketchep's rice after dishing rice from a pan.

Even if omurice that you cooked looks like worse, the taste is same!



Do you know omurice?

I like Omurice and I often cook Omurice at home.
Yesterday, I cooked omurice because I have enough money.
When we cook omurice, we don't need to pay a lot of money.
(Tomorrow is a pay day. So now, I can't wait for tomorrow!)
If there are at least egg and onion, you can cook omurice!

Sometimes, I cook omurice and pack them to lunch box.
Then I eat them at my office.
Yes, omurice is an inevpensive and homestyle Japanese dish!
I will write about my recipe later!


Falling into instantaneous sleep

What time do you arrived at your offices?

Hi, folks.
How are you?

I am fine.

By the way,what time do you arrive at your offices?
The start time in my office is 9 am.
So I must arrive at my office at least before 9 am.
I always arrive at my office at about 8:54 am.

You may know that I recently work overtime since last month because I have to release some programs next month.
So I felt lethargic from lack of sleep for weeks because I came back to my home late every day.

When I woke up at 7:20 am of this morning as usual, I felt sleep and I'd like to take a day off.
However, I changed my mind and left my apartment at 8 am after taking a shower.

About 30 mins later, I arrived at Ichigaya station and I tried to change other subway.

When I arrived at there, there were many people.
Station's staff gave certificates of subway's delays to people who waited for subways.

In Japan, we receive certificates of the subway and trains if they are delayed.
Then companies don't cut our salary when we produce certificates to our companies. Of course, I received a certificate of the subway's delay.

Because many subways were delayed ,the subway was so crowded in people.
So I decied to get on the next subway and sat down on the bench of the station.


I quickly fell into instantaneous sleep in there while sitting on the bench of the station "Ichigaya"...

20 mins later, I realized to fall into sleep.
As soon as I looked at the clock at once, I quickly got on the subway.

It was 9:30 am that I arrived at my office...

From now, I won't try to sit on the benches of stations while feeling sleepy.


UK artist collaboration T-shrits for UK-Japan 2008

Hi, how are you? I am fine. Yesterday, I saw the website of this. According to the website, we can buy T-shirts of UK artists in Japan. The price is 1500yen. I will go to shops of Uniqulo on the weekends. UT

Do you like the opera?


How are you?

I am fine. However, I am still busy because of my work.
If it is Novermber, I may take some holidays because one of the tasks will be over.

When I sometimes work overtime in my office, I can't believe that I had gone to UK last year!

Yes, I'd like to go to UK if it is possible.
(In addition, the tickets of airplanes are cheaper now.)

By the way, I got a email from UK-Japan.

The email was an invitation of the opera in suntory hall of Tokyo. To tell the truth, I have watched the opera "Aida" when I was a child. Because I participated in an activity "Orchestra club" of the junior high school. At first, I wanted to master the trimpet. But I gave up because it was too difficult to master playing the guiter...

So I often listened to the classic music and watechd operas.

Anyway, I hope that I will go to watch the opera tomorrow. But I don't know whether I will go to there tomorrow...


Relation of companies

I'm not quite myself and I am dazed today.
I think I couldn't sleep well last night.

By the way, I will attend the welcome party of the company at tomorrow's night.
One person joined to our team this month.

It is important to drink together after work for Japanese workers.
Is it common in your countries?
For example, welcome party,farewell party, year end party, New years party etc...
So if you enter Japanese companies, you may be surprised!

Yes, Japanese manage to drink together with workers after work in order to understand each other and communicate.
Maybe, many Japanese like doing something with co-workers.
How ever, younger people today doesn't like to attend parties of companies.
Of course , me too..

I like parties.
So I sometimes enjoy parties with friends or co-workers who are my friends.
However, relations of companies in Japan is so difficult for me.
Because we must pay a lot of money and we sometimes listen to complaints from co-workers and bosses...

So I will try not to sit beside persons who talk only complaints...

Am I bad?

I just want to enjoy wonderful talking if I attend parties.

I want to talk about welcome party and farewell party again.

New company members or members who will leave can drink and eat without money.
Because other company members must pay money instead of new members or leaving members.

Sometimes, I don't want to attend welcome parties when many people joined our tearm.
Because I have to pay many money...
So I often save money when it is April.
April is a season when many people enter companies in Japan.

Anyway, I will attend the welcome party and I hope it will be nice.
(I wish that I won't listen to any complaints while the party...)
I will write about it on my blog later.


Preparing the another way to leave Japan and make money

I don't know where Japan is going to lead.

You know that Japanese Prime Ministar Fukuda said that he wants to resign.
Japanese is still so angry with him and he is criticized by public.

Because he doesn't have any responsibility.

Why did he decide to become Japanese Prime Ministar after Abe resigned 11 months ago?
I think he knew that it is too hard to become Prime Ministar.

And there are a lot of difficult problems now.
However, he didn't manage to solve all of them.
Meanwhile, he just only increased other problems.
I know that the job of Prime Ministar.
However, he gained many money and benefits as Prime Ministar.
All workers are put up with low money and prise-up now.

In addition, he stopped interviews after the announce of resign because he didn't want to be criticized by reporters.

Then new Prime Minister will be born tomorrow.
But we are cool toward him and Japanese government.

So I can understand many Japanese feel resignation and they left Japan and started to live in other countries.

You may know that my dream is living in other countries someday and enjoying traveling.

It is so difficult to get a job and obtain working visa in foreign countries for me.
Because my english isn't perfect and the companies don't get working visa.
So I will have to study abroad in English schools.
If I stay in foreign countries over 1 year, I will have to continue to go to schools.

However, I finally found the another way to make money besides my work.
So I'm really happy.
Because I may stay in foreign countries and live in there for years without worrying money if I make money by that.

I will keep studying one thing and doing that besides my work.

To tell the truth, I knew about that a few years ago.

Because some of friends did that to make money.
At the first, I was so scared.
But I don't feel any scare at all because I understood the system of one thing.
And one thing may be suited for my personality and preference.

One thing doesn't make my anxious.

As I checked out one thing one day, I could know that many Japanese who live in other countries did one thing to earn their bread and butter.

Now, I just started doing one thing and I didn't make enough money to live in other countries after quitting my job yet.

If I make enough money and quit my job, I will reveal about one thing on my blog. But I will keep studying one thing and doing that for my dream.


The new restaurant

Hi, how are you? I am fine. Today, I plan to leave my office at 7 pm and go to one nearby restaurant. Because it will start opening today. I saw a restaurant under construction ago a few week. At first, I didn't know what kind of restaurant was. However, I found a menu of that and it was a restaurant of French food "Galette". There were many people in there 2 days ago. When I glanced at them, it looked like a party before opening. In the past, my friend told me a wonderful galette's restaurant "le bretagne". http://www.le-bretagne.com/j/lebretagne.html According to the website of that, it was a first restaurant of "Galette" in Japan. I ate Gallette and drank cider and the taste of huge Gallette. Then I sometimes went to there to eat Gallette. I don't eat Gallette for about 7 years. So I forget the taste at all. Anyway, I am looking forward to eating Gallete tonight!


The preview of BBC's drama programs

I want to write about the preview of BBC's drama programs on my blog. Since the end of Aug, I have been busy because I will have to release the service on Nov.

So I often work overtime...

However, I left my office as soon as it was 6 pm of last week.
Yes, I decided to go to the preview of Shibuya because I wanted to refresh myself.
Then I arrived at Shibuya station and went to the place.
The place was a restaurant "bar amusement".

Acording to the website of the restaurant, a lof of beer were served in there.

The preview started at 7 pm.
I arrived at there at 6:30 pm and entered there.
Then I was so surprised because there were many foods and beer in there.
Yes, everyone could eat and drink for free!!!

So I ate fish and chips, spareribs etc and drank 3 cups of "Guinness" until watching the drama.
At first, we watched "Ashes to Ashes" for 1 hour.

The story was about one police woman who slipped back in time to 1980.
She solved the accidents with other polices.
I laughed and really enjoy watching this drama.

Until next drama program, we started drinking and eating.

After eating snacks, the preview started again at 8:30 pm and we watched "Jekyll" until 9:30 pm.

I know about Jekyll and Hyde and have watched the movie in the past.

The drama was so interesting.

After watching them, British ambassador came to us in order to talk about Drama programs and our comments.

I could enjoy watching "Ashes to Ashes" and "Jekyll" yesterday!
I will ask my mother to record these drama on DVD and I will try to watch them later.


The apprentice

Hi, how are you?

I am fine.
On last Friday, I left the office at 8 pm and arrived at the station.
As soon as I started going back home by foot, I met a steady deluge and a thunder.

While I went back to home, I was soaked through by the drizzling rain.
When I turn on the TV and watched the TV news at home, the trains were stopped because of the rain and thunder.

Although I promised to meet my friend on Sat, I gave up.
Because I couldn't go back to my home if the trains were stopped because of tunder and heavy rain.

Then I decided to stay at my home while a weekend and I enjoyed watchig movies.

At first, I watched "Maiko Haaaan!!!".

I was looking forward to watching this movie when the movie was released.
However, I didn't have a chance to watch it in the theater.

This movie was comedy and the story was about "Maiko" that is Geisha's apprentice.

The main character was one man who love Maiko's culture.
He move to Kyoto from Tokyo to meet Maiko.
Then funny accidents happened around him and his girl friend.

I couldn't stop laughing while watching the movie.

I suppose that this movie was so fun!


The preview of UK's TV drama

Hi, how are you? I am fine.I enjoyed watching movies on the weekend because the weather was too bad.(I will write about it later.)

By the way, I like TV dramas and movies of UK.
I got a email from UK-Japan this morning and I read it.

It was an invitation of UK's drama's preview!!!

The preview will be held in Shibuya's pub on 3 the of Sep.
Of course, I will manage to go to there if it is possible.
The drama that will be shown are
- Ashes to Ashes

- Jekyll

According to the email, the peview will start at 6:30 pm.
So I must leave my office at 6 pm.

At first, "Ashes to Ashes" will start at 7 pm.
Then a snack and beer will be served and "Jekyll" will start at 8:30 pm.

I will write about them after watching them.

My most favorite UK's dramas are "The It Crowd", "Extras","Little Britain".

When I had gone to my parent's home, I enjoyed watching them.

I am looking forward to watching them.


You can become a singer!!!

Well, August will be over soon.

I want to write about my summer vacation again.

After going to the orchid garden, my mother thought about what we would do.

Then she wanted to go out to Karaoke with me.
Yeah, I love to sing songs!
When I was a student, I often went out to Karaoke with my friends.

Sometimes, my friends and I kept singing songs in Karaoke until early mornings.
Finally, I could find songs that I could can...

Since I became a full-fledged member of society, I didn't often go out to there.
However, I sometimes go out to Karaoke to enjoy singing songs.

Anyway, I enjoyed singing songs in Karaoke with my mother for 3 hours.
While singing song in Karaoke, I broke a sweat.

Yes, singing songs is a good exercise.

If you go out to Karaoke in Japan, you may be surprised.

Because there are Karaoke machines with many functions.

For example,

- You can check how many calories did you burn off by singing songs.

- You can compete with other and see the ranking in Japan.

In addition, recent Karaoke's machines are so convenient because we can order drinks or snacks etc.
I think that they look like staffs of Karaoke's boxes.

At the first time, it was so difficult to sing songs in Karaoke for me.
Of course, I was so ashamed to sing songs in front of others.
But I got more accustomed to sing songs in Karaoke and could enjoy singing songs with friends.

I would like to go out to Karaoke soon.


The battle of cooking

Well, it is too fast that the times go.

By the way, I want to write about my summer vacation.

After enjoying seeing orchids in the garden with my family, my father wanted to try cooking a pasta like the restaurant where we ate pasta.

So I went to a supermarket and bought some vegetables(tomatoes, paprika, bean sprout, cabbege,cucumbers) and a beaf.

Then my father prepared to make pasta.

When I was watching my father in the kitchen, I tought I would try cooking other dish.

What did I make?

The answer is gazpacho!!!

I sometimes make gazpacho in the summer because the weather is hot and we don't feel eating heavy foods.

My recipe is here.

- Cut vegetables
- Boil bean sprout and cabbege
- Add salt and pepper, white wine
- Mix vegetables and tomato's juice

Then gazpacho was kept in refrigerator.

The time of dinner came and we eat pasta and gazpacho together.

My father said, "You win! Gazpacho is more delicious than pasta!".
And he said that he put into a little red wine instead of white wine.
So the taste might be not good.

Although he said that, my mother and I were really satisfied with that pasta because the pasta was delicious!

I think he said because my father is kind.

It is nice to eat delicious food at the restaurant with familes.
However, it is interesting and fun to cook something with families.


Orchid garden

I had stayed at my parent's home for 5 days and came back to a real world where I am live on 17th.

I could really enjoy having a great time.

Because I don't like a too hot summer, I went to the places where were cool and close to my parent's home.
Of course my father and mother are same.

On 14 th of Aug, we discussed about what we would go and where we would have a lunch after waking up at 11 am.

The places where we would try to go to were here.

- Going to the airport "centrair"

I had gone to there a few times.
There are many interesting shops and restaurants in there and we can see airplanes in the sky deck.
In addition, there is a hotspring in there!

Unfortunately, I don't enjoy it of the airport yet.
According to the information, we can see the night view and flying planes while taking a bath in the hot spring.

So many people go to there on weekends and holidays.

- Going to a fish market "Ishiki"

You many know about it because I wrote about this fish market on my blog.
On Jan, we had gone to there and there are fish stores and restaurants.
We ate Sushi and we could buy seafoods cheaper.

- The island "Chita"

There are beaches in Chita island. So many children and other visit in Chita island to swim in the oceans.
I like beaches and oceans.
However, it takes at least 2 hours to Chita island by the car.
In addition, we must wait for a few hours if the highway is crowded.
So we decided not to go to there.

- The orchid garden

I didn't go to there before and I love flowers.
My mother had gone to there with my brother and she said that it is so cooler than outside.
The orchid garden is in Nagoya city and it is close to Sakae station.

We discussed for 1 hour and we decided to go to the orchid garden by a car.

And my father knew that the restaurant of the orchid garden was so nice.

After 30 mins, we arrived at there.
The fee of the orchid garden is 700 yen.

We entered into the orchid garden and enjoyed seeing beautiful or interesting orchids.

Then we had a lunch at a restaurant of the orchid garden "THE ORCHID ROOM".

According to the website, this restaurant is known for people and many people married in there.
We ate pasta lunch.

The menu is here.

- Salad
- Bread
- Pasta of octopus and paprika
- coffee

The price is 1500yen.

After a lunch, we went to back.

I prefer quiet gardens to crowded places.
I would like to go to the orchid garden again.


The two sons of Francisco

Do you know "Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano"?

I didn't know about them before.

A few months ago, I found one movie.
The movie was "The two sons of Francisco" and about Brazilian famous musicians "Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano".

This movie was based on the true story and released in 2005.

Finally, I could watched the movie and I shed my tears many times while watching the movie.

The story was about a family of Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano.
Their family was poor and they had many brothers and sisters.
Their father wanted sons to become musicians and they learned to play the music for many years.

After trying making efforts, they could become musicians.

Especially, I was impressed with the last scene of the movie.

The last scene was a concert of Camargo and Luciano.
When they were singing songs, their father and mother suddenly appeared on the stage.

I couldn't stop shedding my tears when I watched the last scene.

"The two sons of Francisco" is my most favorite movie.


The express bus and Ena service area

My short summer vacation was finally over.

I had stayed at my parent's home for 5 days and came back to a real world where I am live in yesterday.
I went some places with my father and mother.
I will write about it on my blog soon.

By the way, it was a first time to get on the express bus 2 times on the evening.
I always had gotten on the midnight express bus.
So I didn't see any landscapes while get on the midnight buss.

But this time, I could see landscapes and took photos.

On 12th, the bus left in Shinjyuku at 4 pm.
The bus stopped at service areas 3 times while about 6 hours.
There are shops and restaurants in service areas.
We arrived at Ena service area at 8 pm.
Ena is a place of Gifu pref.
There are many mountains around Gifu pref.

Then I got out a bus and I saw one thing.

What did I see?


I watched beautiful fireworks exploded in the night sky!!!

In the summer fireworks displays are held in Japan.
I like seeing fireworks.
So I often go to see them in the summer.
However, I didn't see any fireworks this year until 12 the of Aug.
So I was luck because there were many people in fireworks displayes and the trains were crowed to and from firework displays.
It was so hard to go back homes.
Indeed, I had waited for getting on the trains for at least 2 hours a few years ago.

And we could stayed the place around firework displays for a half day in order to see fireworks.
Before starting a firwork display "Sumida hanabi taikai", I had to stay outside for 5 hours...
I thought I must be tired before seeing fireworks...
Yeah, it was true.

At this time, I could see fireworks without any efforts.

It is fun to enjoy seeing landscapes while getting bus.


The summer vacation's plans

Well, I always think about going to my parent's home since last week.
Today, I reserved the tickets of express bus.
The fee of round-trip was about 10,200 yen.
If I get on the express train , I had to pay at least 21,000 yen by round trip.
So I was lucky because I could save money.

I will leave my office at 15 pm of 12th and get on the bus from Shinjyuku at 16 pm.
The bus will arrive at Nagoya station at 22 pm.
Because I don't have a car license , my father will come to Nagoya station.

What will I do at my parent's home?


At this morning, I watched an interesting news on TV.

What is many Japanese's plans of summer vacations?

Their plans are doing nothing!!!

According to the news, many people planed to stay at homes while vacations.
Many Japanese people used to travel or go out by cars.
The crowded airports and roads, express trains etc were famous during summer vacation.
Many news said about them on TV and I watched the news about crowed roads on TV.

However, the price of crude oil is higher and they try not to drive cars now.
(Current oil's price is 190 yen in Tokyo.)
I think it is good to global warming.

I think we will have a little luxury lunch at a restaurant during this summer vacation.
Although we will go to somewhere by my father's car.
However, my father gets eye strain while driving for a long time since last year.
So we may go to the place where is close to home if my father drives a car.

Anyway, I will take a rest at my parent's home.


Difference between Japan and England

I like reading bloggers about writing foreign countries.

Yesterday, I read about English homeless.
One woman started to live in England and she noticed one thing.

What did she notice???

About homeless.

She was surprised because there aren't any homeless people in England.

I agree with her.

Unfortunately, it is true that there are homeless peoples around downtown of Tokyo.
For example, Shinjyuku or Shibuya etc.

I like travelling.
When I travel, I am sorry when I see homeless people.

However, I didn't see any homeless people while staying in England.

I was so surprised.

According to her article, homeless people can stay in B&B or shelter under state care.
I was so surprised at all although I had known that medical costs of England is free.

In Japan, medical costs are rising and old people are increasing.
Meanwhile, children are decreasing...

So medical costs and pensions are big problems in Japan.
Especially, Japanese pension's price is cheap and we think that it is hard to live by only our pensions.
You know Japanese who live in Asia(Malaysia, Thailand etc) or want to live in there are increasing.
Of course me too.
So I wen to Malaysia 2 times to check prices of Malaysia.
Because Japanese prices are expensive...

In addition, homeless people can't get money from Japanese government.
So they have to live in outside and they can't have their address.

Some of Japanese people doesn't have any hopes because they put up with their terrible lives..

I think our society will become cheerful if Japanese government think about homeless people and weak persons.
If Japanese government helps them and we have to pay more expensive taxes, I can understand and I will pay.

Struggle against sleepiness

Hi, how are you?

I am fine. However, I feel like taking a nap right now with all this work...

Because I can't often sleep well recently.
At last night, I waked up at 2 am and 4 am...
I think I might wake up because of air conditioner.
For example, I wake up and feel a chill because I put on the air conditioner while sleeping.
Meanwhile, if I don't put off the air conditioner, I can't sleep because of the summer heat...

So when I wake up at this morning, I felt dull.
If it is possible, I'd like to take a day off today.
But I managed to go to the office.

After a lunch, I couldn't stop closing my eyelids a few times.
My boss's desk is in front of my desk.
Fortunately, my boss took a day off today.
I drank many cups of coffee to fight off the urge to sleep.
What do you do if you feel sleepy while working?

I often do these things.

- drink lots of cups of coffee

- rub the sleep my eyes

- go out and feel a fresh air to cool my head

- chew a gum

If I can't stop feeling sleepy after doing all, I must give up not to take awake. It is best to leave my office and take a nap at my home.

Yes, I am a bad employee...

So I saw the clock many times while working because I wanted to go home at once. As soon as it will be 6 pm, I will leave my office without any words...


The Bon festival

The Bon festival will come soon next week.

This year, the Bon festival takes place every year from August 13th to 16th.

This Buddhist festival is held to welcome back the souls of the dead.
These souls are believed to return to their families during the festival.

It is also an occasion for people to visit their relatives' graves to pray and make offerings of food and flowers.
When I was a child, I often went to my grandmother's house with my family to pray. Then we made these horses by vegetables.
They are called "Shyouryou uma".
"Syorou uma" is believed that dead people ride on "Syorou uma" to come to our world.

Most cities also hold Bon dances at this time.
So we put on yukata and enjoyed dancing when I was a child.

Many people receive company holidays during the Bon period and go back to their hometowns.
According to JR, the number of people returning to their own homes after the holidays will reach a peak on August 16th.

I couldn't take holidays while the Bon period at ex companies.
However, my current company receive company holidays.
So I will go to my parent's home to spend a time with them next week.
If I wasn't busy, I would take holidays from friday of this week.

I will write about my vacation after coming back to Tokyo.


Best pizza "Sicilian"

How are you? I am fine. When the weekend comes, I usually stay at home because I don't like Japanese summer heat.

If I must go out, I try to go out at nights.

By the way, do you like a pizza?

I love a pizza.

Then I found my best pizza!

One day, one person taught me one pizza's restaurant.
That is "California pizza Kitchen".

Do you know that?

I didn't know that at all.
A few days ago, I went to there and ate Sicilian pizza for the first time to eat a pizza.

I can't explain the taste of Sicilian pizza well.

The toppings of pizza were Italian sausages, salamis,Parmigiano Reggiano,Mozzarella,basil,oregano.
Taste was so spicy and the sausage and salami were so nice!!!
And pizza bakes until the top was so crispy.
The price was about 2380 yen.
I think 2 or 3 peple can be satisfied with one pizza.
Please think again to order another pizza if you want to eat many pizza.
You had better order another pizza after finish eating a pizza if you can eat and you aren't stuffed.

Before I loved Mrgherita pizza but I prefer Silian pizza now because I love spicy foods.
The volume of Sicilian pizza was so huge and I was so stuffed that I couldn't eat another bite.
However, I want to eat Sicilian pizza again and I will tell my friends California pizza.


The movie "Ikigami"

well, I will go to spanish restaurant although we planed to eat Japanese eel tonight. Because my friend said that we couldn't reserve at Japanese eel restaurant.

Maybe, many people plan to eat eel because the weather is too hot!!!

I was sorry but I perfer Spanish food.

By the way, do you remember about Japanese comic "Ikigami"?
In the past, I wrote about it on my blog.
Finally, the movie of Ikigami will be released next month in Japan.

Shouta Matsuda as the main character of this movie played in the movie. If you want to watch other movie previews, you can watch this.

You may know his father.
His father is a famous actor "Yusaku Matsuda".
Yes, his father had played as the movie "The black rain".

According to the website of wikipedia, Shouta Matsuda can speak English because he studied abroad in UK for 2 years.

I like Shouta Mastuda too.
When the TV drama "Bara no nai hanaya" was boradcasted in Japan, I often watched it.
(The title means that flowershop without rose)
I didn't know about him before watching them at all.
I thought his performance was great after watching them.
He is 22 years old but his talent was greater than other Japanese actors.
I expect his future!!!


Simple food is best!

Well, I know that many foreigners don't like the smell of Nattou and they can't eat Nattou.

Indeed, some of Japanese can't eat Nattou because of the smell.

When I watched Japanese TV shows at TV, one Greek man said that he could eat Nattou with one thing.

What is that?

The answer is olive oil!!!

I was so surprised at all.

People tried to eat Nattou with Olive oil.
They said that nattou with Olive oil was so delicious!!!

According to the TV shows, Olive oil of Greek is so good and Greek is the top country to use Olive oil in the world.

One Greek man living in Japan eat Japanese noodle with olive oil!!!

He put olive oil into the noodle's sauce "Tsuyu" and he eats them.

He said that Japanese noodle "Soba" becomes Italian pasta.

I will try to do that soon because there are dried Japanese soba at my home.

My family likes olive oil for a long time and we use olive oil when we grill meats or vegetables etc.

And olive oil can be used as dressing oil of salad.
My father often uses olive oil for health and he eats breads with olive oil.

At last night, I made a summer vegetable's salad.
(Japanese eggplant,cucumber,Jew's mallow)
The reason that I use summer vegetables is summer vegetables make our bodies cold.

And the recipe was so simple.

- cut vegetables and boil them by hot water

- make dressing sauce(vineger,soy sauce,olive oil,pepper)

- put dressing sauce on boiled vegetables

When I am tired, I can eat healthy foods without many time.
Besides, I add cutting Tofu and tomato.

Sometimes, I use Ponzu and olive oil.

Although it is so easy, the taste is so good.

Some people think it isn't easy to make Japanese dishes.
But I think it is easy.
It is a fact that we don't eat luxury dishes every day.

For example, Sushi, Yakiniku, Sukiyaki etc.
We make simple Japanese dishes to eat.

In addition, many Japanese women work and so they can't cook luxury dishes every day.

If you don't believe that, please try to make Hiyayakko.
We often eat Hiyayakko in the summer.

If there are tofu and soy sauce at your home, you can eat Japanese dish "Hiyayakko" after cutting tofu and putting soy sauce on tofu.

Because I am writting about foods, I feel hungry.
After work, I will buy summer vegetables at supermarket and make simple salad with olive oil at home.


Foods are culture!!!

Hi, how are you?

I am fine. But I felt dull last week and I took a rest on the weekend.

I didn't feel like eating something.
I think I got tired because of the summer heat.
On last weekend, the temperature was 39 degrees.
I think that the summer of Japan was crazy....

Although I was the only person that the weather of Japan is strange, other people thought so like me.

When I watched the weather news on TV, the news said that heat will continue to Oct.
I can't believe.

By the way, do you know that Japanese eat eel's liver?

To tell the truth, I don't like Japanese eel's liver because the taste is bitter.

But I can eat other fish's liver.
It is popular to eat fish's organ in Japan.
For example, the organs of saury or cuttlefish.
The organs of cuttlefish "Shiokara" is popular.

Shiokara is my favorite food and I used to make Shiokara by myself.
It is so easy to make Shiokara.

If you buy fresh cuttlefish and you have salt and Japanese sake, you can make Shiokara.

Recipe is here.

- Wash cuttlefish and remove organ of cuttlefish

- Cut cuttlefish

- Mix organ and salt, Japanese sake

- Mix cutting cuttlefish into the sauce(organs,salt,sake)

We eat rice and shiokara.
If you find shiokara, please try eating!

I suffered from summer heat and I decided to eat eel at Japanese restaurant after work.

I may write about it after eating eel for the first time of this year.

One singer's visit

UK-Japan 2008 sends me e-mail newsletter and I enjoy reading it and check out the events of UK in Tokyo.

A few weeks ago, I got the email from UK-Japan.

The email was written about a event of one singer who would come to Japan.

Who do you think?

Leona Lewis!!!

Leona Lewis as famous singer of London visited to Tokyo.
UK-Japan goodwill ambassador swearing-in ceremonies of Reona Lewis were held in a British Embassy of Tokyo on Tuesday, July 22.
And about 100 such as a guest or a journalist attended.

If you want to know about it more, please check out this.

A few weeks ago, I got the ticket of her event.
Of course, I planed to go to there.
Unfortunately, I couldn't go to there because of my job...

I am really sorry not to meet her.


Forest of Fuchu city

In the midnight, I talked with my old friend and we promise to meet on next day.
My friend lives in Fuchu city.

A few months ago, I watched the TV program about Fuchu.
According to it, there is a big park and forest, museums etc.
So I told my friend about it because my friend didn't know about it at all.

Then we arrived at Fuchu station at 3 pm.
We left the station and went to the museum at frist.
Unfortunately, exhibitions weren't shown in the museum.
So we walked around the park while seeing trees.
There are people playing a guitar, catching bugs, reading books etc.

In addition, it was so cooler than cities of buildings because of lots of trees.

I always think that why the Tokyo metropolitan government builds only buildings in the public.
I want the Tokyo metropolitan government to build parks or grow trees.
If there are some trees in the cities of Tokyo, the heats of summer might be cooler.

Because in urban areas it is especially hot due to the heat island phenomenon. This phenomenon causes the temperatures in urban areas to rise far more than those in surrounding areas. Yes, my apartment and office too...

So why the Tokyo metropolian government and Japanese government try not to build many buildings?

I can't understand at all.

Anyway, I could see beautiful trees on last weekend.
After walking around the park, we went to back to the center of Fuchu.
I found one temple "Ookuni tama temple".

My friend told me about this temple and famous festivels.

The temple was built in 111 and designated as a nationally important cultural property.

After seeing the temple, we decided to have a dinner at Japanese restaurant "Izakaya".
You may know izakaya because I often wrote about it.

Then we entered one Japanese Izakaya and drank beer and eat delicious foods.
I could enjoy Chofu city!
If I move my living place, I might live in Chofu.

Japanese eel "Unagi"

Hot humid weather continues for the seventh consecutive day...

On weekend, I went to Chofu city and met my friend.
To go to the park of Chofu and a museum.

There are many trees in the park.
So the nature was fresh and it was so cool.
After we left the park, we went to the cafe to take a rest.

Japanese who suffering from the summer heat increase in the summer.
So some of people can't eat foods because of summer heat.

It is said eating some foods helps to beat the summer heat.

Tomorrow is called "Doyou-no-ushi-no-hi".
It means eating broiled eels in the summer.
Eel is one of foods helps to beat the summer hear.

Eels are caught in Kagoshima and Aichi, Miyazaki pref.

It is too difficult to clean eels for us.
So broiled eels are sold in the supermarket when it is Doyou-no-ushi-no-hi.

About 5 years ago, my family went to Eel's Japanese restaurant of Aichi pref. The name is "Hourai ken".
It is so famous in Japan and many famous people visit it to eat eels.
When we went to there, we had to wait for eating eels for 1 hours.

And the way of eating eels "Hitsu-mabushi" was so different.

At first, we ate broiled eel and rice as usual.
Second, we ate boiled eel and rice with green onion and wasabi.

We ate boiled eel with wasabi for the fist time.

Finally we poured the green tea in eel and rice.
Then we ate them with wasabi and seeweed "Nori".

They were so delicious and we were satisfied with Hitsu-mabushi.

If you find Japanese eel's restaurant, please try it.

Of course , you can eat broiled eels like Hitsu-mabushi at home after buying them.


My favorite magazines

You know I love traveling.

So I often read and see the guidebooks and photograph of travelling during travel to or from work.

A few years ago, I don't read Japanese magazines at all because they aren't interesting.
They show only fashion or ad...
As a result, Japanese magazines aren't sold among Japanese.
Some of them discontinued publication.

4 month ago, I found one magazine.

The magazine's title is "Mr partner".
The magazines are written about England.

According to the magazine's article, one woman had started to make a magazine's company when she was 28 years old.

When she was 18 years, she had been to UK for the fist time.
Then she loves UK and she often goes and stays in UK.

Then people who like UK or are interested in UK read the magazine "Mr partner".

If I had read the magazine before I went to UK, I might enjoy interesting places more.

Of course, I really enjoyed and I am satisfied.

While getting on the subways in the morning, I always read the magazine and enjoy imagining UK.

And the articles of the magazine are so nice.
They are greater than Japanese guide book of UK.

For example,

- Most wonderful and best B&B

- The Cotswolds and farmers markets in UK

- Gardens of UK

- Wonderful shopping lists

- Immigration towns

- museums of England

- Manor Houses

In addition, the other articles are interesting for me.
For example, the government systems and Immigration of UK are written in the magazines.

I think young and old people enjoy this magazine.

Now, I am reading the magazine about summer of UK.
The articles are so interesting.

If it is possible, I will go to UK again.


Shimoda of Shizuoka pref

Do you remember that I got the hotel vaucher for free?

At last night, I called the luxury hotel of Shimoda in order to reserve the room.

Because when I had met my friend and we had decided to go to there on September.
We are planing to go to there by the train and it takes about 3 hours to Tokyo station from Shimoda.

I asked about meals and courtesy car after reserving the room.
The hotel staff said that we will be able to eat 2 meals and get on the car from Shimoda station.
In addition, the dinner will be Japanese seafoods!!!
I especially love seafoods!
So I can't wait for staying in the hotel.

Today, I was checking out about websites of Shimoda.
Shimoda is famous as the place of Commodore Perry's arrival in Japan.

I could find interesting places of Shimoda.

You many know Shimoda is a locale of Japanese novel "The Dancing Girl of Izu" of Kawabata.

I want to go to these places.

- Gyokusen-ji Gyokusen-ji is a temple that was built in 1573. It had used as consulate general of US at end of Edo Period.

- Shimoda park

- Shimoda history museum

- Uehara buddhis art museum

you can see exhibitions on this page.

- Uehara museum of Modern art

There are pictures by Cezanne,Renoir,Picasso,Shinsui Itou etc.

- The Murayama Residence
- Perry road

You know, Perry opened the door of Japan to the world.
According to the website, there are cool shops and restaurants in there.

- Foot bath of Harris

Everybody can take a this foot bath for free!

I plan to arrive at Shimoda station at 11 am.
Before checking in the hotel 3 pm, I will be able to go to the some places!

Before I had been to Shimoda by the car. But I didn't go around Shimoda at that time. Only having a lunch.

So I will enjoy Shimoda for 2 days!


Southern All Stars

Do you know Japanese popular singers group "Southern All Stars"?
And do you know the song "Ellie My Love"?

You many know the song because Ray Charles sang the song.
The song "Ellie My Love" was made by Southern All Stars.

I love their songs and they are popular among young and old Japanese.
All their songs always hit a record high.

They had started to play music in 1975.
The leader of the group is "Keisuke Kuwata" since 1975.

However, they announced that they will come to a screeching halt since next year.
So We won't be able to listen songs and watch their concerts.

The new CD will be sold on 5th of Aug and I will buy it.

It may be their last work. I can't wait for selling their new CD.

Japanese fisherie issues

You may know I prefer seafood to meats.
I often buy seafoods in supermarkets.

And Japanese soul food "Sushi" is popular among foreigners.
It is true that we can eat Sushi even if we go to foreign countries.

I heard that resource of fishes are decreasing now.

Many people think many Japanese seafoods are caught in Japanese.
But it isn't true.
Japanese depend on other countries.
For example, Thailand, Canada ,Norway, Italy etc.

Almost seafoods that we eat are imported from them.
It is so hard to live primarily by fishing in Japan.
Fishery collapse is one of the biggest problems of Japan.
Young people don't want to live primarily by fishing or agricultural industry.

If you go to the supermarket in Japan, you may be surprised at seafoods that are imported.

According to the news, fishermen and fishing cooperative stopped fishing yesterday.

But the news said that supermarkets don't attack any damages because there are seafoods of other countries in Japanese supermarket.
It is a sad story for Japanese fishermen who live by fishing.


The hottest days

Since last weekend, the weather of Japan is too hot!
In Tokyo, the temperature was 38 degrees...

According to the news show, the temperature for 3 days hit a record high.
Some people suffered heat prostration.
As a result, they have been rushed to hospitals with heat stroke on the weekend.

I think that it said every summer.
Anyway, the fee of air conditioner in my apartment may be higher than last month.
Because I keep turn on the air conditioner all day long.

Indeed, I tried to sleep without the air conditioner.
But I couldn't sleep at all...

Because of global warming, current weather of Tokyo is different from past weather.
When I was a child, the summer wasn't hottest like now.

So I heard that tropical animals and plants are increasing in Japan.

If the temperature will be lower, I will stop keep turning on the air conditioner.

Do you feel global warming?

Charo episode16 - Hospital

It's nice, warm day. Charo is enjoying walk and see Candy.

Charo: Candy, where are you going?

Candy: Oh, Charo. To the hospital. Chris is going to have heart surgery pretty soon.

Charo: I didn't know that. You must be worried.

Candy: I can go up to Chris's room when Aunt Charotte is with me, but she is busy. So I always wait for him outside. Oh, Aunt Charotte is Chris's aunt. I'm staying with her while Chris is in the hospital.

The tone of her voice makes Charo a bit worried.

Charo: Candy?

Candy: What?

Charo: Are you all right?

Candy: What? Of course. I am all right.

But in fact, Candy is crying.

Charo: Don't cry.

Candy: I'm lonely. I know I shouldn't be complaining. But Aunt Charotte wants me to enter a dog show this weekend. And then, next week she's going to Chicago and I supposed to go with her. Everything is moving so quickly and I can barely keep up.

Charo: But you can see Chris today. You will be fine.

Candy: So, have you found a way back to Japan?

Charo: No, not yet, but look! I have this red star! "If you wear a red star, you can get back to Japan."

Candy remembers the story she made up and this almost makes her cry again. The two get to the backyard of the hospital.

Candy: Oh, there he is! Chris!

But Chris has just gone inside, being pushed back to his room.

Candy: Arf arf! Chris! I'm here! I came to see you! Come back! Arf arf!

Tow of the guards are approaching. Charo catches Candy by the tail and tugs.

Candy: Hey! What are you doing?

Charo: They're coming. Let's go!

Charo leads Candy out to the alley. Candy keeps crying all the day.

Charo: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry, but...

Candy: I know! We had to leave the way. But I just wanted to be with Chris. I just...

Finally she calms down.

Candy: Hey,Charo,would you come to the dog show with me this weekend?

Charo: Dog show?

Candy: I really don't want to go... but if a friend could join me, it wouldn't be that bad.

Charo: ... Yes.Sure, I can go with you.

The sound of the word "Friends" echoes is his heart. It leaves him warm inside for a very long time.


Aniversary of my best friend

Well, I will meet my friend after work and we will have a dinner.

You many know I lost my friend. Before, I wrote about him.

Since he was dead on November 11th, I remember him and have a little luxury dinner on 11th of every month.
To thank for him.

We'll have a dinner at Japanese food "Okonomiyaki" restaurant.

The restaurant is a place where we had a dinner with him last year.
Okonoimyaki is his favorite food.
He was born in Osaka pref.
You may know that Okonomiyaki is Osaka's soul food.

When he and I were finding a delicious Okonomiyaki last year, he found this restaurant.
Then we went to there and we enjoyed eating Okonomiyaki.

After I knew the death of him, I couldn't laugh at all.
Now, I can remember him without any tears.

I could learn and realize many thing from his death.
I will talk about him with my friend and I hope he keeps watching us from heaven.
I believe that he hopes that I enjoy my life and keep laughing.

Charo episode15 - Sally

Early in the morning, Charo and Dread are sound asleep.(a loud, clattering noise) Charo gets up and goes see what's happening. Right around the corner, a strange - looking bird is sitting on a mountain of empty cans.

Sally: Whoops! Did I wake you up? Sorry about that. I was just trying to get some food out of this...(pecking) can.

Dread comes out, too.

Dread: Noisy bird. Do that somewhere else. Get out here!

Sally: Hooey! Scary, scary!

Dread: Grumps!

Dread heads back to his nest but Charo is curious.

Charo: Hi, I'm Charo.

Sally: Me, Sally. How dee doo dee?

Charo: Where are you from?

Sally: Good question! I'm from everywhere. You know how I go everywhere? I fly. I fly around the world. Where're you from?

Charo: I'm from Japan.

Sally: Japan? Wow. That's far away, isn't it? It's a great place, thought.

Charo: You know Japan?

Sally: Of course I do! Who do you think I am?

Charo: Sounds good. Where in Japan?

Sally: Err... I went to ... more or less... the south of Japan!

Charo: Sounth?

Sally: Yeah, where there are lots of penguins!

Charo: Penguins? Really? I want to be like you. I want to fly to Japan.

Sally: That's easy! Just flap your wings. That's all you need to do go to Japan.

Charo: But I don't have any wings. I am a dog.

Sally: Hmm... now that's a problem. That means you can't go back.

Charo looks sad. Sally feels so sorry for him.

Sally: Oh, come on, don't be depressed... Hey, I'll tell you what. Go west!

Charo: West?

Sally: Yeah! Japan is to the west of America.

Charo: Okay.I'll go west. Thank you, Sally.

Sally: You are welcome. And if you have any questions about anything, just ask Sally.

Dread: Hey, didn't I tell you? Get out!

Sally: Oh...

Dread: What time does he think it is?

Charo: Are you leaving?

Sally: I'm not good around that type. Charo, remember, Japan is to the west.

Charo: Yes! Thank you, Sally.

Sally: See ya!

Without sally, the place suddenly becomes quiet.

Charo: West. I will head for the west.

Start the world of iPhone?

Finally, iPhone started be selling in Japan.

Since yesterday, news said about iPhone and people who try to buy iPhone.

They has been standing in line all night to get iPhone since at least 1 day.
I can't do it because I have to work and I can't sleep outside...

I think the price of iPhone isn't expensive.
Other cell phone's prices are more expensive in Japan.

However,iPhone's Calling of rate is high.
Users of iPhone have to pay about at least 8000 yen as a an monthly fee of cell phone.
What do you think about the price?

The cell phone's company of iPhone is Softbank.
It is same as mine.
But iPhone's price system is different.
I don't know the reason at all.

When I knew that Softbank would start to sell iPhone,
I thought I would like to buy iPhone.

Now, my monthly fee is about 5000 yen.
In addition, I can call my friends for free that their cell phone's companies are same.

I'd like to use iPhone if the monthly fee of iPhone is cheaper.


The movie 'Billy Elliot'

At last night, I couldn't sleep at all. I tried to sleep but I gave up.

Then I decided to watch movies and TV drama.

At first, I watched the movie 'Billy Elliot' of UK.

Before watching that, I had known that.
The reviews of that were nice.
However, I didn't have a chance to watch that.

The story was about a boy who lived in UK and wanted to become a dancer of ballet.
His father didn't allow him to go to the lesson at first.
So he tried to keep going to the lesson a secret.

His teacher told him that he should take an exam of Royal ballet and leave the town. But his family wasn't rich.
His father worked in the coal mine's company and his father kept striking of coal mine with co-workers.

One day, the father found his secret.
Yes, the father saw his son dancing with girls.

Father was angry but father tried to make money.

So they went to London in order to take an exam of Royal ballet in UK.

I know that all of story.
But I don't write about that.

While watching the movie, I was so impressed and the movie cheered me.

It is important for me that movies cheer me.

If you don't watch the movie 'Little dancer', please check it out!


The hotel voucher

You know, I love traveling. So I go to the trip at least once or twice a year.

While having a lunch at my office, I check out the website of traveling.

Sometime, I can find the campaigns about traveling.
For example, the air tickets for free, the tour of Europe etc.

When I find them, I submit applications of their websites.
Before, I had gotten the win of Korean's trips 2 times.
But I had been busy and I couldn't take holidays at that time.
So I had given up.

At last night, I checked out my post and I found one letter. It was a hotel voucher of Shimoda's luxury hotel.

When I saw that, I couldn't believe at all.
As soon as I saw it, I call the hotel and asked some questions.

The hotel voucher is available from September and I can use a hotel voucher while weekdays.

If I can use the hotel voucher,I don't need any money.
I can eat a luxury dinner and breakfast and enjoy hotsprings of the hotel for free.

The hotel's name is 'Kagetsu tei'. According to the website of the hotel, the hotel was rebuilt in 2007.
There are a hot bath, hot springs and restaurants in the hotel.

I read the website that people had stayed in the hotel.
Their reviews are so nice.

In addition, the meals are delicious.

I must go to the hotel as soon as it will become September.


The life without any computers

Well, some knows that my computer has been broken now.

So I have to live without my computer every day.
Why did I buy a new computer?

The reason is simple.

I don't have just money to buy a new computer.

Of course, it isn't convenient to live without computers.
Especially, on weekends...

I can use a computer while I am at my office or internet cafes.
Before, I used to go to internet cafes.
But I don't go to there at all because I have to pay money.
So I have to get many emails after weekends.

But my life will change soon.
Because my friend will give me her pc.

In addition, for free!!!

Her pc isn't new. But I don't mind at all.

Because I just access the internet and watch movies or listen to the music on the pc.

But I think it is a good experience for me to live without any computers.
I really understand that I depend on computers and internet.

I know that it is so useful to use computers.
However I sometimes feel it is so tried.
Because there are lots of informations.
I have to check out them and collect the right informations.

Could you put up with living without any computers?

Although I will keep putting up with living without them for a while.


Where will I go with my mother?

Well, I was busy because the new project launched.

However, the trouble happened on Mon and the schedule was canceled.
So I am free.hahaha

By the way, my parents have colds since last week.
While night, it is so hot in Japan. So my father kept putting on the air conditioner.
The next day, they have colds...

Because I am worrying about them, I call them every nights.

At last night, my mother said "Please get back to our home! I need your help.". I really understood her feeling.
If I get a job in their place, I will leave Tokyo at once. In the past, I tried to find jobs.
But I couldn't find any jobs.

There are jobs that I can't do in their place.
I hope Japanese internet companies try to build new offices in my parent's place.

Oh, I forgot an important thing.

I decided not to leave my living house this year.


My friend wants to live with me in order to save money like me.
So she can't leave her living place at once.

Anyway, I can use a little money.
So I will plan to travel with my mother.
My mother loves traveling.
Of course me too!

In deed, we had enjoyed traveling of UK!!!

After the trip of UK, she has been loving UK and Europe more.
Her dream is to go around Europe for months.
If it is possible, I want to go to their with her.
When I was talking with her about the next trip,
I said that I could go to Europe with my mother if my father paid money of me.

My father only laughed.
Yeah, that was right.
I said a joke.

It is unusual to take a long vacation in Japan. I am sorry.

When will it come in Japan that people takes a long long vacations?
And when will it be usual in Japan to take long vacations?
If it will comes true, I will go around Europe with my mother.
But now, I have to put up with a short vacation.

So I will find a cheap tour soon.


Charo episode14 - The red star

Charo and Candy are walking to Margherita's place.

Candy: So you came from Japan, right? When are you going back?

Charo: I... don't know.

Candy: Japan is very far, isn't it?

Charo: Yes. But I will get back.

Candy: Oh. (a bit sarcastically) Well... good luck. Beautiful red star.( thinking ) Um, Charo... did you know that... you can get back to where you want to ... if you keep wearing a red star?

Charo: ... Really? I can go back Japan?

Candy: Sure!

Charo: Then, I'll look for a red star.

Needless to say, red stars have nothing to do with going back to Japan. She just made up a story and was playing a joke on Charo.

Two arrive at Rosa's restaurant but Charo is already eager to leave.

Charo: Hello, Margherita. This is Candy.

Margherita: Oh, I remember you. Welcome.

Charo: Um... I need to go now. Excuse me.

Charo dashes away.

Margherita: What was that?

The next day Candy is visiting Margherita's place again. Dread also runs in. He seems upset.

Margherita: Hi, Dread! You look... terrible!!! Hey, have you met Charo's girlfriend Candy?

Dread: Girlfriend? Then, have you seen Charo?

Margherita: (to Dread) What's the matter?

Dread: Charo didn't come back last night.

Margherita:(gasp) No!!!

Just then, Charo shows up. He's limping.

Margherita: Charo!

Dread: Where have you been?

Charo: Dread...Margherita...

Margherita: Are you all right?

A red star is shining around Charo's neck.

Charo: I found it. See,Candy? The red star. You told me about it.

Candy: ... I did?

Charo: I can go back to Japan if I wear this.

Candy: Oh... that.

Candy seems very uncomfortable. Margherita realizes what is going on and cuts in...

Margherita: That's great, Charo! You keep it, and someday your dream will come true!

Charo: Yes!

Dread: Charo, you must be hungry. Here. Eat.

Margherita: Shhh. Don't tell him anything. Don't take his dream away from him now.

Candy: Yes...( in a small voice) I am sorry.

Charo keeps eating, with the red star shining proudly around his neck.


Fish and Oil

You know, one of the big problem is high-price of crude oil. Every day, the price of oil is higher. Japanese food self-sufficiency is so terrible.
Japanese food self-sufficiency ratio is 40 percent and we depend on many imported foods.

According to the news, Japanese many fishermen have a big problem. That is price of crude oil. Even if they go to the ocean by the boats to get fishes, they have to pay more money before last year. Recently, fishes are imported from Thailand, China etc in Japan. If I can't eat all of seafoods, I don't wonder if I put up with...

Oh, I want to eat fishes because I wrote about them.

Rains of weekend

Finally, this month is July. The summer is coming in Tokyo. But the rainy season isn't over.

A few weeks ago, it had been raining while the weekends...

By the way, I had a cold on last Friday because it had been too cold. I put on only T-shirt. Some of them put on jackets. If I got up early, I would get back home to put on a jacket.

Now, I am fine because I took a rest on last weekend.

I hope that it will be nice on this weekend!


Doctor 'Akahige'

Do you know Eugene Aksenoff?

This is a photo of him.

If you don't know him and you want to know about him more, please read this.

He is a special doctor in Tokyo and he is called 'Akahige'.

I knew him when I read the book that the nurse of his hospital had written for the first time.

Although he is 84 years now, he is still working and helping people. I respect him. When he was 18 years, he met Japanese Royal family. Japanese royal family said that he must go to Japan if he wants to be a doctor. Then he decided to go to Japan and studied Medical in Japanese college.

According to the book, he had worked hard in Japan to get money. Now, there is his hospital in Roppongi.

If you go to Roppingi, you see foreigners in there. Foreigners who can't speak Japanese go to the doctor's hospital.

Because the doctor speaks Japanese and English , Russian etc.

On the other hand, He goes to anywhere if somebody need medical treatment.

Dr.Akesenoff got the win of Eiji Yoshikawa pride in 1998.

The doctor is so famous among foreigners.

He met a lot of famous people and he fixed them.

For example,

- John Wayne
- Brad Pitt
- Michael Jackson
- Jacques Chirac
- Madonna etc

John Wayne is the first famous person that the doctor met.

When he had came to Japan to make the movie, he hurt his eyes. He asked his manager to fix his eyes. Joh Wayne was in Odawara of Kanagawa pref.

Although Doctor was in Tokyo, he got on the train for 3 hours at midnight. Finally, he arrived the hotel where John Wayne stayed. Then he tried to shoot the injection. But John Wayne was afraid of injections!!!

Doctor said that you must not be better without injections. Then John Wayne gave up and his eyes were better. After that, he thanked the doctor. When he came to Tokyo, he invited the doctor's family and they enjoyed having dinner.

But the doctor doesn't know famous movies stars and singers at all.

He doesn't often watch TV or movies because he is too busy. He reads only some newspapers and books every day.

If you read the book, you must laugh!

For example, the doctor didn't know about Brad Pitt. The nurse told the doctor that he is famous in the world. Then the doctor asked him to his job!!!

Brad Pitt said that he is working about the movie. Of course , Brad Pitt was so surprised.

I like the chapter about Michel Jackson especially.

Of course, the doctor didn't know him. He had always called from the luxury hotel. The request was helping one singer. The doctor and his nurse went to there and they met one singer.

Yes. That is Michel Jackson.

While fixing Michel Jackson, the room was dark without any lights. The doctor tried to open the curtain. But Michel Jackson didn't want to do that.

Michel Jackson was so tired. He must take a rest.

Of course , then the nurse shouted in the elevator. But the doctor didn't know why she was excited at all and he was calm.

She told him that he is a star and showed the dance of Michel Jackson to the doctor. Yes, dance was Moonwalk!!!

Anyway, Michel Jackson often meet the doctor when he visited in Tokyo. The doctor fixes his children, too.

They are friends since the doctor had fixed for the first time.

I like his character because he keeps helping poor foreigners. Even if they can't money, he fixes them without money.

I think it is right that he is called 'Akahige'.

What do you think about him?


Live from Abbey Road

Well, I use the computer while working for a long time. So I sometimes feel dried eye and stiff in my shoulders...

By the way, I love Jamiroquai. When I was 18 years old, I had listened to their song for the first time. Then I love their songs and I go to their live when they come to Japan.

I don't often Japanese TV drama at all. Except Japanese TV drama "Furuhata ninzaburo".

At night of yesterday, I watched TV's ad "Clarion" of Jamiroquai on TV for the first time.

The music is "Feel So Good". I like this song.

By the way, I check out the website "Wikipedia" every day. Do you often check out?

It is so useful for not only private interests but also business.

Today, I felt the pain of my eyes. So I killed time. Please keep it secret!

Then I checked out the page of Jamiroquai. Then I found one thing!

Yes, Abbey Road!!!

According to this, Jamiroquai played music at Abbey Road Studio!!! How exciting! The title is "Live_from_Abbey_Road". I didn't know it at all.

I will try to watch it!

Elizabeth The golden age

You know, the season is rainy in Japan now. So since last week, it had been rainy days...

I think the rainy season will be over soon.

By the way,I watched the movie "Elizabeth: The Golden Age". Because the rain was heavy.

It was so interesting after reading the history of England. If I didn't know about the history, I couldn't understand at all.

Recently, I enjoy reading the books about the history of England. It is so fun for me. Because I went to UK and I could understand England more.

I try to check out the history after enjoy trips.

When I was a child, I didn't often study the history of Japan and others. But now, I like the history!!!

Do you like history?

By the way, do you know this website?

According to the website and TV shows, this year is an anniversary of UK and Japan. So many events are held in Tokyo and etc! (Arts, Music, etc)

On last sunday, I tried to reserve one event but the tickets were already sold out... I was really sorry...

If I have a time, I will try to go some events.


Charo episode13 - Pride

Bad weather is heading towards the city. Charo's on his way back to his nest. Around the corner, he almost bumps into Sirius.

Charo: Sirius!

Sirius: Shhh, you're ... Charo. Listen, you'd better go back and use other street.

Charo: What's wrong?

Sirius: A suspect is hiding out in that building. We're on a steakout now.

Just then, a hat comes dancing from nowhere, And old woman is looking for her missing hat on a sidewalk nearby.

Charo: This ... is hers. Why don't you take it to her? You're faster.

Sirius: I told you I can't move.

Charo: ... I understand. I'll go.

Charo tries, but the hat is too big for him. However... Charo is inside that hat, walking.

Old woman: Oh, you brought back my hat for me. How sweet of you! Thank you so much!

Charo: Arf!!!

At that moment, Chatherine and Sirius bursts into the building. The next day...

Rosa: Look! Sirius has done it again! He found a murder suspect. Wonderful, isn't it? (Cut to the back alley)

Charo: I met Sirius yesterday. There was an old lady, too. The wind blew off her hat. I asked Sirius to help. But he said he was working.

Margherita: I tought his work to help people.

Dread: Maybe he was in a tight spot.

Charo: I bought the hat... to the old woman.

Margherita: Good for you, Charo.

Charo: Why?

Margherita: What you did might not be beroic, but I'm sure you did a very good thing.

Charo: Thank you.

Without a word, Dread starts off to his nest.

Charo: I'd better go, too. Goodbye, Margherita.

(Charo catches up with Dread.)

Dread: Sirius did the right thing. Dogs have pride, too.

Charo: Pride?

Dread: Yes, if you're trying hard, you shold be proud of yourself.

Charo: I try hard... to get back to Shota.

Dread: I know. You should be proud of yourself, Charo.

Charo: Yes, Dread. What are you proud of?

Dread: What am I proud of? Hmm... I used to have something but...(laugh) maybe I dropped it somewhere.

Charo: (after a little thinking) Do you want me to to find it for you?

Dread: (Suddenly serious) Will you? Will you do that for me, Charo?

Charo knows they are talking about something important. He feels very close to Dread. On the other hand, Dread is thinking to himself.

Dread:(saying to himself) I'll try everything for you to return to Japan. I'll try everything!


New project & living alone

I wrote about my job and I have been busy. Yes, I was going to launch the new project. The planning and sales department want to release the new service on Aug. But the schedule is so hard...

I attended a few meeting about the new project. I really understood their requests. But the cost of the new project is so high. So we decided to release a few functions of the new service. Then other will be released after Aug.

I will find a new living place and take the summer vacations. But I don't know that I will be able to take vacations. Of course, I will try! Because I want to meet my parents and they want to meet me.

Recently, my mother misses me and she wants to live with me together. I really know her feeling. Because there is nobody to know her in Nagoya. My father goes to his office and enjoy chatting with others. She is lonely...

In the past, Japanese used to live with their family together. It was usual. But people get out their house and live in the city to get the jobs. So there are old people living alone or with their wife or husband. I heard that it is usual that people get out their home in US when they are 20 years. However, European is different. Many European live in their family together.

How is your country?