Katsuo no Tataki

I harvested some lettuce.

Then I made a summer roll of lettuce and natto.

This is Japanese vegetables "Komatsuna".
I will harvest them soon.

In the autumn, we can delicious fishes.
For example, salmon, pacific saury "Sanma" etc.

However, it is difficult to eat pacific saury "Sanma" this year.

According to news, poor pacific saury "Sanma" is a poor catch of fish this year because of heavy hot summer.

The price is higher and the taste isn't good.

But Skipjack tuna "Katsuo" is a rich catch of fish.

So I bought it in the super market.
This is sashim of Skipjack tuna "Katsuo" .

We call it "Katsuo no tataki".

It was so delicious.


The aroma of happy

On the last weekend, I watched Japanese interesting movie "Shiawase no kaori".

The title means aroma of happy.

The story is about one young single mother and Chinese who is living in Japan.

Old Chinese runs a small Chinese restaurant in Japan.
Many people go to there because tastes of his dishes are so good.
One young woman decided to learn Chinese dishes.

After watching this movie, I felt happiness.

I could enjoy a wonderful movie.

Then I wanted to Chinese dishes at once.
Although I don't often eat Chinese food.

So I cooked Chinese dish.

This is green Pepper with oyster sauce .


Madagascar Periwinkle and full moon

I can still see Madagascar Periwinkle in my balcony.

By the way, Japanese weather is so strange.

It was too hot every day in this summer.
And it wasn't rain at all...

A few days, the temprature became cold.

This is Japanese vegetable "Mizuna". I will be able to harvest them soon.

On September 22, I made Japanese dish boiled food "Nimono".

Because we could see the full moon. My friend told me it is Japanese custom that we eat "Nimono" while enjoy to seeing the moon.

Ingredient of Nimono are taro , carrots, chicken.
Especially, taro is autumn's vegetable.
It means we hope we'll harvest vegetables.

Tsukimi (night of the full moon on August 15 and September 13 of the lunar calendar); the days for "moon-gazing." Decorations of Japanese pampas grass are used, and moon-offerings of sake and dango (a kind of dumpling) are made as the people gaze at the moon, enjoying the autumn evening.

I could see the full moon. I was so satisfied.


Carrot and turnip

Yesterday, it was too hot. However, today's weather is simmilar to the fall.
My balcony became to autumn garden.

This is Mizuna.

I had planted seeds of carrots.

Leaves of carrots are cute.

This is my favorite vegetable "turnip".
I hope they will be bigger.


Sushi of Mackerel "sabazushi"

I had planted seeds of Japanese vegetable "komatuna". I'll harvest them soon.

This is grilled fish "Mackerel" of sushi.
It is called "Sabazushi" in Japan.

I like it.

I bought it because my work is busy.

It was so delicious.


Autumn's fish "salmon"

This summer is so hot.

I started to plant autumun's vegetabales.

I planted a potato. Now , the sprout of it is bigger.

Then I planted seeds of Japanese vegetable "radish's leaves".

Matsutake mushrooms and salmons,pacific saury "Sanma" are one of the autumn flavors that represent Japan.

Tonight, I ate salmon. It was so delicious.

The news said it is so difficult to eat pacific saury "Sanma" because of heavy summer of Japan. I am sorry. But I like to salmon. So I will eat salmons instead of pacific saury "Sanma".



I had planted seeds of Tarnips.

I found some sprouts. I hope I'll harvest them. My garden in the balcony was changed to autumn. But the weather of Japan is still summer. --- カブの種まきをして、カブのいくつか芽を見つけました。