The movie "Los abrazos rotos"

You may know that I love the movies of Pedro Almodovar. I think he is a wonderful director. Next year, his newest movie will be realesed in Japan. The title is "Los abrazos rotos". I'll go to see it. Tonight, I'll go to Nagoya city and I will send a time with my family. I will write about it later.

Tofu steak

Recently, I often went to the drinking party. Because it is common that we enjoy drinking party "Bonenkai" in Dec.

I think that I put on some weight. However, I don't check my weight because I want to eat delicious foods and drink wine more....

Yesterday, I cook some foods and had a dinner. This is Japanese food "Tofu steak".

I dipped the sauce "Ponzu" and the spice "Shichimi". In Japan, there are many cooking methods of Tofu. For example, The fried tofu "Agedashi dofu" or grilled tofu "Tofu Chanpuru". Tofu is an ordinary food for Japanese.

Vegetarians often eat Tofu instead of meats.

By the way, I'll go to my parent's home at tonight. I will write about my new year's days after coming back to Tokyo. I hope that you'll have a great time.


Japanese amberjack "Buri"

- Japanese amberjack "Buri no Teriyaki"

Buri means Japanese amberjack. Teriyaki is so popular. We often eat Teriyaki of meats or fishes. Do you know Teriyaki burger? It is a popular hamburger in Japan. So I sometimes eat it when I go to the hamburger fast food restaurants. You can see it on this website.

By the way, we eat Japanese food "Osechi" during the new year days. We eat the dish "Buri no teriyaki" of Osechi. I will cook it at my parent's home before new years days.

This is Japanese vegetable "Asuparana".

I hope that I'll be able to eat them later. In the summer, I couldn't eat them because of many bugs... According to some websites. it is a winter's vegetable.

The garlics are bigger. All of cloves are fine.

My friends told me that we'll get garlics in the spring of next year. Some of my friends keep growing garlics and they don't buy garlics in the super markets for some years!!! I was so surprised!!! I plan to grow garlics every year.


My favorite burger "Chicken Tatsuta"

Yesterday, I went to the super market and bought some foods. Then I made my favorite burger as a lunch box.

This burger is called "chickentatsuta burger".

You can read about it on this website.

By the way, my friend gave me a few succulent plants a few days ago.

Recently, I often go to the flower shops after work. Then I enjoy watching flowers and other plants. If it is a spring, I will buy some flowers and start enjoy gardening. Of crouse, I'll plant seeds of spring's vegetables in Feb or March. Now, I am thinking about it. On this weekend, I'll try to read the books of planting vegetables and buy some seeds.


Japanese vegetable "Mizuna" and Sashimi

On the last weekend, I had a dinner with my brother and enjoyed drinking wine together. We ate Japanese foods at his home. This is one of foods that we ate.

- Sashimi

My brother prefers seafoods to meats. Of course, me too. In the past, I often used to eat meats. But I don't often eat meats. So we bought fresh sashimi in the super market. By the way, according to the weather news, this winter is warmer than before. So my vegetables are fine.

- Japanese vegetable "Mizuna"

I made a salad of Mizuna which I grew.

My brother said Mizuna was so fresh and he likes Mizuna. I was so happy!!!

I may eat some Japanese vegetable "Komatsuna" soon.

- Japanese vegetable "Komatsuna"

- The flower "Primrose"

In this year, I started planting vegetables. In the past, my hobby was planting flowers. So I will start planting flowers again in the spring of the next year. Of course, I'll keep planting vegetables too!


The head of fishes and Japanese vegetable "Komatsuna"

A few week ago, I picked leaves of Japanese vegetable "Komatsuna" because they were bigger. So I cooked them. In Japan, they often eat Japanese dish "Ohitashi" of "Komatsuna". Ohitashi means boiled vegetables are dipped in soy sauce.

Yesterday, I checked Komatsuna and found new leaves! I hope that I will pick leaves again!

This is Japanese vegetalbe "Asuparana" 's bud.

My friends told me that they eat floral buds and stems of "Asuparana".

A few days ago, I found the head of the fish "Sparidae" in the super market. So I cooked it and I ate this dish "taino ara ni".

In Japan, some people eat heads of fishes.Of course, I like it! Tuna Kabuto-yaki (head of tuna grilled) is so famous. However, it is so expensive and rare. If you want to see photos of Tuna Kabuto-yaki, you can see this.


The rice harvest season and Japanese potherb mustard "Mizuna"

October is the season for harvesting rice. Rice fields turn from a bright green to a shining golden color and freshly harvested rice appears on the market. Newly harvested rice tastes even better this season partly because it contains more water than other seasons. Steamed rice alone tastes delicious. However, a popular and even more delicious autumn rice dish includes adding seasonal ingredients such as mushrooms, chestnuts and salmon to the rice. One friend sent me the freshly harvested rice before a few months. So I made Japanse dish "Takikomi gohan". These are Japanese vegetable "Mizuna".

Recently, I don't buy Mizuna in the super maket. Because I am growing them and the taste is more delicious. I hope that I will make the salad of Mizuna soon.


The gift

Yesterday, I got the gift from my friend.

She gave me many foods that she cooked.

- Japanese pickled plum "Umeboshi"
- Rice Seasoning "Furikake"
- Basil sauce
- Liver's patty
I was so surprised and I really thank her!!!

So I ate this cracker with the Liver's patty and drank wine.

It was so delicious!!! I would like to make liver's patty by myself!


The omelet and the garlics

I ate this dish "omelet" as the lunch.

I sometimes made this dish when I am busy. The recipe is so simple.hahaha Although I wrote about planting 2 garlic cloves, I found the sprout of it!

I don't know I can get some garlic in the future. But I hope so.


The salad of the chrysanthemum and the sardine with Japanse pickled plum "Umeboshi" and the ginger

I made a salad of the chrysanthemum. Some friends told me that the salad of the fresh chrysanthemum was so delicious. So I would like to eat them because I ate them after boiling them.

This is Japnaese dish "Iwashi no umeboshi ni". The fish are sardines. I boiled them with the soy sauce and some ginger and Japanse pickled plum.

I liked this dish. But I cooked this for the first time. But the taste was so good because some friends taught me how to cook.

One day, I went to the flower shop and bought this flower "Primrose".

I would like to grow and plant flowers in the next spring.