Japanese drama 'Rondo'

After work,I took a direct route home because I was very hungry.When I arrived at my house,my mom didn't cook dinner yet. Then I cooked dinner by myself. I ate dinner and watched sereal drama 'Rondo' that Korean actress 'Choi JiWoo' is playing as a main role on TV. I recorded the video on Sunday. The story of this drama is that heroine came to Japan from Korea to look for her dad. And she met the police man that Yutaka Takenouchi plays on TV. Then they will meet some troubles and they will fall in love. The audience rating of this drama is good now. Japanese like Choi JiWoo because she played a heroine on famous Korean drama 'Winter Song of Love'. 日本が夢中になった韓国ドラマ冬のソナタ DVD-BOX Vol.1 My mom watched this darama on TV every day. I can't wait to watch the next chapter of this drama 'Rondo'. After watching this drama,I turned off the TV by the remote control. Then I took a shower and checked the emails.

Raw Shea Butter

I didn't know the existence of 'Raw shea butter.'. But my friend told me the existence of it. I had ordered the cream of 'raw shea butter' on the net last week. I checked the quality of it and decided to try it. According to the web sites, Shea butter is oil that made from tree of shea in Africa. It is said that raw shea butter is good for dry skins,whitening,wrinkle skins,other trobles. The cream of raw shea butter that I bought contains vitamin A(it is called 'retinol'),D,E,F and stearic acid,oleic acid,Reno lane acid. Shea butter is used for European and American cosmetics and medical supplies well. In addition,It makes a good effect for a massage of a face. Because it protect skin from solar ultraviolet rays and make reproduction of a cell. It is fact that shea butter contains the sunscreen cream of Clarins. I'm keeping trying the cream of sha butter for a week.I think shea butter made my skin nice.I decide to use this cream from now. American Shea Butter Institute


I chatted with My friend by MSN. She is older than me. She will go to England to study English for a month. Then she will go to around Europe and go back to Japan on March. I asked her about the money to study in England. She said to me that she paid about 170 pound a week. But it is hard to pay 200 pound for me. When I was a high school student, my dad had advised me to study English in America. I had refused dad's idea because I couldn't meet my friends. But over the next several years,I really regret of not going to America. Anyway,I someday hope to study English in America. I'm looking forward to listening to her life in England.


The meeting of Monday

I felt that I wouldn't like to do nothing today. It is sometimes caused of Monday. I watched the news that said that many of office workers wouldn't like to go to the offices on Mondays 1 years ago. I think it is correct. When I had worked at the company of Roppongi Hills, I had to get up at 5 am and attend the meeting in the office. It was very hard to me. But I managed to attend the meeting because of the clock's alarm and some coffee. And now,I don't need to wake up at 5 am.But I have to stand up near my desk when it is 9 am. Because the TV meeting starts at 9 am. All of co-workers listen to the meeting while standing up for 30 mins. Of course I do every morning! Sometimes we stand up for only 10 mins. Anyway,we have to attend the meething every day. I think it is a only Japanese custom.


Naoki Prize

When I waked up,I don't have a stomachache at all. And I watched the news program on TV for 2 hours. I went to the station to buy the commuter pass as the TV program finished. After buying the commuter pass,I went to the library to borrow books and return books. I sometimes go to the library to borrow books and watch movies. I used to watch the movies in the library for free. But I don't watch movies in the library. Because many people wait for watching movies in the library. And I have to go to the library before the library opens. Recently only books. After borrowing books,I went back to home to read books. The author of books I borrowed are Seicyou Matsumoto,Keiko Higashino. Keigo Higashino won the Naoki prize this year. He is one of the author I like.


invitation to drink

I feel good because I had a rest for 2 days. I laid myself on the bed all day on Saturday. So I feel better than before. My friend called me at night and I was invited to drink. But I refused that because of stomachache. I was sorry that I couldn't go to drink with him.I had been reading books as I couldn't go out.



I have a stomachache since this morning. I think that I had eaten many foods and drank too much yesterday. When I waked up,I hoped that today would be holiday. But I had to work and I gave up staying at my home. Then I went to my office. But the stomachache became stronger than before. Finally I decided to leave my office and go back to home. I said to my boss that I would like to go back to home because of stomachache. I managed to arrive at my home and took a rest. I'm going to take a rest tomorrow.


I went out from my office at 7 pm and went to the restaurant where we would have a dinner. When I walked near the Ginza station,my cellphone rang.It was my friend. She is working at the company of Roppongi Hills that I had worked in the past. She said to me that she wanted to go to the restaurant together with me. Then we met in front of the shop of 'HERMES' of Ginza. We went to the restaurant but we lost our way. We finally found the restaurant as we watched the map over and over. We waited the other friends while talking with her. When it was 8:10 pm,they were arrived at the restaurant. We ordered some beers and drank at first. At next,we ordered the Japanese food called 'Monjya'.I ate the curry taste of 'Monjya'.It was very yummy!We talked about anything each other. I talked about traveling to Penang and gave to them the presents that I had bought in Penang.My friend told me about Bali and I watched some pictures that he had taken in Bali. We had a dinner and drank for 3 hours.Then I walked to the Yurakucyo station and got on the subway to go back to my home.When I was arrived at my house,it was 12:40 am. I'm afraid that I would be late for work tomorrow.


I'm looking forward to tonight!

I'm going to go drinking with friends tonight.They were coworkers when I had been working at the company of portal site. We often meet even though we are working at the different companies.We met to hold a year end party in Omotesandou last year. I can't wait to meet them!


Spring rolls

As soon as is was 6 pm,I left my office at once. Because I had to go to the post office to send books that was sold by amazon. At first I went to the bank to withdraw some money from the account. Then I got on the subway and went to Shinjyuku. There is a post office that is opened all day. And I went to the post office and paid the fee of sending books. It was 280 yen. Before I went out the post office,I found commemorative stamps in there. There were many kind of commemorative stamps. These are kitty's stamps.The price is 500yen. These are world heritage stamps. I went to some shops. But I couldn't find the nice belt. I didn't give up looking for it and I could buy the nice belt! It is a red leather belt and the price was 3200 yen. I was lucky! After shopping,I went to the Thailand resturant. I sometimes went through the restaurant before but I never eat there. My mom had said that she wanted to eat spring rolls last night. And I bought the restuarant and paid 750 yen. I think it was very expensive!!Because there were only 2 rolls. Anyway, I went to home and eat spring rools with my mom. Those were very yummy! I think I would try to make the spring rools. エスニック料理の代表生春巻きセット(約10本分)ポー・ピヤ・ソット 生春巻きの皮【ライスペーパー】(中サイズ22cm) 生春巻きのたれ 280ml 1本箱入り えび王国(カクテルシュリンプ) 500g【※複数・同梱用商品※】単品のご注文はご遠慮下さい。...

Call & email from my old friend

At last night, My old friend called to me but I didn't notice the call of cellphone. When I noticed the call,it was 11 pm. I called back to him but I couldn't talk with him. Today I received a email from him. I send a email to him. He was a classmate when I was in the university. We had gone drinking & playing together. We went to Guam,Izu,Nagoya-city,Sendai,Miyagi. After I had graduated from the university,we sometimes met to go drinking & playing. But recently I didn't have chances to meet him.



I left the office at 8 pm. Before going my home, I went to the supermarket to buy some cups of yogurt,Soymilk. I'm going to eat yogurt as lunch. And I'm going to make soufa from soymilk. I usually drink hot soy milk or tea after I wake up at the morning. Anyway after shopping,I went to home by walking.After taking a shower,I had a dinner while drinking wine. I drink wine while the dinner every day. I especially like wine. When I finished a dinner tonight,my mom was eating popcorn.I asked her to share a bag of popcorn with me. So she gave me a half of the bag. I ate a lot!! I have to go home by walking tonight!


Arrested Takafumi Horie

When I arrived at my home from the office, My mom was just watching the news of 'livedoor'. The news was said that Takafumi Horie had been arrested. I was very surprised at that news. Because I had watched the news site 1 hours ago. I think everyone were surprised at that. He is in jail.


I was looking forward to meeting X. But I couldn't meet him because of my work. Today I could chat him. I was glad to talk with him! Thanks!


The movie 'North country'

I went to movie 'North country' in ginza at tonight. There were many people in front of the movie theater when I arrived at there. The the movie was based on the true story in the 1980s. Charlize Theron I like played as the main role in that movie. The movie heroine's name was Josey Aimes. She had 2 children and escaped from his husband and went back to her house. She had to take care of her children. Then She decided to work in the iron mines. But it was too hard to work there with workers of men. Then all of women working in the iron mines were harassed by the workers of men. So She decided to sue her company. I was so impressed with the last scene. As the story goes on,we can find her secret. The secret was very shocking. But she never lose against the troubles, and she loved her family and tried to live by herself. It was a great movie! I read the movie prgoram. The director of this movie Niki Caro produced the movie 'WHALE RIDER'. I like 'Whale Rider' too!


Test the program & find the bugs

I'm keeping testing the program all day since yesterday. The program was made by other people. I think the testing the program is very important but very boring. Especially the program someone made. At my worse,there were a lot of the bugs in the programs. I can't believe! I think that there will be not a lot of bugs if I make the programs. I found the unbelievable bugs while testing. Due to the programs,I have a stomachache ace since yesterday. I already drank some medicines 2 times today. I feel like going home! But the weekend is close to. I can't wait for the weekend. I am going to go to shopping & meet my brother to see me. I bought the things for My brother in Penang. I hope he likes those!! My brother sometimes come to my house and had a dinner together. I like spending times with my family.


My birthday is coming close.

My mom is in my house, because my birthday is close to. I was born January. She told me how it was on the date I was born. According to her,it was very cold day and snow. My birthday always was snow every year. The weather news said that it will be colder & snow. I think my birthday of this year will be snow too. My father gave the flowers to me last year. My mom gave some money to me. My brother gave the birthday card & food to me. I was very glad to their presents. I am going to have times with mom & my brother on my birthday.



I left my office at 8 p.m and went back to my house by train.But I got off at the next to the station near my house.Then I went back to my house by walk. I think sometimes it is good to go back to my house by walk. I am going to go back to my house by walk too tomorrow. While I walked ,I found new shops & interesting things at tonight.I took some pictures by digital-camera. While I arrived at my house,my mom watched the news about 'livedoor'.I took a bath and I watched the news of that on TV. I talked about 'livedoor' with my friends in my office.We think that tomorrow news about 'livedoor' will be bigger than today. According to the news,the market value of 'livedoor' lose 150,000 million yen only yesterday.I'm afraid that 'livedoor' will become delisting. The blog of Mr.holie was commented by 350 people.

'livedoor' in suspicion of violation of the Securites.

The big news is reported since yesterday. That was about 'livedoor'. The famous Japanese company 'livedoor' was subjected to a search on suspicion of violation of Securities and Exchange Law. I knew that news at night. I had looked forward to watch the another programbut I didn't watch that at night. Because I was interested in the news of 'livedoor'. 'livedoor' provides the service as portal site on net. Mr.Horie is CEO of 'livedoor'. 'livedoor' is not a venture company now. It became a big company by keeping buying many companies. He is famous for not only the business man but the politician. He recently put in for the election but lose. We sometimes watch him on TV programs. Some people said that he always did something only for money. I know about his companies and don't feel like working in his companies. And I had worked in RoppongiHills that is a office of 'livedoor' too. I watched him sometimes in RoppongiHills. But some of people believe him. I think this happening makes everyone understand his real way & true things.

'toufa' & 'nattou'

I cooked 'toufa' that looks like pudding for the first time 2 days ago. That is made of only soy milk & gelatin and is a sweet of China. So that is a very healthy food.I heard that The babies eat that as baby food in China. Yesterday I ate that and that was very delicious. I will cook that again because it is very easy to cook 'Toufa'. I like soy milk and drink a glass of soy milk everyday.I sometimes cook a dish called 'Tounyu-nabe' by using a lot of soy milk.I eat not only soy milk but 'nattou' everyday.


Monjya - Japanese Food

I made a reservation of Japanese restaurant "Monja Maguroya" that is near Ginza station. The restaurant is famous for "Monja".Monja is a japanese food like omelets. In Japan, we eat Monja as not only snack but meal.Asakusa & Tsukishima are famous for Monja. Monja is made of some flours & water & cabbage & seafoods ,or meats. We always use "Uster sauce" that is called in Japan to season Monja. We will meet and have a dinner in there next week!

stir-fried vegetables & Thailand

I went to have a lunch with my friend today.I always buy food at a shop or make lunchbox.And I do internet while having a lunch. But Today I went to the Japanese restaurant "Ohachi".I ordered stir-fried vegetables and small rice and Miso-soup.The price was 650 yen. I enjoyed talking him while having a lunch.We talked about travel. He went to Okinawa from year-end days to new years days.I didn't know that. I have been to Okinawa when I was 8 years old.Okinawa is very good. People in Okinawa are very kind and food is delicious.Ocean is very beautiful. I want to go to Okinawa again.He told me that Thailand is good for travel. He traveled there 3 times.And he told me that you have to go to Ayutthaya when you will go to Thailand.Ayutthaya is one of place where I want to go to.Because he can't eat hot food,He didn't eat Thai food while travel. But I like hot food very much.I will go to Thailand someday. But I am going to Penang again in this year.I want to go to there with my brother & mom this time.I told him that Hawaii & Penang are good for travel & living too.He said to me that his hobby is travel.He went to New Zealand & Nagasaki too in last year.He usually makes a reservation of hotels & airlines by himself and travels alone.I respect him.He wants to go to Europe someday. But he can't take holidays enough to go to Europe. me too...

Madonna was a guest on TV program of "SMAP x SMAP" tonight.

I'm looking forward to watching the program of "SMAP×SMAP" on TV tonight.Because Madonna was guest of that program. SMAP is group of Japanese singers.They are very famous and popular with Japanese. I love them too.Especially Shingo Katori,Masahiro Nakai,TuyoshiKusanagi. They cook foods for guest's request and the guest eats foods on TV.And the guest selects which one is delicious. Ken Watanabe that played as role of 'LastSamurai' and married to KahoMinami recently was guest on that program.Ken Watanabe is very good at cooking. I eat only some vegetables & fish.And I usually eat macrobiotic food like beans & brown rice.Madonna too. In Japan the book that Madonna's chef wrote is one of the bestsellers. The title of book is "Big space of the small kitchen". Her name is MayumiNishioka.I want to read the book too.


The hotel 'Grand Park Royal Plaza' in Penang

The hotel where I stayed while traveling is 'Grand Plaza Park Royal Hotel'. When I had ordered the tour in the travel agency,I had selected the upgrade hotel. Because there were some reasons. ・Hotels of the standard tour was far away from Batu Ferringhi Beach. ・I looked forward to buy clothes or shoes in the shop of adidas. So the hotel must be close to there. ・I wanted to go to the night markets by walk. ・there were delicious restaurant in the hotel. And beautiful pools and some shops. So I could enjoy shopping,swimming,parasaling,eating while staying in the hotel. While I had stayed the hotel,I could eat the buffet breakfast at the restaurant.But I don't usually have a breakfast in Japan because I don't feel like eating in the morning. Then I thought it is nice not to eat breakfast because I would start doing a diet. But I couldn't do a diet.The reason of it was that breakfast was very delicious! For example,there were japanese foods,chinese foods,breads,cakes,penang foods,fruits in the restaurant. Finally I ate grilled beef steak as breakfast. In addition,the view of the restaurant was very nice!I could see the beautiful sunrise while eating breakfast. Anyway,it was nice to stay the hotel 'Grand Park Royal Plaza hotel'. I would like to stay there when I go to Penang again!



I bought some noodles & snacks in Penang. I ate Curry Tapioca Chips in the Penang airport. Those was very yummy! I love 'Curry tapioca chips'. After I went to shopping at Eden parade, I went to Kentucky! This is RM 8. ・shrimp burger ・French fried potato ・drink Is it more expensive than in food stall?

Penang was very good!

I came back from Penang Yesterday. Penang was very good! I did parasailing & swimming!And I went to the PenangHill and watched the night view. The food of Penang was very delicious. I ate food in the stalls. I am going to report about the detail of travel in this blog.The pictures that I took in Penang are here.



I was looking forward to parasailing from before travel!!And I did parasailing in Penang. Mr.Ou that he was my guide said to me,'Let's try parasailing when you are in Penang!'Then I entered for the sports center of hotel after swimming in the pool.The fee of parasailing was RM35(about 15mins). Before I did,I signed the convenant.And the instructors told me the way of parasailing. He said to me, 'When you fly,I will raise my hands and ran.And when you hear our voices,I will pull red rope.' While I waited my turn,Japanese woman came down from sky.I asked her about parasailing. She told me that she goes back to Japan and it is very hard to pull red rope because the window is very strong. And The man doing parasailing got into the sea when he came down from sky.I was very shocked at the accident.Because he couldn't hear the instructor's voice, he didn't pull the red rope.And he dropped into the ocean. I felt fear.The woman waiting for her turn felt fear too.When we talked about stopping parasailing,the instructors called my name. I ran and I did parasailing.I couldn't fly and was about to fall into the ocean at first.But after 5 mins I enjoyed the view from sky.I could see the hotels & mountains & ocean from sky.It was very beautiful. But I felt fear too.Because I couldn't see the face of people and hear the voice at all.I thought I would fall into the sea like that man. When I got near the beach,I thought I had to pull red rope.Then I did and I could fall in the ground. I want to do parasailing again! Let's try parasailing.

markets and botanical garden

I went to the morning markets by the taxi.There are many markets and many people. I heard that it is common that people have a breakfast in the food stands.And I found the drink of hot soymilk and bought it. In the markets,various things were sold in the markets. After watching markets,I went to the Penang botanical garden.I like flowers and plants and so I was very glad to watch those. When I went around the garden,I watched the monkey in the garden.


Global bay in Penang

I had looked forward to go to the shop 'adidas' before traveling, because I heard that the price of clothes and shoes are lower than Japan. So I go to there some times while traveling. The shop was near the hotel where I stayed in Penang. It took about 10 mins. The food center 'Global Bay' was near the shop of Eden Parade.

Kek Lok Si Temple and Penang Hill

I got up at 7 am in the morning and went to the restaurant 'Tamarind Brasserie'. But the outside was still dark. The sun rose up and I watched the sunrise while breakfast. I enjoyed the sunrise and breakfast in the restaurant for 2 hours. After breakfast,I went to George town by the taxi. I went to the building 'komutar',indian street,temples、the famous hotel 'E&O' So I enjoyed the sightseeing. I felt that Georgetown is very exciting. After sightseeing in George town,I went to Kek Lok Si Temple and Penang Hill. The view of the temple was bery nice. I heard that there is this plants only in Penang Hill. I don't know this plant's name yet. I heard that Penang hill were developed for European in 1900s. I took a rest at the restaurant in Penang Hill and watched the night view from Penang Hill. I could see the Penang bridge and the night view was very beautiful. After watching the view,I went to the night market again. I eat dinner and enjoyed shopping!


Malaysia airline

I got on the airplanes of Malaysia airline for the first time when I went to Penang. The flight attendants are very kind. Their uniforms were very beautiful but I couldn't take pictures of them. After I got on the plane,flight attendants were starting serving drinks. I heard that alcoholic drinks are more expensive than Japan. And it is the fact when I stayed in Penang. So I ordered beer and drank at the first. Then the meal time. I drank white wine while eating. The meals of the Malaysia airline were very delicious. Especially,Japanese noodle 'Soba' was very nice! Unfortunately I couldn't eat all. After the meal time,I watched some movies. But there weren't nice movies on the programs. That was too bad! I had nothing to do and so I had been reading a book 'Tokyo tower'. Snack ・chocolate bar ・oranage juice ・potatoes sandwiches I couldn't eat all of this snack.

The first day in Penang - night's markets

When I arrived at the hotel,it was 9 pm. The hotel that I stayed in Penang is 'Grand Plaza Park Royal Hotel'. There were swimming pools & some restaurants & some shops in the hotel. We could swim at from 8 am to 8 pm in the pool. The lobby of the hotel is very oriental mood. ・the shop And There were shops & night's markets around the hotel. Then I went out to watch the stalls & night markets. There were a lot of people & stalls. I was very surprised at the prices of those. Those were cheaper than the prices of Japan. There were clothes & bags & CD in the night's market. We could get everything in the night's market. The night's markets open at to 12 pm from 6 pm . After watching markets,I bought the water & some beer. I heard the beer is very expensive in Penang. It was true. The price of beer was RM6. Then I went back to the hotel,I took a shower. And I drank beer.