My trip of Spain #5 Guernica.

I like to go to museums. Of course, I went to a museum of Madrid.

At first, I went to the museumMuseo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.

There are many famous modern arts in this museum. For example,Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí,Joan Miró.

This is a picture "Woman in blue"of Picasso.

This is one of my favorite pictures.

This is Salvador Dali's picture.

It was a first time to see his picture "The Persistence of Memory" when I was a junior high school.

The main purpose was to see most famous picture "Guernica"of this museum for me.

When I saw his picture, I felt Picasso's angry and sorrow. I had read the book about Spanish Civil War. It was so terrible. I can't express my feeling when I watched it in Spain. However, I was so happy to watch wonderful pictures in the museum.


My trip of Spain #4 The Plaza de Mayor

After listening to a music in the Puerta del Sol, I went to The Plaza de Mayor by foot.

A few years ago, I watched a TV program about this place.

In the past, Spanish kings or queens had watched festivals etc in this place. Even now, people are living in classic buildings around this place. There are many restaurants around this place. I drank a cup of coffee in this place because I felt tired.

After taking a rest, I went to Spanish department "El Corte Ingles".

I watched Spanish foods(vegetables, meats, fishes) in the grocery department! There are so fresh and big vegetables and fruits, many fishes. Of course, there are many famous ham of Spanish food! I often go to supermarkets while traveling in foreign countries. Because I can understand their usual days more!!! I could watch rare Spanish foods in there.When I watch them, I thought I wanted to live in Spain!!! Because there is a variety of foods in Spain and they created rich dietary culture for a long time.

My trip of Spain #3 Royal Palace of Madrid

I went to Royal Palace of Madrid.

It was so huge and gorgeous!!! There are 2700 rooms in there!!! I was so suprised!!!!

It was built by King Philip V in the 17th century.
It was so gorgeous!!!

There are huge beautiful gardens and a museum in there.

I was so suprised!!!

There are many street performers around it.

I really enjoyed their performers!!! Then I went to The Puerta del Sol.

I met other musician and listened to their songs!!! Many people enjoyed their songs and they gave them hands.


My trip of Spain #2 Don Quixote

Now, I am in Tokyo. But I really miss Spain. So I decided to go to Spain again. By the way, I will write about my trip of Spain. After having a breakfast, I went to Spain Square"Plaza de España".

This is a stone sculpture of Miguel de Cervantes.He wrote the book "Don Quixote".

This is a bronze sculptures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.

I don't read his book ""Don Quixote"". So I will read it soon.


Coming back to Japan

Yesterday, I came back to Spain. Now, I am so tried. But I could enjoy my trip. I will write about my trip later.


My trip is starting!

Today, I will go to travel to Spain. This morning, I waked up at 7 am. Then I eat a breakfast. I will leave my apartment at 9 am to get on the express Train to Narita. I will write about my trip of Spain after coming back.


Departure to Spain

Finally, I'll go to Spain tomorrow.

Yes, I am so excited!!!

I will try to enjoy Spanish culture. I will write about my trip of Spain after coming back to Japan.


My suitcase

Yesterday, I harvested many vegetables.

Then I planted seeds of Turnip.

Turnip is popular in Japan.
For example, we eat pickled Turnip or salad etc.

In Japan, there are many pickles "Tsukemono". "Tsukemono" is traditional Japanese food. Last year, I wanted to grow it.
But I couldn't grow Turnip in my balcony because my balcony was full by other vegetables.
So I want to plant seeds of Turnip this year.
Of course, I will plant seeds of Turnip in this fall.

If I come back to Japan from Spain, I might watch sprout of Turnip in my balcony.

By the way, I didn't prepare to pack my suitcase yet.

I will do that tonight.

If it is possible, I want to buy seeds of Spanish vegetables or flowers.
By the way, camomile of my balcony is good! After blooming flowers of camomile, I will try to get seeds in order to increase plants!


World Cup

Yesterday,I had read about the news about the World cup soccer's ceremony of South Africa.

I am looking forward to starting games since the last ”the World cup soccer”. Of course, I will try to watch all of games if it is possible.
I can't wait to watch games since June!!!

Unfortunately, Japanese team isn't good.

However, I like to nice games. So I hope that I'll watch wonderful games.


Japanese Girl's Day Party

Today is Japanese Girl's Day Party "Hinamatsuri".

March 3rd is Hina Matsuri, or the Doll Festival in Japan.

In the Heian Period over 1,000 years ago, people used to float dolls down the river. They believed the dolls would carry their impurities away. This custom started in the Imperial court and spread to commoners around the Edo Period. It eventually became a festival celebrated nationwide.

Though the festival was originally for both boys and girls, it is now just for girls. In celebration of the festival, families display elaborate dolls of the emperor and empress, and attendants. It is believed that the dolls help ward off bad luck.

Many dolls were added to the original emperor and empress dolls and became more elaborate. People also make offerings of white sake and hina arare.

Many people celebrate the festival. They eat vinegared rice with thin strips of egg, pieces of raw fish, vegetables and crab meat arranged on top. It is called "Chirashizushi" in Japan.

Of course, I will eat "Chirashizushi"!!!


Kyoto Vegetables

A few days ago, I started to harvest winter's vegetables in my balcony.

This is a radish.

In addition, I harvested all of Japanese vegetable "Mizuna" and I ate a salad of Mizuna and Nattou.

Yesterday, I went to the garden center and I bought seeds of carrot. I will plant seeds of carrots after the trip of Spain. Although I want to plant seeds at once. But I have to wait to plant seeds... According to this, we eat often western carrots in Japan. In the past, oriental carrots were popular in Japan. Now, it isn't popular. Do you know about Kyoto Vegetables? I don't see Kyoto's carrot yet. you can see on this.