Before release

Today,I am very tired.

I set up some programs. But they didn't work at all. So I checked them. Then they are working now.

If they didn't work now, I will stay at the office all night.

By the way, I will go to the travel agency on this weekend. I will write about it later. I can put up with some troubles because I can imagine the beaches and oceans.

Music and Yoga

When I do Yoga at my home, I listen to one CD.

You can listen to them on this website.

I especially like a song "Mountains". The photos of CD are very beautiful. I can relax while listen to them.

You can buy a CD of Brickwerk on this web site.

I will buy them because I want to buy and present them to my friends and my family.


The movie "Death Note"

I like Japanese manga "Death Note" very much. 6 months ago, the movie "Death note" had been broadcasted. But I couldn't go to see it at that time.

But finally, I could see the moive "Death Note" at last Friday's night.

It was very good. The characters and story were very good. I like this movie very much.

If you watch the movie, you are surprised because Ryuk is same like the comic.


Do you like spaghetti?

How are you?

I am fine. I couldn't post because I have to test and prepare new services.

By the way, do you know about spaghetti code?

It is a buzzword. We sometimes use some buzzewords.

For example,
- Death march

- Debug

- GoTo etc
(Although I don't want to use GoTo. )

I am watching spaghetti code now. I didn't make it. But I have to check it because it doesn't work at all.

I like spaghetti. But I don't want to see any spaghetti code yet.haha

"Web 2.0"?

I read an interesting article about YouTube and Web 2.0. Please look at this. After releasing the services, I will write more.


My name

It is fun to read my favorite blog on the net.

I read Lizze's blog. It is very interesting!!! Please look at this and try!!!

LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?


Hakone and lake ashi

Today, I had prepared web servers and installed some programs on them. I didn't write about my short trip. So I want to write about it again.

I had stayed Japanese inn and left it because I wanted to go to one place.

It was Hakone. Hakone is one of Japanese place I like. There are a lot of natures(lakes, mountains,lakes,hot springs etc) and temples and museums in Hakone. So you will be able to find places where you want to go if you look at this.

In the past, I had gone to the Hakone Open-Air Museum. It was very good. But I never been to go to Hakone museum yet. I hope I go to there someday.

By the way, I got on the bus from Odawara staion and I arrived at lake ashi of Haokone at 9 am.

There are cruise ships in Lake Ashi. If you want to enjoy Pirate boat cruise, look at this.

This is a pirate boat cruise.

Then I got on other boat cruise in order to visit one shrine of the island in Lake Ashi. While getting on the boat, I could enjoy beautiful islands and others.

- the boat I got on

This is a gate of Hakone shrine.

I had gone to this place in order to attend this ceremony and pray. If you see this ceremony, you may think it is strenge. But all of them were serious. Of course me. After that, I walked around the island . There are a lot of trees and flowers. They were very good. Then I got on the boat again in order to go to Hakone shrine. I will write about it later.



I read this. Very interesting. One decision changed the world of internet and the same chance never comes. What do you think?


Going to Odawara #1

I want to talk about my short trip of last week.

Odawara & Hakone.

I had left my office at 7 pm and got on the train to Shinagawa staion. There are many restaurants and shops in Shinagawa station. After I arrived at Shinagawa station, I took photos of food.

This is called "Uni don". Uni is expensive. Of course I like Uni.

This is called "Inari shushi".

This is called "Matsutake rice". Matsuke is a mushroom.

Then I waited for the train to Odawara. There are some of people who live in Odawara and Kamakura and work in the center of Tokyo. So people already got on the train that I had waited for. But it was not bad to stand up for 1 hour. After 1 hour, I arrived at Odawara station. In the past, I had gone to Odawara. Odawara is a famous city as Odawara castle. Please look at this if you want to know about Odawara.

Then I went to Japanese inn. It has a homey feel. After checking in, I went out to buy food and beer.

I will write about hakone later.


Healthier food to kids

I read the news about Disney. I really agree. In Japan, it is same.

What do you think about it?

Stretch myself!!!

Yesterday, I had gone to Yoga studio and enjoyed doing Yoga because I decided that I go to Yoga studio on Monday.

After doing Yoga, I read a book of Yoga at home. According to it, it is best to do Yoga after awaking up in the morning. Then I tried to do Yoga this morning. Although I done Yoga for 5 mins, it was good for my body and mind.

So I will keep doing Yoga after I get up in the morning.

This boy may do Yoga more nice than me.


The photos of Hakone and odawara

I just uploaded the photos of Hakone and Odawara. I will write about it later. Please look at this if you want to see them.

Escape from Japan

I found this news on the other blog.

I can understand their feelings and I wanted to go to America before. I knew some women left Japan and live in other countries. I really respect them. Recently, there are TV programs and news about Japanese who live in other places.

I had applied Diversity Visa Lottery several times. But I had never got them yet. I will try applying it this year. If I get it, I will go to Hawaii at once in order to enjoy feeling nature.

Selling yourself

I am thinking about my work and my life since last week.

By the way, I watched one TV program at last night. It was a TV program of England.

The title of it was "Selling yourself".

It was a documentary of job interviews. 4 people tried to get a job and they took job interviews. It was very interesting. Their characters were different. After taking job interviews, one woman could get a job.

By the way, I like taking job interviews. I think it is a good chance to check the offices and people when we take job interviews.

So I checked a office, people of companies and other when I took job interviews.

Before, I checked the rest room too.

Because it is important that the places where we spend for a lot of hours are good.

Do you like taking job interviews?

The earthquake of Hawaii

When I woke up this morning, I read the news about the earthquakes of Hawaii. Hawaii is one of the places I love. So I am worrying about it now.


After short trip

I am fine. Mike,Alex, Thank you!

I am at my home and I am very tired because I didn't sleep at all last night.

I could enjoy a short trip and I noticed that I must think about my life and dream, job.

I will write about my short trip and my job and company later.

Anyway, I really thank Mike and Alex. You made me happy. I will try to do my best!


Bad feeling

I know that working isn't always to have fun. The bad thing happened at the office. I don't know why she doesn't share with informations to us. If she shared them to us, bad thing didn't happen. I can't understand her way and her tought. She makes my feeling bad. Now, I want to quite the job and I want to cry although I am 32 years old because I don't like her terrible way.


Short trip

Today, I will go to the Yoga studio after work. Yeah, I love doing Yoga.

By the way, I had take a walk again after I had done to Yoga studio last week.

This is a building "Tokyo Opera city".

I took photos in there.

When I had lived in Hatsudai, I often went to there.

This is an Indian restaurant "Ganges" where I often went to.

I will go to there again.

I like to go to other building "Park tower".It is close to Opera city.

There are shops and restaurants in both buildings. So I sometimes enjoy going window-shopping my favorite shops "The conran shop" of Park tower. By the way, I will make a short trip tomorrow. I will write about it.

The places where you want to go

At last night, I watched one interesting documentary program on TV. It was about foreigners who visited in Japan and stayed the guest house.

A man who came from England 3 years ago has lived in the guest house and he works as an English teacher by the working visa. At first, he had a dream. But his dream couldn't come true in Japan. He said that he must think his life again because he is 29 years.

Other man came to France. He has been to Japan many times. After he makes money in Frech, he comes to Japan every year. His dream is to be a photographer in French and to work at the French newspaper companies. When he stays in Japan, he takes photos of Japan.

A man from America goes to Akihabara every day in order to play games at the game centers. He said that there aren't game centers like Japan in his country. He enjoys playing games at the games centers.

Some of foreigners save money like foods when they stay in Japan. Because they want to go to Roppongi and enjoy the nights in Roppongi.

Very interesting.

When I go to other countries, I often go to the supermakert. I want to feel the life of the countries. When I was in 20s, I often go to Duty free's shops in order to buy things cheaper than Japan. But recently, I don't often go to there.

Where do you go if you visit in Japan?

How will YouTube change?

I woke up at 3 am although I didn't set the alarm of the clock.

By the way, there was a big news today.

Google bought YouTube

Since a few months, I had read the news about YouTube had been looking for the companies that would buy YouTube. Finally, Google bought YouTube.

Before Google bought YouTube, I had uploaded the video on Google video and YouTube because I thought YouTube had been trying to find a way to run the service as money. That is right. I had prepared to upload other website if YouTube might be finished. But I don't need to upload YouTube and Google video now for now.

I am very interested in the service of YouTube more.


The Commercial message "Boss"

I like these CM.

Because these express funny Japanese cultures well.


Do you know them?

Do you know them of this video?

Tonight, the this TV program "Furuhata ninzaburou" was broadcasted on TV. This was very popular in Japan. Of course now. I like this TV program so much because the storys were very good and the characters of the drama were very interesting. I laughed the main character and other character although the stories were about crimes.

I recommend this TV program.

The housework

Today is a holiday. I cleaned my room and washed the clothes.

If I have a duck like this video, I might like to clean the room and wash the clothes more.


Do you want to watch "Saw3"? I read the news about that the movie "Saw3" won't be released in Japan. Before, I had watched "Saw" because my friend had told me that it was very scare. Yeah,I had been scared so much. If I watch "Saw3", I will feel fear and won't sleep at all.


When is good to start learning English?

I am taking a rest now.

I read some documents about an overseas education since yesterday. I am interested in the programs of studying Yoga and aromatherapy or getting a license of the teachers of Yoga now. Of course, studying of IT developer.

I think that it may be difficult to keep working as IT developer. Before, I could work without holidays for a month and I could work through the night in 20's. But I can't do that. I need holidays and sleep.

By the way, I saw the news about English language education in Japan. Some people tried to start English classes in the elementary schools. I think it is good. But Japanese government don't think it is good. I can't understand why they don't want to start.

We studied English language in the junior high school. But many of us can't speak English well. So some of people go to English language schools and study English by paying a lot of money. Funny. The system of Japanese educations may be wrong because we studied English and other in order to enter the colleges. The multiple-choice exam. If I have children, I want them to master practical English. So I wish that the systems of English language educations in schools will better.

When I was a junior high school, there were 2 teachers of English classes. They were very different. One teacher could speak English well and he used not only texts but also the videos of movies and books in the class. I like English since I was a child. I had gone to the private kindergarten school and I had studied English. For example, I and my brother learned English while playing and watching "Sesame Street". Of course I spoke easy English at that time because my mother said that. I thank my parents because I had a good time there.

So the time of studying English wasn't hard for me. But some of my friends in the junior high school didn't like English at all. If they learned only texts which were not interesting in the English class, they didn't study English at all and they didn't feel fun while the class.

We could enjoy English because of one teacher. He had gone to American in order to study abroad. So he knew interesting stories and other more than us. He showed us the movies and books and his stories in order to learn English and other cultures in the class or hear the speaking English . I really thank him. Because I might not study English and didn't feel fun when I was a junior high school if I didn't meet him .


Hawaii of Japan

Before, I had gone to Hawaii and I really enjoyed Hawaii. I wanted to live in Hawaii at that time. Hawaii is one of the place I love.

By the way, I want to watch one Japanese movie now.

"Hula Girls"(The website of English is this)

This movie is a true impression story about "Joban Hawaiian center" and people supported a born of "Joban Hawaiian Center". Please look at this if you want to know more. This movie exhibited at the Academy Award best Foreign Language Film Award section as a Japanese representative. The website of Toronto International film is this. I have never been to Joban Hawaiian Center yet. But I want to watch this movie.



Do you know Oden?

Oden's season is coming now. It may be only me.

I like Oden. I want to eat Oden on the cold days.

After going to the Yoga studio, I left home and I bought Oden. Yes, I am going to eat Oden. I especially like Atsuage of Tofu,Sliced Daikon,Konnyak. Konnyaku is good for a diet too.

Bad cold

I am still coughing and I was said that I look pale yet by co-workers.

I took days off until yesterday. After I had worked on Saturday, I felt worse. But I had to go to the library to rent some books of Yoga and novels. After that, I had gone back to my home and slept for all day.

Anyway, I am better now. By the way, I can't do somepose of Yoga yet.(Tree Pose Vrksasana)

By the way, what do you eat when you have a cold?

I often eat hot Japanese noodle "Udon" and rice porridge "Okayu" when I have a cold.

When I was a child, my mother made hot Japanese noodle "Udon" with boiled eggs and onions. But at this time, I couldn't make them at all. So I ate only rice with Nattou since last saturday.

I found this website. If you eat Nattou, you may be surprised at the smell of Nattou.