I used to make accessories by beads. I was making these until last night!! It is 4 am now. Of course I don't want to sleep at all because I can't stop making accessary. It is fun to make accessories.



I recently watch movies at home. I think that some people know why I watch movies at home. Anyway, I found a tikect of the movie 'Goal!' last week. I got tickets but I couldn't go to watch movies because of my work. Fortunately,the place where 'Goal' will be played is close to my office. I can arrive at there after walking for 3 mins. I could manage to watch 'Goal!!' next week.


I am in Tahiti.

I found a new website 'Kabelink'. If you can look at it, you may feel like going abroad. Indeed, I want to go abroad! I am in Tahiti. Then I am swimming in the beautiful ocean. Because I downloaded this.


Lazy dog! Is this me? Jyu dou! Dog!!


Farewell party

When I got up at this morning,I wanted to take a day off because I felt be tired. But I gave up to do it because I had to attend a farewell party tonight. I am working with some engineers whom my company have been contracted with. Although I haven't talked with them yet. When I had joined the current company at first, I was surprised because my department's engineers had never developed programs and our company's development had been contracted out to subcontractors. But I don't want to contract out all my work because nobody can deal with our system if they are not in my office. Actually,It is sometimes good to depend on them because I don't need to work overtime. But I think it is a problem to contract out all of our systems. I am managing to deal with my work without them. Although they are subcontractor's employee,they go to our company everyday and work at our office without going to their companies everyday. Include they stand for about ten minutes while our morning's boring meeting. Even if they can start their working at their offices since 10 am, they have to arrive at our office until 9 am. Even if they can leave their office at 5 pm, they have to pretend to work until 6 pm during contract. I went to Japanese food restaurant "ichinoya". We had dinner for 2 hours. I ate dishes - salad with Japanese radish and fried fish - Raw fish "sashimi" and grilled fish "yaki-zakana" I especially like "wasabi". I can eat rice with only "wasabi". I think Japanese cold noodle "soba" with "wasabi" is a wonderful dish. During Japanese summer, I can't eat dishes because of suffering from the summer heat. But I can eat only Japanese cold soba when I can't eat anymore. - tempura of Japanese wild vegetables "sansai" and shrimps - rice of vegetables and shrimps - ice cream - drinks (beer,wine,syo-cyu etc) I had to pay 5,500 yen to attend a farewell party. I think the price was a little expensive. The restaurant's menu is here.But sorry. It is only Japanese.

Rafting on Tone river

Tone River of Gunma Prefecture is a famous river as water sports. I especially like water sports. When I had been to Australia, I had done rafting in The Tully River of Cairns and enjoyed it for a day. Today,I looked at the website of Japanese SNS "mixi" and found a event of doing rafting. I will apply for it. In Japan, Nagara river of Gifu prefecure and Tone River are famous as water sports. Once, I had gone to Nagara river for busineess. When I had been to there, it was impossible to do rafthing because of winter and my work. My co-worker and I had worked for 2 days in Gifu.We could went around Gifu city after our work. Then we had seen a castle of Gifu,Nagaragawa river and Nagara River Ukai together. It was first time to visit Gifu for us. We never seen Nagara River Ukai and we wanted to see it. After sightseeing ,We went to a ticket center to see Nagara River Ukai and we bought a ticket. Finally we could get on a ship "Yakata bune" after about 1 hours. We could see a night view during getting on "Yakata bune" and eating dinner. I want to go to Nagara River again. If I go to there, I want to do rafting and watching Nagara River Ukai again!


Be carefull!!

He is a boxing player and famous. But it isn't true he is famous because he is a strong boxing player. He is famous because of his head!! If you watch it,you can understand why he is famous in Japan.

"Kung Fu Hustle","Kung fu"

I watched movies because there weren't interesting programs on TV. - "Kung Fu Hustle","Kung fu" These movies were recommended by my ex co-worker who is Chinese last year. I like Stephen Chow's movies and sometimes watch his movies when I want to change my mind. I usually watch "Shaolin Soccer". I think it was very nice and was not only action. I think it was a comedy , action, and drama movie! After watching "Kung Fu Hustle","Kung fu",I was very satisfied with them. How nice!! If you want to laugh and know what is important to us, I will recommend you Stephen Chow's movies. By the way,when I was a childhood,I love Asian movies. I and my brother had watched Jackie Chan's movies. When I was a child, he was a star among Japanese children. I can't forget that I and my brother had gone to watch "Project A" But now,I don't watch his movies at all. I especially like "HERO","Kung Fu Hustle","Kung fu",""Shaolin Soccer".


Yesterday,I went out from my office to change my mind at noon. Then I found a store that sells environmental things and entered it after I drank a cup of tea and took a rest for an hour. There are many enviromental pamphlets,catalogs and CDs in there. The customer said to me,"Some of them were for free! You can take them if you want." Then I found an English catalog of Earthwatch. I had not known about Earthwatch before I found it. To tell the truth, I thought that it was nice to study English at first. I asked him whether I could get an English catalog of Earthwatch. He with smile said , "Sure!!". Then I put it on my bag. After leaving my office, I got on the train and read an English catalog. I was very interested in Earthwatch projects. According to an catalog, Earthwacth had been stood at Boston of America in 1974. They have been investigating about the world environment since 1974 . Many scientists and volunteers of all the world have helped about investigating environment. In Japan, it started investigating the environmental projects since 1993. If you want to apply for projects, you have to be a member of Earhwatch. The price of entrance fee is 5,000 yen and the annual fee is 5,000 yen. After being a member of Earthwatch,you can receive some catalogs ,monthly emails,infomations of events. I don't decide whether I will apply for a member yet. I have to think it over. Please tell me about Earthwatch if you are member. The project that I am interested in are - Thailand's Colorful Coral Reefs Investigate about wonderful Thailand's coral reefs by snorkeling or scuba diving - Restoring Vietnam's Forests Investigate and collect data of Vietnam's forests.


Dust ???

Dust ??? We have a regular meeting every Fridays. Today too! It started in our meeting room at 9:30 am. After he of another department talked about a new system, he looked at his cloths. Then he said ,"What is it? My shirt is dirty because there are some dusts on my shirt". Everybody who were in a meeting room ,include me looked at his shirt. Then I noticed white dust of his shirt because I was aside of him. It was true that there were a lot of white dusts on his shirt. Then he understood. It were not dusts!! It were powders of laundry soap! When I listened to his words, I couldn't stop laughing. Why were there powders of laundry soap on his shirt despite washing his shirt? I know he married and he has a son. So I tought - His wife might only put his shirts into a washing machine. - His wife might not turn on a button of starting a washing machine after putting his shirt into there. - His wife might think doing washing something was only putting powders of laundry soap on. I hope that she didn't turn on a button of starting a washing machine because she forgot it.


Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

To tell the truth, I didn't understand that person love a movie "Star wars". My generation didn't watch them in real time. So some of people who were older than me had said to me ,"Star wars was a wonderful movie! I don't believe you!! " Although I had a chance to find them on the stores, I never wanted to watch them. Because they were old movies. So I finally watched it! Yes. I can say that I was wrong!! The first movie of series that I watched is "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith". I skipped!! I know an almost story because many people had told me about it. After watching "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith", I have some questions. - Why did they fight on the galaxy? - What is the dark site? (Sorry,I have to watch it again...) I know my questions are stupid. Because I watched a final movie of Star wars series. So I will watch all series soon! Anyway, The story,characters and the computer graphics of the movie were excellent!


keep standing for 2 hours?

I had received a email by my cell phone. It was from My dad who is in Nagoya of Aichi pref for business. He asked me whether I would come to Nagoya on holidays of May. I have no plan to do on hoildays yet. Before I had received a email, I didn't plan that I would go to Nagoya at all because it is hard to get on the train while "Golden weeks" of Japanese holidays. In Japan, it is common to go back to their hometown or enjoy domestic trips during Golden week. So there are big crowds of people in the trains or airplanes during Golden weeks,highways. Many people who live in Tokyo leave Tokyo . So Everything is crowded in Japan. Except Tokyo. If you get on the trains during morning rush hour of Golden weeks, you may be surprised. I always wonder why everyone take holidays during Golden weeks. Because there is not many people in Tokyo and it is comfortable to get on the trains during morning rush hour of Golden weeks. If I go to another place of Japan, I have to get on a crowded trains or airplanes. A few years ago,I had gone to Nagoya during Golden weeks. I can't forget it. Because I couldn't sit down a seat on the train and I had to keep standing for 2 hours on the trains. Despite I had paid money of the train. Can you believe? I heard that the boarding percentage of trains during Golden weeks was 200 %!! It is strange!! Although the max percentage is 100 %. If you have to drive your cars on highways during Golden weeks in order to leave Tokyo, you will have to wait getting your cars for many hours. If you make reservations of hotels to enjoy your trips in Japan, you will pay more money during Golden weeks. Because it is true that Golden week price of tourist industry become really highest. And in addition, you might not be able to make reservations of hotels. There are not more people in Tokyo during Golden weeks. So it is comfortable to stay in Tokyo. Some people who live in Tokyo said that it is nice to stay in Tokyo on Golden weeks. Because you must not wait for your turn crowded people if you go to play spots in Tokyo. Because you don't need to keep waiting for your turn for hours if you go to sightseeing spots of Tokyo. So now,I can't decide that I will go to Nagoya during Golden weeks. Because I may have to stand up for 2 hours if I get on the train to go to Nagoya despite paying some money of trains.

"The Man with the 7 second Memory"

When I chatted with Ba, I remembered one TV programs. It was CBC's documentary TV program "The Man with the 7 second Memory". I ofen watch documetary programs. It was made in 2005. I had never known about him before I watched a TV program. While watching a proram, I was very shocked. How important our memory is! In 1985, his brain was hurt by a high fever. Then he lost a memorise function of his brain. He can memorize for only 7 seconds. After 7 seconds, he doesn't remember anything. His fight was awesome.He wrote them down not to forget things that he did. For example, when he met his wife, he wrote it on a notebook. After 10 seconds, he forget that he met her. Anyway,I respect his family, his effort.

Thai restaurant "Tinun"

On last Frinday, I had met my friend and and had gone to Thai restaurant. I had never met her for 1 year. The restaurant where we had gone is "Tinun". When we had arrived at there at 8 pm, there already had been many people at there. I had been at my home this weekend because I had a cold last Saturday. So I had watched movies. I was afraid that we couldn't have dinner at there because we didn't make a reservations. But we managed to have dinner at there. At first, we ordered two glasses of beer and a ramen of Tom Yam that was a popular dish in this restaurant. Tom Yam ramen had very a hot flavor but I love it. Then we ordered a salad of papaya "Som Yam Tai",sauteed vegetables "Rau Muong Xao Toi" They were also hot! I always order "Rau Muong Xao Toi" when I eat dishes at Thai restaurants. It is said that Rau Muong is a Water Spinach. - "Som Yam Tai" 1,030 yen - "Phat Pak Bung" 950 yen - "Tom Yam ramen" 770 yen I want to eat all dishes of "Tinun" someday because it is close to my office. Next time I have dinner at "Tinun",I want to eat "PhadThai" at first.



Do you know Japanese snack "Umaibou"? When I feel hungry at my office, I ofen go to a convenience store to buy a snack "Umaibou". The price of Umaibou is only 10 yen!! Japanese company "Yaokin" makes Umaibou. I like Nattou flavor of Umaibou. うまい棒 なっとう味 But I can't buy it because there is not convenience stores where I go. So I buy Mentai flavor of Umaibou when I can't buy Natto flavor of Umaibou. Mentai flavor of Umaibou is best popular in Japan. やおきん Y1うまい棒めんたい味30入 There is a website of Umaibou's fans "Umaibou doumei". If you can read Japanese,you will be surprised because there are many informations about Umaibou. The facts that I was surprised at are here. - When the company "Yaokin" had released Umaibou, there was able to be the thing that 50 kinds of imitations were released other companies. Now, only Yaokin. - The secret of length of Umaibou. The current version of Umaibou is bigger than old version of Umaibou. - The employees of Osaka's company "Head Japan" can eat Umaibou as much as you.It is a welfare program because a CEO of it loves Umaibou. I really want to enter "Head Japan". - Which Umaibou is best popular in abroad? It is a Corn Portage flavor of Umaibou. I like it too.



Finally,I did this morning. It was my alarm. I can't forget my panic. It was 9:35 when I woke up this morning. The starting time of my office is 9 am. I usually leave my house at 8 am and arrive at my office at 8:40. But today was different. We have to send my boss a email until 9 am if we have a day off or we are late for my company. So I panicked after I woke up. Then I looked for my cellphone in order to send my boss a email. But I didn't know where my cellphone was.Although I looked at my bag for a few minutes,there was not my cellphone in my bag. Then I called to my cellphone by my phone and then I found my cellphone . How stupid! Of course I sent my boss a email at once. I don't know what he thought when he looked at my email and I don't want to know it. After all, I understood why I couldn't get up at 7 am this morning when I looked at my cellphone. It was vibrating alert!! I usually enable a vibrator of my cellphone when I leave my house on weekdays. Then I turn a vibration of my cellphone off when I arrive at my house after my work. But last night,I forgot to do turning a vibration of my cellphone off because I use my cellphone as a alarm in order to get up in the mornings. Anyway,this morning,I left my house at 10 am and could arrive at my office at 10:30 am. I had a new habit. My new habit is that checking my cellphone before I go to bed every nights.


Good or bad?

Although I had watched movies, I didn't post yet. At first,I thought I will post on my blog if I watch all of movies that I want to watch. But I am posting now because I will might forget their stories. I had watched 3 movies at my house while drinking wine. The movies were "Memoirs of a Geisha","Mr&Mrs.Smith" and "Crash". - Memoirs of a Geisha I like Ken Watanabe,Kaori Momoi and they had played a role on this movie. I especially like Ken Watanabe. He is a wonderful actor. I had watched his movies. For example,"The last samurai","Tanpopo","Setouchi syounen yakyu dan". I like his TV drama "Masamune". But I am sad because I couldn't think this movie was nice. - Mr&Mrs.Smith My family usually go to watch a movie together on new year day.In this year, we didn't go to watch a movie because of my cold. I wanted to watch "Mr&Mrs.Smith" if I didn't have a cold. Although My mom complained because she wanted to watch another movie. To be honest,I was boring while watching this movie. I was sorry. I was waiting for finishing this movie while watching it. It was a long time for me. - Crash "Crash" is one of the movies I really want to watch. Finally,I could watch it. It was true that I was tired because I was watching movies for 4 hours. But this movie didn't disappoint my expectation! I was very impressed and i want to watch this movie again.


new bottle cap figure !!

Again. Yes,I am a collector of figures. My current targets are these. If I get all of bottle cap figures,I will have to drink 24 bottles of coca cola!


Nocturnal view of cherry blossoms

Yesterday was not my day . So I asked my friend to go to see cherry blossoms. We met at Yurakucyo station at 8 pm. Then we went to Hibiya park to see cherry blossoms. We arrived at there at 8 pm and look for cherry blossoms. When We stand around three ,we could smell cherry blossoms. We had been looking at cherry blossoms for 30 mins. After 30 mins,we went to a restaurant "Tinun". We enjoyed talking while eating Thai dishes at the restaurant. This dish is a Tom Yam ramen! My frined's favorite. Of course I love!!


My postcard

I forgot not posting the important article about my post card. At first,Ba sent me a nice postcard. I really thanked him when I found it in a mail box. Then I had gone to shops to get a nice postcard . I bought some postcards at a shop because I waver over choosing a postcard. But I managed to decide a postcard I would send him because of my personal reason. And I had sent him a post card about 3 week ago. I had been worried whether my post card would be arrived at him. Finally,it managed to arrive at him! I am really glad! And Congratulations,Ba! I will send you a postcard again! Of course I will do that if I will go to Langkawi in this year.

Is it possible to take a day off?

Now, I am thinking about when I will take a day off. On Saturday,I got up at 10 am to attend the company's meeting .Then I went to Kokusai tenji jyo. It took 1 hours by trains and I arrived at 12 pm. Kokusai tenji jyo is a big hall that events are ofen held in. I found the dog show in a different hall when I looked for the place where the meeting would be held .I really wanted to see a dog show but I went to the place of the meeting. Already,there were some people who sit on the sofa. I found my co-worker and I chatted with her while waiting for the time because the meeting would start 12:30 pm. I heard about the meeting for the first time because my boss had entered our company on last year and he didn't know about the detail of meeting. All of employees gathered to attend the meeting. My company has branches in major cities. From Hokkaidou to Okinawa. Everyone had to attend the meeting. I heard that some of them had got airplanes or trains to attend it. I really thanked because I didn't need to get up early. I heard that the meeting costs were at least 5 millions yen. How crazy!! After chatting with them,the meeting had started. We sat on nice chairs like a theater while the meeting. Unfortunately,to tell the truth,it was boring for me. Only me? I could say "No!". Because some of employees slept while the meeting. The meeting was over at 5 pm. Today,I had a question. Can I take a day off instead of attending the meeting? So I send my co-worker and I asked him that we could take a day off. But he didn't know. I hope that I will take a day off because I couldn't go to Ohanami on Saturday.