My trip of Spain #16 Barcelona

I went to Barcelona after enjoying a famous festival of Valencia.

At first, I went to the beautiful port of Barcelona.

This is Barcelona Olympic village .

There are many shops or seafood restaurants around there.

In addition, many people walk around a port or they enjoy to see a nice oceans.

I decided to have a lunch. Then I looked for a nice restaurant.

I entered the restaurant and ate fresh seafood and Spanish food.

This is a soup of Seafood "Sopa de Mariscos".

I went to the beach because I would like to see the Mediterranean Sea after the lunch.

I was so impressed. I couldn't say anything when I saw it for the first time. You know I like oceans. So I hope you can understand my feeling. If it was a summer, I would like to swim in the ocean.

You know I like wine. So I bought a few bottles of wine in shops of Spain.

The taste was so nice. If I go to Spain, I will buy many wine.