The carrot's sprout

I ate the dried fish. Before making the dinner, I harvested vegetables of the balcony. After harvesting them, I made the salad. I had planted the seeds of lettuce a month ago. I may harvest lettuce soon. These are carrot's sprouts.


The fish "Sardine" of ginger taste

I prefer fish to meat.

I ate the fish tonight.

This is Japanese dish fish "Sardine" of ginger taste.

The sardine is popular in Japan.

I harvested vegetables of the balcony before making the dinner.

I am happy because I can harvest vegetable in the balcony. I will plant them in the spring.



I didn't upload the blog because I am busy.
The class is difficult. So I have to study again at home.

By the way, I watched the movie "Precious".

The movie was so great!!! I was so impressed. I like this movie.

The actress of the main character was good. In addition, the teacher was so kind and great.

By the way, I harvest vegetables every day.

I ate these.


Tulip and spaghetti aglio olio e peperoncino

I ate Japanese lunch box. This is rice of Bamboo_shoot.

It is the spring taste.

I saw the tulip.

It was so cute!!! When I was a child, my mother grew some tulips. I would like to grow it.

I ate Italian dish "spaghetti aglio olio e peperoncino" in the night.

I enjoyed to eating Italian dish and drinking wine.


Spring and "Ume"

I harvest vegetables of the balcony every day.

I don't need to buy vegetables in the super markets. Recently, I feel the spring.For example, in the morning. I saw the flower "Ume" while enjoying to walking around.

By the way, there are some fields and fruit farms around the school. In the spring, I watch vegetables and fruits which will be growing. On the weekend, I will go to the garden center because there aren't any soil. After buying it, I will plant seeds again. I hope I'll find sprouts of them.


Radish and mizuna

I had planted many seeds of winter's vegetables. So I harvest vegetables of the balcony every day.


Oyster and Salisbury steak

Today, I went to the restaurant with my family. I ate these.

The lunch of Rocket



Banboo and orange

I saw the landscape of the nature.

By the way, I can harvest vegetables of the balcony although it is winter. For example, rocket,mizuna,radish etc.

I harvested these.

As I bought the fish "Cod" in the supermarket, I made these dishes.

- The salad of radish and rocket

- The steamed cod cooked in the white wine

While eating it, I drank wine!!! It was so delicious.