Tokyo Tower

I think the best book that I had read in last year is "Tokyo Tower". 東京タワー Before I went to Penang,I bought it because I had to get on the plane for hours.When I got on the train or plane,I can't stop reading it because the story was very good.While I was reading it,I shed tears. This book is a true story.The author "Lily Franky" wrote his family.He was born in Kyusyu of Japan and grew up in there.At first,he had living with his parent and grandmother together for 3 years since he was born.But when he was a child,he live with his mother. They had been living together for years.His mother was very cute and kind mother and she loved her son deeply. After years,He left his hometown in order to study in the college. But his mother had a ill and he lived with her in Tokyo.Althought she had been in Kyusyu,she enjoyed the Tokyo's life.Many people loved her because she was a very kind woman. But her ill was worst and she died for cancer. I couldn't stop shedding tears while reading the last of story.After finish reading this book,I deeply feel my parent are very important.And I would like to do something for my parent. I hope that many people read this books "Tokyo Tower". The reason of the title "Tokyo Tower" is that they saw it in her room of the the hospital.


Lovely cat!

I went to the favorite Japanese pub "Orench" at night! And then I ate a lot of foods and dranks a little with my friends. My friends live in the place near "Orench".I envy them! I have some reasons that I love there. The first reason is that there are delicious foods and drinks. Especially,I think seafoods and vegetables foods are very nice! In fact,there is an aquarium in front of "Orench". The owner buys special seafoods every day from the market. And he puts those into the aquarium. The second reason is that the owners of "Orench" are very friendly and their service are very fantastic. The last reason is that I can meet their cat.I think that last reason is very important to me.I rent my house and so I can't have any animals in my house.But I love cats! So when I visit "Orench",I can't stop hugging the cat.Unfortunately,I couldn't take phots of the cat.If I live in the place near "Orench",I think I would go to "Orench" every day.

The job interview

Yesterday,when I just testing another programs,my friend was online on the net.I heard she looked for the new job and so I asked her about the job.She said that she had the job interviews.And now she was waiting for the answer. And she proposed drinking tea together at 6 pm.I would like to do that as I didn't meet her for 1 month.But I had to finish testing and so I said her . Anyway,I hope she will receive the answer and join the new company soon!If she join the new company,we will plan to go to travel. Wow!


going on a diet with eating Miso soup

I recently wrote the article about breakfast on this blog.I wrote that I have a breakfast.But now,I try to have a breakfast since on Monday.I have a reason that I decided to have a breakfast since I watched the program on TV. The name of the program is "Aru Aru daijiten".This program is about health. According to the program,When American people eat Miso soup as breakfast,They could lose their weight! They eat only macrobiotics foods and they can lose their weight with eating macrobiotics foods.It is said that macrobiotics foods are brown rice,vegetable,soy beans,Miso etc. Those were Japanese food and old Japanese people have eaten those in the past. I knew macrobiotics foods and I usually try to eat those.In the fact,people ate Miso soup as breakfast and so they could their weight!They could lose at least 1 Kg for a week. It is said that Miso and Soy milk are fat-burning food.In adittion,They are said that they burn more calories. And so people eating those can lose their weight simply. Many of Japanese recently don't drink Miso soup ,because Miso soup contains many salt and it is bad to take many salt. Although I didn't drink Miso soup, I am drinking Miso soup as breakfast since the day I watched this program.There are many type of Miso in Japan. According to the program, red type of Miso is nice in the morning and white type of Miso is nice in the night. When I cook Miso soup,I boil water with frozen Tofu "Kouya Dofu" and some seaweed "Wakame". After 3 mins,I put red type of Miso into the pan. It is very easy to cook Miso soup. Will I be able to lose my weight? About miso is here


"Zenikin" - The man living in the mountain

"Zenikin" is one of the TV programs I love. This program is very funny! Because funny people appear on this program. They are very poor and save money to live.But it isn't serious because they enjoying saving money. Sometimes,I was surprised that I could not to do if I were him or her. In the past,I watched that the man living in the mountain appeared on this program.I envied his life because there are beautiful mountains and rivers around his house. When the sun rises up,he get up and have a breakfast. And he goes out to do rafting or swimming in the river. When he get tired,he goes home and take a rest. After taking a rest,he go out to get food. There are many vegetables that we can eat. Neighbours sometimes give eggs or meats etc to him. In stead of taking foods,he helps neighbour to repair their furniture and houses etc. After having a lunch or dinner,He does what he wants to do. At night,He goes out to prepair the hotspring and takes a bath. He can take a bath seeing beautiful night view! I think he can his time and decide what to do.Well,I have to leave my office. Of course,I will watch "Zenikin" tonight.

I don't know what I'm doing now.

Finally,I could finish doing testing of one program. When did I start doing testing of this program? I would not like to remember that. But when I finish doing testing of programs,I think that there are not QA engineers in my office. Because they don't know about development of web program. So I have to do testing about security. It is very hard to do testing all by myself. I think it is only in my case. It is very important to find security holes ,recently. Luckily,I had not to do testing like now at all before I joined the current company. Because there are many QA engineer who had high skills and some tools in ex company. But now,I wonder if I am a web engineer while I do testing programs. If I had to do testing all of cases,I would like to use some tools when I will do testing. At least,Bugzilla. It is for free!


she or he?

In japan,there is a star called "KABA chan". "KABA chan" is one of the TV performers who I love. He is famous as not only TV performers but also dancer in Japan. In addition,he showed his dance as dancer on TV in the past. Recently,he played a role on TV programs.He composes the choreography and teache dance to many famous Japanese singers. The Japanese song "The only flower in the world" was composed by "KABA chan". Japanese famous singers "SMAP" song this song and this song was very sold in Japan in 2003. This song is one of the songs I love. ● SMAP”世界に一つだけの花(シングル・ヴァージョン)”CD I think this song is very excellent because lyrics to this song is very good. When I listen to this song,I can feel cheer.


Okinawa's culture -The famous dancing tour bus guide of Okinawa

According to the news,there is a famous dancing tour guide in Okinawa. Tourist can learn the culture of Okinawa and watch her dancing. Her name Marie Teruya. Her dance is called 'Ryu bu' and 'Ryu bu' is a dance of Okinawa. 'Ryu' means the old name of Okinawa in Japanese. 'bu' means the word of 'dance' in Japanese.Okinawa was called 'Ryukyu' in the past. The culture of Okinawa 'Ryukyu Kingdom' is very different to other japanese culture. She learned how to dance of Ryukyu since she was a child. And She is very good at dance and won the prize in 1995. Many people said that Okinawa's people is very kind. And when I went to Okinawa ,I felt that. Okinawa is similar to Hawaii. There are beautiful oceans ,beaches,and some islands in okinawa. And when we go to Okinawa,we can feel that okinawa is an exotic city. These days,Okinawa is watched by urban people. Recently,Some of people leave from their hometown and move to Okinawa. In deed there are Okinawa's food restaurants and bars and shop in Tokyo. Okinawa's language is different to standard Japanese language too. But I like Okinawa's language because I can feel peace of my mind when I hear Okinawa's language.It is very warm! When I go to Okinawa,I would like to watch dance.

"live door shock' be continued

Although I wrote about the japanese company "livedoor" in the past, The shock of this case is continued in Japan yet. Finally,the new suspect thing was appeared in last week. Accoring to the news, Horie had gave money to Mr.Takebe who is a member of Liberal Demoncratic party. When Horie paid 30 million yen for Mr.Takabe,it was said that Horie used Mr.Takebe son's bank accout. But of course,Mr.Takebe denied that he recieved money from Horie. But Mr.takebe helped with Horie when Horie tried to buy the japanese base ball team. Some of people are doubting Mr.Takebe.


Do you know that Yahoo Japan is more popular than Google?

I sometimes check the rate of the internet of Japan.this According to this data,Yahoo have been No 1.It is the common in Japan.
1 yahoo.co.jp 16859 80.8 7.7 205.8 1:11:10 
2 rakuten.co.jp 6485 31.1 3.1 49.6 0:17:27 
3 nifty.com 6308 30.2 3.5 21.2 0:10:24 
4 infoseek.co.jp 6133 29.4 3.7 34.5 0:13:22 
5 amazon.co.jp 5259 25.2 2.5 15.5 0:06:22 
6 msn.co.jp 5156 24.7 3.8 17 0:06:32 
7 jword.jp 5101 24.4 2.9 9.7 0:03:19 
8 biglobe.ne.jp 5019 24.1 3.3 21.7 0:08:38 
9 goo.ne.jp 4965 23.8 3.7 35.3 0:16:16 
10 geocities.jp 4726 22.6 3 19.8 0:08:05 
11 msn.com 4517 21.6 3.9 26.5 0:12:24 
12 fc2.com 4483 21.5 3.2 15.9 0:08:13 
13 livedoor.jp 4281 20.5 3.5 13.1 0:07:43 
14 google.co.jp 4271 20.5 4.9 74.2 0:21:45 
15 ocn.ne.jp 4210 20.2 2.8 13.5 0:06:05 
16 microsoft.com 3964 19 1.5 5.7 0:04:01 
17 google.com 3533 16.9 3.3 22.6 0:10:17 
18 dion.ne.jp 3219 15.4 2.6 10.2 0:05:30 
19 dtiserv.com 3212 15.4 3 12.3 0:04:32 
20 2ch.net 3191 15.3 3.3 28.9 0:25:08 
21 excite.co.jp 2904 13.9 3 21.3 0:08:25 
22 so-net.ne.jp 2723 13 2.7 14 0:06:20 
23 ziyu.net 2590 12.4 2.4 8.6 0:04:10 
24 seesaa.net 2546 12.2 2 4.4 0:02:53 
25 blogclick.jp 2532 12.1 2.8 8.3 0:06:16 
26 geocities.co.jp 2457 11.8 2.2 8.7 0:03:51 
27 plala.or.jp 2409 11.5 2.2 14.9 0:05:29 
28 sakura.ne.jp 2402 11.5 3.2 31.4 0:09:40 
29 fc2web.com 2371 11.4 2.9 26.5 0:11:32 
30 iij4u.or.jp 2303 11 3.1 10.9 0:02:52 
I can't write the detail because I have to leave my office to have a dinner. I will write it when it is weekend.


bottle cap figure

When I go to the covenient shops,I can't stop buying plastic bottled drinks with the bottle cap figure. Then I bought the bottled drinks and I drank to get the bottle cap figures. Sometimes I gave drinks to my family because I can't drink . When I found the nice bottle cap figure ,I collected those. Especially I like the bottle cap figures of 'adidas' sneakers because I love 'adidas'.When I had collected these,it was very hard to collect all types of sneakers. Because the cap bottle figure was packaged ,so I couldn't know what kind of sneaker it is. When I find the new bottle cap of figures,I sometimes buy them. Yesterday,I found the new bottle cap figures in the convenient shop. These are charactres of the famous Switzerland story 'Heidi'. In japan,it is very famous and the animation 'The girl of Alps' played on TV when I was a child. It is common that the bottle cap figures is sold on the auction of net in Japan. like this


Ghibli museum & Satsuki and Mei's house

I like Hayao Miyazaki's movies. In japan his movies are very popular among not only children but also many adults. I like 'Tonarino totoro','hotaruno hikari'. I watched the interesting news on the net. The house of 'Totoro' will be open in the park of Aichi expo on July! 'Satsuki and Mei's house' was a very famous exhibition of aichi expo in last year. 'Satsuki and Mei's house' is the institution which reproduced a prive house when a chief charactre lived. Though I went to aichi expo,I couldn't watch it. According to the news,it will be open for 3-5years. The fee is ・adult 500yen ・student 250yen In tokyo,there is a ghibli museum. I hope I will go to there someday!


100 meat patties !

When I watched some blogs,I found this site! It is here. What Up Willy! - Surfin, Hangin, Poker, and Life's other goodness: In-N-Out 100x100 100 meat patties and 100 cheese in between buns Wow! I was very surprised!

Studying aromatherapy

Yesterday,I had worked in my office until 8 pm because some bugs had been found by members of quality assurance department. They had found 19 bug! So I did testing some cases. Some of them were wrong because they didn't understand the system of programs. But other were bugs. Then I sent a email to the other company programmers because they had made those. After working,I went straight back home and I managed to finish reading books at home. I will get some interesting books tomorrow because I have to do testing the programs today. I think I will get some books of aromatherapy tomorrow. 必勝アロマテラピー検定 Because I would like to get the license of aromatherapy in this year. I have been using aroma oils to relax at home for several year. And I use them to make a face loation. 【生活の木】アロマテラピー入門セット(検定1級対応) I heard that people can take an examination of aromatherapy on May and Nov. I hope that I will take an exmination of aromatherapy on Nov. I have to study about aromatherapy! If I get the first grade of aromatherapy license, I will be able to a aromatherapy teacher or counselor. Of course,I don't think quit my current job at all.


Email from London

When I checked the email box, I received the email from my friend who is in London. Wow! She went to England last week and sheis studying in England now. After studying for 2 weeks,she will go around Europe. The most thing that she had worried about is to access the internet. But she said that she can do that any time! So I can chat with her on the net! In the email,she asked me what I want.And I send her the massage that I want this snack after checking the websites. Sainsbury's Party Bites Gouda Cheese Crispies 100g In addition,I asked her to bring back to Japan with Jay Key who is a singer of Jamiroquai. I heard that he live in scotland now. Yep,I said it for a joke! Anyway,I would like to go to England someday.Of course,I'm looking forward to meeting her.

having breakfast

In this morning,I wake up at 5 am because I was hungry. This was out of common to me.I usually don't have a breakfast. But today was different. After getting up ,I went to the kitchen and looked for some food. Finally I found soy beans 'natto' and brown rice. Then I ate them. After eating them,I couldn't sleep. So I gave up sleeping and then I read the book 'The abduction of 99%'. 'The abduction of 99%' was written by Futari Okajima. They are very famous writers and there are their many books in the book stores. 'The abduction of 99%' is thriller. While I had been reading it for 1 hours,I felt asleep and so I went to bed at once. After 2 hours,I waked up again. I went to bed as I wanted to sleep more. Honestly,I wanted to take a holiday today. But I didn't and went to office. Anyway,I am very tired now.Why? I think that today is last half of a week.


Trouble of networking

I decided to leave my office as soon as it will be 6 pm today. Yesterday my boss had taken a holidays but I couldn't leave my office early. Yesterday I had to check the setting of IIS because some coworkers couldn't see the website of new server that I had prepared. Although I had checked the setting of IIS,it was right. The reason of it was networking. Engineers can access all servers but other's pc deny them by IP address. So they can't access the new server. After work,I will go to the library to return books. Then I will go to the book store.

SNS website 'mixi' starting new service as portal sites!

SNS website 'mixi' will start new service as portal sites.According to the news, Japanese SNS website 'mixi' will start new service as portal sites such as 'Yahoo'. When I watched this news,I was very surprised.At first,the news will be provided in 'mixi' and so the users will be able to collect the informations,and users talk about them. Some friends are working in this company.I thought I applied the job of 'mixi' before I work in this company.But I didn't. I heard My friend that she will apply the job of 'mixi' last week.She is free now. But she was fired from ex company and is looking for the new job now. I think I would like to work there if she will work.Although I'm user of mixi,I recently don't watch it.Because everyone is member now. Anyway,the portal sites recently will increase in Japan.

Sale number of "Brain Training" broke through 1,000,000

Sale number of "Brain Training" broke through 1,000,000. 【新品】DS 東北大学未来科学技術共同研究センター川島隆太教授の脳を鍛える大人のDSトレーニン... It is popular among game beginners and professionals. I think so,too.In addition,I think adult would like to play it too. When I got on the train to go home at last night, I actually heard that the men talked about to buy nintendo DS and "Brain Training". When I had gone to the electronic shop 'Bic Camera' last week,All of Nitendo DS had been sold out in the shop. NINTENDO DS(ニンテンドーDS)グラファイトブラック Of course, I would like to play this game! I will buy nintendo DS and some softs next month! I can't wait!



My boss took a holiday today as he had attended the meeting on last Sunday. So I think today is very calm and I can feel comfortable! I can do my work on my desk in dead silence. After work,I sometimes listen to music while my work. But today I don't neet to listen to music. Of course,I immediately leave my office when it will be 6 pm.



How long days do I have to do testing of the same web programs? I have been doing testing those fro 3 weeks.But I found the bug today.Oh,my god!I'm feeling like going home at once.


The movie 'Jarhead'

I went to watch the movie 'Jarhead' after work as I had got the ticket of movie preview last week. As soon as it was 6 pm,I left my office. Because The movie would start at 6:30 pm. I had gone to the same movie theater in the past. When I had gone there, I watched the movie 'Load of War' that Nicolas Cage had played as main role. I ran to the theater and managed to arrive at the theater at 6:25 pm! After watching this movie, I felt this movie was very real. The title of this movie 'Jarhead' is used by the Marrines. The story is about the Marines in the Gulf war. Of course,I watched the terrible scenes in this movie. I don't know the real war yet. I didn't experience the real war yet.Especially in Japan. I can't explain about this movie very well but I think it was good to watch this movie.


New spot 'Omotesandou Hills'

The new shopping spot 'Omotensandou hills' will be opened on Feb 11. I watched the news of 'Omotesandou hills' after I got up at 7 am in the morning. So I am very interested in 'Omotesandou hills'. When I had worked in Roppongi hills ,I could enjoyed playing in there. Because there are movie theaters and museums and many famous shops and restaurants,an observatory. So After work,I went to drink ,eat,buy clothes and books,etc. When it is on weekend,some events are held in Roppongi Hills. And then,I could see the beautiful view from 19 floors. I will go to 'Omotesandou hills' someday.


The book 'The secret'

I'm starting reading a book 'The secret' that Keigo Higashino wrote as I had borrowed it from the library on last week. 秘密 I just read the first chapter of it and it was very interesting. In this morning,I was reading it,while I got on the train to go to my office. The story of 'The secret' is that the man who lost her wire by the traffic accident. Then his daughter survived the traffic accident but she was possessed by her mother! So he and his daughter began to live with having the strange 'secret'. The movie 'The secret' was made in 1999. Ryouko Hirosue played a role as the daughter in this movie. 秘密 ◆20%OFF! I would like to watch this movie!When I read the chapter of his crying for his dead wife, I managed to stop shedding tears at the train. I think that Keigo Higashino is very good at writing realistic portrayal of characters. And he always write the surprise end of story. Anyway,I will keep reading his books for ever.


The living price of Tokyo

I live in Tokyo for a long time. I sometimes feel that the living price of Tokyo is higher than foreign countries. Especially when I go to travel. The news said that the living price of Tokyo is 2nd in the world,but it was 1st for 14 years. And the news said that living price of Oslo in Norway is 1st ,Osaka and Kobe's living price are 4th this time. When I had gone to travel,I always buy some cosmetics and clothes. Because everything was very expensive in Japan. Recently,I sometimes buy those when I go to travel. I can use the internet and buy things which prices are lower than Japanese shops. And now,when I go to travel,I only enjoy doing travel. I don't need to bring the heavy bags when I go back to travel.

New Japanese Social Networking Service '3zai.com'

I found the new Japanese service '3zai.com' that is called 'Social Netowork Service'(SNS). This Japanese site 'Sanzai' means to spend money. I think it is an interesting site.Because members of this site keep their household account books on the net. And we can watch their household account books and vote their good shopping. Then they can watch the ranking lists. ・cool expense ranking ・saving ranking ・popular articles ・popular shops ・popular areas ・prices of popularity Of cource,I am member of this site '3zai.com'. Because I would like to save money and I would like to watch how other people spend money. Then I can look for the person who is interested in the same thing so that a household account book is connected in an article and the shop which oneself purchased,and there is a merit to be able to discover a local new shop.