Is Waiting a job ?

I am waiting now. It is a list of programs. My boss told me about my task after Friday's regular meeting. He is not a professional of web system. Yes,I know it very well because we are working together. On next monday,new servers will set up and the domains of URL will change. We knew about it since 2 months ago. I was wondering when he would prepare . I had done when I had been working in ex-company. If the domains of URL will change,I will start preparing at least before 1 month date of release. - I will send a email to an operation team that is charge in servers in order to prepare new systems soon. If it will be possible to have new systems, we will be able to allow enough time for do testing,before the date of release. We don't change static HTML files.It is a desinger's task. So we ask them to change domains of URL of many static HTML pages. If we ask it before 1 month of the relese, the desingers don't need to worry about the time of release. They will not sleep in thier office to do their task. - find the target of files! Our portal site has many static HTML files and web srcipt language's files. So we have to understand which files we have to change domains of URL. Of couse to do testing again before the release day. - set batch programs on new servers Before the release date, we have to set batch programs and check those. For example ,Log files. - finish all things until at least 5 days before the release day. But this time is different. Because I thought that he already done it. But I mistook. He done nothing to do. Except looking at my monitor of PC and saying to me ,"Do it"! Now,I am waiting for a list of batch programs. Today He remind setting batch programs. He said that he would have to work on Sunday while laughing to me. I thought that's for sure. Anyway,I have to be waiting now to set batch programs.



I didn't know about "Mushishi" at all of Japanese anime before X told me it. He had asked me what Mushishi meant. It was the first time I had looked at the website of "Mushishi". エイベックス・エンタテインメント 蟲師 其ノ壱 Finally,I could watch Mushishi last night. To be honest,midnight. It was 2 am that I could watch Mushishi. Then I started watching from chapter 1 to chapter 3 while fighting off the urge to sleep. I became a fan of Ginko and Mushishi after I watched them. I could understand why Mushishi won the prize in this year because all of Mushishi wass perfect for me. Although I watched only 3 chapters of Mushishi,I like 3 chapter "Tender Horns" best at this time.It was so wonderful that I watched it again!! Anyway,I will finish watching all of Mushishi series. I can say that Mushishi became one of the Japanese anime I like. 蟲師(1) 蟲師official book Thanks X!



After work,I went back home. Then I looked at the website because X told me about nice amine "mushishi". When it was 10 pm,there is a earthquake in Tokyo. It was not big but long. As always,I turned on the TV news and looked at the news of website. After a few mins, the news said that earthquake magnitude of Tokyo was 2. There are some earthquakes in Tokyo. The earthquake of last night reminded me of funny happening. The woman who had lived in Toyama had started to live in Tokyo because of the college. She looked for the important thing as soon as there had been a earthquake in her apartment. What did she look for? Imagine! It was a yellow helmet. Of course it is important to survive an earthquake. For example, to hide under a table. I wanted to know if she put on a yellow helmet when I looked at the news of last night's earthquake.

me growing

Without breakfast. Today I couldn't eat breakfast at all because of the medical check. Employee can get a checkup once a year in Japan. It is established by Japanese labor law. The company have to bear all amount of the payment of employee's checkups. Yesterday I wrote a interview sheet about my condition before getting a medical checkup. I went out at 11 am to get a medical check up. On my way to the hospital,I looked at cherry blossoms of "Hibiya park" for a while. I waited for my turn after I arrived at the hospital.The nurse called my name and so I stood up.Then I said my name to her and the medical checkup started. At first,I had a X-ray. It was a jab of medical checkup. If the nurse gave me a shot at first to do a blood test, I would be rather frightened. It was lucky for me. Then my vision and my blood pressure was checked. The next target was my blood. I never felt pain of injections when I had done a blood test many times. After all tests,I met the doctor. She asked me about my condition. I said her about my headache. Of course I am very health. Except having the headache. Finally,she said that I would had to check my headache again. Then she called the nurse and I had to make a reservation. It was 12 pm when I was liberated after all medical checkup. Then I looked for food as my lunch! I bought fries because I was so hungry. Then I dropped into the Hibiya park to eat lunch.My lunch was so delicious because the weather was nice. The most pleasure of this medical checkup is that I grew taller than last year although I am not a child.


April Fools' Day?

Today I had received a disappointing email from personnel development of my company. It was said that we will have to attend the meeting on April 1st although April 1st is weekend. When I looked at the email,I couldn't believe that because it is a day of April Fools. The detail of about meeting of April 1st was not written. For example,will we be able to take a holiday on weekday instead of attending the meeting. The content of the disappointing email was only the time where the meeting will be started and the name of hole where the meeting will be held. At first,I didn't believe it at all but I thought over again. Then I send a email to my boss to ask him. He was sitting beside me. After he noticed my email and then he said to me. "Yes!". But He didn't know the detail of the meeting. Why will we have to attend the meeting on weekend? The reason is simple. Because they couldn't reserve a place where we will attend the meeting on April 1st. I can't understand the worth of the meeting that will be held on day of our holiday. Before I received it,I planned to go to see cherry blossomes in the Shiba park. It is called "Ohanami" in Japan.And I looked forward to Ohanami since last month.Give me back my holiday! I hope that I will be able to take a holiday on weekend. Of course I hope that the company will return the money that I will pay the ticket of trains to attend the meeting on April 1st.


3 days or 6 days?

I went to the travel agency on Sunday in order to reserve the tour of Golden week of Japanese holidays. Golden week of this year is from April 29 to May 7. It is true that I had gone to Penang on January but I want to go to Malaysia again. Because I could stay for only a few days in Penang when I had gone to Penang on January. I would like to stay in Malaysia for 1 month if it is possible. So I had planed to go to Malaysia on Golden week. I went to the travel agency with high expectations that my holidays of Golden week will become wonderful. When I arrived at the travel agency of Shinjyuku,there were already many people who planned trips in there. Then I looked at the holiday brochures of Malaysia and waited for my turn. After 30 mins,I managed to start discussing my plans with a travel agency. But I eventually couldn't reserve the tour of Langkawi. If I would stay in Langkawi for only 3 days,it was possible to go to Langkawi on Golden week. Now,I am thinking about the time when I will go to Langkawi. I hope that I will stay in Langkawi for at least 6 days. By the way,I have no plan of Golden week now. So I have to think about it because Golden week will come soon.


Which pictures do you like?

Now,I am feeling comforted because I am watching the one website in my office. It was Baby Animals. It has many pictures of animal's babies. Which pictures do you like? My favorite pictures are - cat and dog - cat yawning - hamuhamu - The cat which sets up a gun


Another appeared!

You might say to me ,"Again?". Another service will appear in Japan on March 27. Again!! It is new social networking service. "rakuten hiroba links" will start in Japan on March 27. The Japanese company "rakuten" looks like Japanese "Amazon". "rakuten" bought many companies,the portal websites "infoseek" and "lycos","linkshare", the website of travel,finance company,baseball team "rakuten eagles" etc. Many people look at the website "rakuten" and they buy things on the net. There are clothes,books,food,drinks,tours,tickets,DVD,etc on rakuten. "rakuten" provide many things on the virtual and in the real life. Of course,Nintendo DS lite! By the way,what can we do on new service "rakuten hiroba links"? There is a different thing than another Social Networking Services. It has an Affiliate system! If they buy things on "rakuten", they can review things they bought. Then if another persons look at their comments and buy same thing, You can get the point like money and you can use points when you buy things on "rakuten". Social Networking Service became a boom in Japan. Why? It is widely thought that starting social networking service is a good opportunity for internet business in Japan. For 3 years,new services appeared on the net. Some of those disappear from us. If you want to become a member of Japanese SNS services, you have to ask your friends to send you a email of invitation. Do I want to have an account of "rakuten hiroba links"? To tell the truth,I don't know. Because I already have some accounts of Social networking service. I don't want to have accounts more! I heard funny story about social networking services. Some of members are crazy for social networking services. Then they look at those all day without their bedtimes. I respect their endurance! Because now, I can't put up with sleepiness although I went to sleep at 4 am last night.


Do you know joga.com?

I looked at the news about internet and found new Socail Networking service "joga.com". The news said that "joga.com" is an social networking service in the world for soccer's fans. Google Japan and Japanese news paper company Nikkei started providing this service. I had posted the article of Japanese SNS services once. Although I don't post on my blos,Yahoo Japan started Yahoo360 this month. According to the news of "jago.com", we can have accounts if we will receive the invitations from members. The site "jaga.com" supports 14 languages. What can members do ? - They can have our blogs. For fee? Sorry.I don't know. - They can post photos,video. - They can send another members messages. - They can create the community on the net. - They can talk about soccer. - They can look at the informations of Soccer players etc. - They can look at the information of world event "Joga3 futsal". I wait to the invitation from someone.

Go away!

Recently,I have bad headaches while I work in my office. Sometimes I can't have lunch because of my headache. I used to suffer from bad headaches 2 years ago. So I had gone to the hospital. And now, I have bad headaches again since 3 weeks. Why? If I will go to the hospital, The doctor will say "you are old!" or "You have poor posture when you look at your PC!" . I hope that my headache leave me soon!

Changing personnel assessment system & payroll system.

When I done testing of the program,my boss talked to me. He said that parsonnel assesment system and payroll system will be changed on April. Then he said that we have to attend a interview of personnel development. Although I don't know about the detail of my current company's system, I know about personnel assesment system very well. Before I joined the current company,I used to set up the goals. Then after 6 months,I interviewed with my bosses. To reflect back on the accomplishment of my work. But I think that Japanese pay-per-performance system is strange. In the true sense of the term,Some of Japanese pay-per-performances don't work at all. Three years ago, one book about the pay-per-performance system of Japanese company had became popular. The title is "Fujitsu from the inside". 内側から見た富士通 The book said that the pay-per-performance system of Fujitsu didn't work and many employees left Fujitsu. Anyway,I have to know about the detail of my current company's new system.


Planning the trip abroad

I checked the websites of travel agency today because the holidays called "Golden week" in Japanese are coming up. My conditions of the trip are here. - The places that there are beautiful oceans because I try to do scuba diving. - The places where it is close to Japan because I can't have long vacations. At first,I thought that visiting to Okinawa was perfect. After watching the price of tours to Okinawa,I was shocked. It was higher than trip abroad. Then I checked the tours of Langkawi and Thailand. Those prices were half of Okinawa's price. In addition,including the 3 times meals. I know that domestic trips are very expensive. But I think it is funny. Many Japanese people go to abroad on their vacations because domestic trips are expensive. In consequence,some of Japanese sightseeing spots are suffering from a slump in travel business. Anyway,I am planning my trip now. I have to decide the place where I will go to travel.

Lunch despite a trouble

I am sad. Once, I might have posted a article of my boss. I know it is true that he is a good person. Except a ability of a leader. After I arrived at my office this morning, I checked my email box. Then I looked at many emails and found one email. It was a email that we received when our system were in trouble! It was an alarm!! So we checked our systems and kept watching them. We managed to deal with our systems without problems. When it was 12 am, we received a email of the alarm again!! What did you do at that time if you were me? If I were my boss, I kept watching our systems to deal with our systems when troubles may happen. When I had been working at ex company, I had met same situations. I had never left our office when systems had been in troubles. It was common! But my boss was different. He had left our office to have lunch although we had to keep watching our systems. I can't belive it. Am I wrong?


Don't watch this if you don't want to cry.

After I wake up this morning, I saw the news websites and I found the news about the book "Tokyo Tower". Once,I had posted the article about "Tokyo Tower". 東京タワー I couldn't stop shedding my tears while reading "Tokyo Tower".It was for first time to me. I don't know the more impressed books than "Tokyo Tower". Anyway,the news said that the television version of "Tokyo Tower" will be shown on TV in this summer! According to the news,Japanese actress Yuuko Tanaka will play a role of Lily Frankey's mother. The news said

 "Don't read This book on the subways 
if you don't hope that anyone watch your crying."
It was correct because I fell many tears on my face when I got on not only the airplane,but also the train. If I had known the right advice,I would stop reading "Tokyo Tower" in front of people. In addition,the news said that the sales number of "Tokyo Tower" became 1200 thousand.Under the Japanese present conditions that do not sell of a recent book Under the present situation that many books I look forward to the television version of "Tokyo Tower". Of course, If you don't want to cry, Don't watch the television version of "Tokyo Tower"!


"Tuesdays with Morrie" and "The Five People You Meet in Heaven"

I bought 2 books on Amazon to study English today. Although I can't finish reading one book that is a self-help book, I would like to read another books. In addition,I can't receive books from delivery service on weekdays. So I made a decision to buy books on Amazon at once. Why did I buy new 2 books? Because I would like to learn how to say things in English. Self-help book is written by hard expression. In addition,I think the story of those are very nice. I bought "Tuesdays with Morrie" and "The Five People You Meet in Heaven". I like the touching books. I didn't know Mitch Albom that is an author of those. After some reviews of Amazon, I could know his book "Tuesdays with Morrie" had been greatly admired by New York Times. I will enjoy reading those books and self-help book for the next few weeks. But I wonder if I will be able to read those books without the dictionary. Because I am reading self-help book with usig the dictionary. If I couldn't see the dictionary,I think I couldn't finish reading half of it. Anyway, I am looking forward to reading "Tuesdays with Morrie" and "The Five People you Meet in Heaven". I will be able to receive those as early as tomorrow or early.

Can we live on 10,000 yen for a month?

I like Japanese TV program "Ougon Densetsu" that means "The Godlen Regend". This program is very funny. Because people compete in living on 10,000 yen for a month. Additionally,they are famous are famous TV performers,comedians. There are some rules on this program. - Living in the apartment where this program prepared for a month. - Don't eat any food given by someone. - Pay the water charge and electric bill every day. Many people showed us the way of living on 10,000 yen for a month. They tried to how to save food costs or how to save the water charge, how to save electric bill. Especially,I like Hamaguch because he was very funny. Hamaguchi who is a comedian in Japan showed us funny interesting ways to save money. He had many ways to save money in order to live on 10,000 yen for a month. He lived in outdoor place and he got into the cold winter ocean. Then he done snorkeling in order to get seafoods of winter oceans. On another occasion,he had been living with the chicken together. He was able to eat the eggs that the chicken sometimes had laid. So he managed to save money without eating the chicken he have. After watching this program, I can realize that we can try to save money more with some efforts. For example,when we take a shower,we can save gas bill or water charge if we sometimes stop turning on the hot water stop while we are taking a shower hour by hour. If we clean my room,we can save money when we sometimes sweep the floor with a broom instead of cleaner. After I watched this TV program,I sometimes clean by broom. At first,I put some papers such as newspaper into water,those run water over. After a few mins,I wring the water out of those and I shred those into little pieces. I sweep the floor with a broom after I spill those on the floor. Finishing gathering wet papers by a broom, we can see the dusts of floor adhere to wet papers. I like sweeping the floor with a broom because I can more enjoy cleaning by the broom than the cleaner. And we can save electric bill if we use some candles instead of the lights at night. I like aromatherapy.so I sometimes select essential oils and put those into the pot. After that,I enjoy the light of candle while the fire of candle is burning. I can not only relax by aromatherapy but also save electric bill. But I think it is impossible that I will live on 10,000 yen for a month. I must post how I can live on 10.000 yen for a month if I will be able to live on 10,000 yen for a month.


sign up!

Yesterday,I signed up for a SNS group that people enjoy doing scuba diving. Because I recently would like to do diving. My dad used to do diving and enjoyed doing diving for years. He used to take my family to Okinawa in order to do diving. While my dad done diving in Okinawa,we were waiting for him on the boat. He said to me that Okinawa's ocean was very beautiful. I understand him. Indeed,people who did scuba diving in Okinawa said to me same words. When I was a child,I couldn't do diving. So I enjoyed swimming or snorkeling in the ocean. Although I couldn't do diving at all, I could understand that Okinawa's ocean were fantastic. Because I could see the white sand beaches and clarity of the water when I went to Okinawa. If we can do scuba diving,we can see valuable corals and beautiful tropical fishes into Okinawa's ocean. When I went to Hawaii,I done snorkeling in Hanauma Bay. I heard that the many corals had died in there because of disruption of ecosystem. But while I did snorkeling in there,I could find many beautiful tropical fishes. After going to Hawaii,I hoped that I will do diving someday. So I signed up for the group "Enjoy do scuba diving". I look forward to doing scuba diving in Okinawa.

The peace after release

I am in the peace after release. I finally managed to release the programs that I had done testing for weeks. By the way,I am reading same book for weeks.I read about "self-interest" and "Boredom" of it. It was written that we must investigate how much variety there is in the tasks we perform.I agree this thought very much. Certainly,I sometimes feel boredom when I am working.But I try to find tasks that I can feel exciting. If I can't do that,I must quit my work at once.I think the job as engineer seems absolutely perfect for me.My job is like finding the answers by myself. I like thinking about tasks and finding the answers by myself when I am working. Of course if it is necessary that I must discuss with co-workers,I can do. I deeply hope that I would like to find out things more. Next,it was written that we must not think only about salary and workload.I understand it very much. All this time,when I could get jobs,I didn't select jobs for only salary and workload. I selected jobs for what the job involves. In the past,I heard that we selected the difficult way and so we were able to find many things.I agree this thought. Of course we need money to live. But if I have some money to live and nice job,I am very satisfied very much. What I mean is that it is very important that we keep finding things by myself with excessive thinking and trying to change.


Good sleep

I read the book about sleep. It was written that good sleep is important to work or do everything. I couldn't sleep deeply in the past.So I felt tired all day because of sleep deprivation. Now, I can sleep every day.I reminded me of the one movie after reading the chapter about sleep. It was "The Machinist".I watched it last year. The story was about sleepless man Christian Bale played. He was not able to sleep at all and went to the cafe every nights.And strange accidents were happening around him. We can find the reason that he couldn't sleep as we keep watching movie.I was very scared after I finished watching this movies. Anyway,good sleeping is very important.The brains are able to take a rest while we are sleeping. But now,I am feeling sleepy because I sat up late this weekend. I know it is a bad habit and stop sitting up late while weekends. Anyway, good seep is very important to us.So I decided to sleep early tonight.


Nintendo DS lite sold out

Today is a day of starting sale of Nintendo DS lite.I had been checking the web sites of shops in order to get it since last week. But it was difficult that we reserved it on the web sites because the sale number of Nintendo DS lite was limited by Nintendo. There is a huge electronic store near my office. when I arrived at my office and checked the emails in the morning,one of co-worker said that there are many people that are waiting for sale of Nintendo DS lite in front of the store. I would like to wait for it like them but I can't. Then I saw the news about Nintendo DS lite and was very surprised because 600 people had waited for the sale of Nintendo DS lite before opening time. According to the news,Some of people had been standing in front of the stores since last night and waiting for it. Of course I would like to get Nintendo DS lite soon but I can't stand in front of stores for many hours. Indeed,it is very difficult to get even Nintendo DS.I said to my friend that I would get Nintendo DS lite next month. But he said to me,"It is very impossible!" So I wonder when I will get Nintendo DS lite.


Writing down about my life

I am reading new book about what I must do in order to get a good life.Recently,I didn't read books such as this book. But I like those type of books and often read those in the past.The book I am reading contains 100 chapters and was written based on scientific and survey data. The chapter I am reading now is about that it is very important to write down what I want and what I need.I agree this thought.In the past,I had read the similar book. At firt,it is very important that figure out what I want to do or get.And so we can get close our ideals as we write down about our ideals.I agree and I think the process is very important. After reading the book,I wrote down my goal and my task every day.Before I started my work,I checked this note and thought about my task again. After I finished my work,I checked it again.If I found the thing I forgot to do,I wrote down it on the note. Of course,if it was not necessary for me at once,I sometimes hang up to do it. Recently I didn't write down about my goal,s etc. As I am reading new book,I think it is very nice chance to think about my life. - What do I want? - What do I need? So I will start writing down my ideal since today.