Sea bream and omega-3 fatty acid

Recently, I often eat fish as dinner. Yesterday, I was in the mood for fish. So I ate fish again.

Sea bream's head!!!

The Japanese word for sea bream, tai, sounds similar to the word "mede-tai" or "felicity" and, what is more, it is auspiciously red in color.On festive occasions the tai is served broiled completely whole from head to tail.The wish for good luck is thought to be better conveyed through the full and perfect shape.

According this website, fish obtains omega-3 fatty acid, which protect against heart disease,stroke or arthritis. So I will try to eat fish.


Christmas rose's flower

After getting up in the morning, I always go to my balcony and I water all of my plants. Today, I could see flowers of "Christmas rose"! I am so glad!!!

This is Christmas rose.

My friend taught me how to get seeds of it and how to plant them. I thank her. I will try do that after enjoying flowers. And this is lavender.

By the way, I made a big mistake in the office... I could mange to void a big trouble... So I was so sad after my work... I have to be careful while I am working.

My arms

Yesterday, I ate Japanese tofu.

Fried thick Tofu is called "Atsuage-Tofu" in Japan. We often eat it with soy sauce and ginger. But I boiled Fried thick Tofu "Atsuage-Tofu" and carrots by Japanese soup(say sauce) at this time.

I started knitting after having a dinner. I kept knitting until 3 am. It is so fun for me. I would like to start knitting a woolen cap. So I have to finish knitting a muffler.

Now, I am feeling a pain in my arms.
hahaha.However, I want to stick with keep knitting.

I have to stop keeping knitting for many hours. So I will take a rest if I feel a pain in my arms for now.


Chicken cacciatora

A few days ago, I cooked at home and ate this.

- Chicken cacciatora

Of course, I used a rosemary of my home for cooking!!! This is my rosemary. I harvest rosemary every day. Then I drink the tea of rosemary.

Yesterday, I found flowers of Japanese vegetable "Asupara na". They were so cute!!!

However, I harvested them.

I boiled them and eat them. The taste of Japanese vegetable "Asupara na" is similar to a tast of Asuparagus.

By the way, I watched the movie "The Private Lives of Pippa Lee" yesterday. To tell the truth, it was so so...


The Private Lives of Pippa Lee

Today, I will leave from my office at 5 pm. Because I will watch the movie "The Private Lives of Pippa Lee".

I will write about the movie later.
I like Keanu Reeves. So I watch his movies. I like these movie.

- Speed
- The Gift
- Sweet November
- The Matrix
- The Matrix Reloaded
- The Matrix Revolutions
- The Lake House
By the way, I enjoyed gardening on this weekend. Then I harvested Japanese vegetable Komatsuna again.


Garland chrysanthemum "Syungiku" and sardines

In the past, Japanese eat garland chrysanthemum.

My chrysanthemum is fine.

So I made a salad of chrysanthemum.

A few days ago, I bought sardines in the super market.

Then I cut them and I made Japanese food "Sashimi" of sardines.

My father's hobby was scuba when I was a child. He often went to the ocean and enjoyed diving. Sometimes, he caught some fishes and he made delicious foods of fishes. He taught me how to cut fishes. So I can cut only small fish.


Cutting propagation

These are sprouts of Japanese vegetable "Komatsuna". I planted seeds at the end of the year. I think we can harvest them in the winter although we need to wait more time.

Plants from my friend are nice.
- Camomile

- Christmas rose
Maybe, I'll be able to watch flowers of Christmas rose soon. When I'll be able to watch flowers, I'll show you photos of them.
Now, I am trying to increase plants of lavender. According to the book of herb, we can increase plants by cuttings.
So I am trying to grow lavender from cuttings.

I hope it will grow vertically from a root!!!



After work, I went to the super market and bought some foods and wine. I watered our plants and vegetables after I arrived at my home at the night. This is Japanese vegetable "Asupara na".
Then I cooked. This chicken was cooked with soy sauce and vinegar.

After having a dinner, I started knitting a muffler.

When I felt tired, I drank wine. Then I started knitting. It is so fun. Finally, I kept knitting until 3 am.So I am feeling sleep now.


Lavender's potpourri and Hellebores

Yesterday, I left my office as soon as it was 6 pm because my friend sent me a gift . So I received it at a night. she sent me a plant of "Hellebores" and chamomile. When I told her that I couldn't get it last year and I'll plant seeds of chamomile in this spring. Then she sent me it!!! I am so happy and I thank her. I hope I'll be able to see flowers!!! By the way, Hellebores is called "Christmas rose" in Japan. Is it strange? What is called in your country?

My lavender is good. So I got some flowers to make a potpourri yesterday.

My primrose is in flower.

In the evening, I take flowers into my room because it is so cold now.

Do you know Japanese food "Hanpen"??? I ate it last night.

After having a dinner, I knitted together. Although I didn't write it, I started to knitting since a new year day. When I was a junior high school, I knitted and enjoyed knitting. However, I didn't do it recently. My mother told me how to knit again. Now, I will try to knit because it is so cold... hahaha


Mizuna and rosemary

I often go to flower shops where are close to my home because I like to see beautiful flowers.

Yesterday, I went to there and I found this!

This is a rosemary!!! When I found it, I thought whether I had to buy it for a few min. But I bought it. I would like to see flowers of rosemary.
I'll have to prepare to plant vegetables of spring in Feb. So I will eat these vegetable "Mizuna".


German chamomile and companion planting

I like herbs. So I am planning to plant some herbs. So I read the boo and websites. According to the website "wikipedia", German chamomile is a companion plant!!! When I started growing vegetables, I knew about the companion planting for the first time. But I didn't know that German chamomile is a companion plant at all. I'll buy seeds of German chamomile because I like flowers of German chamomile.

Then I said my friend that I'll plant it. My friend already planted them and she said that she'll gave me them. I am so happy. I will upload photos after getting it.


The movie "E.T. The Extra Terrestrial"

My family likes to watch movies. So we often enjoy watching movies together since I was a child.

My mother said that my parent had gone to movie theater with me when I was a baby.

I have one memory. When I was 6 years old, I went to the movie theater with my mother and we had watched the movie "E.T. The Extra Terrestrial". But I was so scared because of the movie. So I asked my mother to go back to my home. However, my mother didn't go back to home and we kept watching the movie. So I didn't remember the story of The movie "E.T. The Extra Terrestrial" at all. On new year day, we watched the movie "E.T. The Extra Terrestrial".

I really enjoyed watching to the movie. The story was so wonderful. I was so impressed. When I was watching it , I shed my tears.



You may know my hobby is traveling. I have been to China with my mother last year. This year, I decide to go to Spain!!!

Today, I signed up the tour of Spain on the net! I am so excited because Spain is one of my favorite countries and I wanted to go to there for a long time.

I'll go to there in March. I can't wait to go to there. Before going to Spain, I have to check about Spain more.

Garlic and parsley

I miss the spring because I can't plant seeds of plants. By the way, vegetables are fine now.

- garlic
- parsley

- Japanese vegetable "Asupara na"

A few days ago, I bought some fish in the super market and I cooked some foods.

- "Buri no teriyaki"

Japanese food "Buri no teriyaki" is so popular as Japanese new year's food. I like it and I often eat it in the winter.

Now, I have one seed at my home. This is a seed of avocado. A few days ago, I ate it and I am keeping a seed of it. hahaha

I checked some websites. They planted seeds of avocado and they are growing them. I want to try!!!Maybe, I will plant a seed of avocado on the weekend.

The movie "The Argentine"

When I stayed at my parent's home, I watched movies.

So I want to write about it.

At first, I watched the movie "The Argentine".

In the past, I read the dairy of Ernesto Che Guevara.

But I didn't know about him well. When the movie was released in Japan, I couldn't watch it in the theater. I like the director "Steven Soderbergh". For example, I like his movies "Sex, Lies, and Videotape" and "Erin Brockovich" ,"Ocean's Eleven ".

After watching the movie "The Argentine", I could understand about him and the history. The story was so sad because he was so dead. But I think it is important to know the true.


soba and osechi

On 31th of Dec, my family went to Japanese restaurant. I ate Japanese noodle "soba". It is common to eat "soba" in Japan and it is called "Toshikoshi soba".Toshikoshi soba is traditionally eaten for New Year's celebrations. The long noodles are wishes for long life.

After having a lunch, my mother started to prepare traditional Japanese New Year foods "Osechi" and I helped her. I made the ham of the chicken.

This is Japanese vegetable "Komatsuna".

I brought this from my home to give it for my parent. I picked them to make "Ohitashi" of Komatsuna.

When it was a time of dinner, we ate "Ohitashi" of Komatsuna.



I want to write about my new year. I went to Nagoya city by the bus.On the way, I could see beautiful lights.

I went to Nagoya city by the bus.on the way, I could see beautiful lights. Then I arrived at Nagoya station at 6 am of the next day after 7 hours. I got on the train and I could arrive at my parent's home at about 7 am. Then I had a breakfast. I ate these(Japanese grilled egg "Tamagoyaki" and grilled Japanese food "Satsuma age" is fried fish cake from Kagoshima, Japan.).

After taking a nap for a few hours, I went to the huge flower shop where is close to my parent's home. There are many plants in there. So I wanted to there. I found a lavender in the flower shop and I bought it. Because I had looked for it since last year. When I found it in there, I was really so happy!!!