Pacific saury

Do you like fishes? I love fishes so much. In Japan,we call pacific saury "Sanma". Japanese often eat when it is autumn. Becusae Sanma are in season now. Especially, Samna of this year are so delicious!!!

So I often eat them! I think I eat Sanma 3 times a week!

I love grilled Sanma with ponzu sauce!!!

By the way, vegetables are bigger!

- Water spinach "Kushinsai"

- Potherb Mustard "Mizuna"

I found small sprout of Mizuna!!!!

- spinach "Hourensou"

The spinach is still small. I have to keep growing the spinach for at least 1 or 2 months.


Japanese vegetable "Asupara na"

In the morning, I water my plants. My cup runneth over when I watch them at home. A few days ago, I planted seeds of the lettuce. I want to get many heads of lettuce soon! The vegetables are fine and they are bigger. - Asupara na

Japanese vegetable "Asupara na" is a winter vegetable. I will plant seeds of them again in Nov.

- rocket

Now, I can eat rocket! So I often eat them!


Komatsuna's sprout

I had written about Japanese vegetable "Komatsuna" a few days ago.

Finally, I found Komatsuna's sprout are bigger!!! I am so happy!!!

I think this is Japanese vegetable. It is called "Asupara na".

According to the some website, the taste looks like asparagus. In the summer, I grew them. However, I gave up growing them because of the insect damage... Now, I try not to use the pesticide. Because I want to eat healthy vegetables. So I have to check the vegetables every day. If I find insects, I remove them.

Yesterday, I went to the supermarket at the night. I could buy 2 fishes(yellowtail) and the chicken at a low price in the supermarket.

After coming back to my home, I cooked Japanese fish's dish at home. The dish is called "Buri no arani".

I like this dish. So I often cook this when I find the yellowtail in the supermarket. On the weekend, I will try to make the chicken's ham because I found the good recipe on the net. I will write about it later.