Interesting websites

When I read one person's blog, I found interesting websites.

The 10 Worst ROKSO Spammers


I will try it later. I am afraid that I must be poor.


Keep working

I am keeping finding bugs and releasing programs for about 3 month.

But I was a little tired. 2 weeks ago, I sometimes get vertigo and have heavy headache.

So I went to the doctor and I am taking some medicine.

I wish that my task will be over and take holidays for 1 or 2 months because I am lazy and I am not an workaholic.


Tokyo tower

Do you remember the book "Tokyo Tower"?

Once, I had written about it on this blog.
The story is about one family.
At this night, the TV drama of "Tokyo Tower" will be broadcasted in Japan.

I look forward to watching it. It must be true that I will be impressed with his mother and him and shed my tears.


Stupid government

I know that Japanese government is stupid.

It a report and target about Japanese education.

Strategy to child

- The home must be doing. [ What should I do in the starting point of the education ]. "Alcove" is made in the apartment of a housing complex and the apartment house, etc. The bus is not used in the excursion, and "Education of endurance" such as making it sit for 3-5 hours in the temple is done. The room in the mat is made in the school.

What do you think this stupid thing?

It lives together for about two weeks in simple lodgings and the physical labor is done. "The age changed here" and "Japan perishes if not changing" are announced, and it administers shock therapy. The virtual reality says it is evil as Hakkiri. They are stupid and teachers and children are suffer because of stupid Japanese government. It lives together for about two weeks in simple lodgings and the physical labor is done. Please read this.



I like playing video games. But I can't stand and wait for selling PS3 all night.

Could you stand up in front of the stores and wait for selling PS3 all cold night?


Japanese best actor

Do you know Japanese actor Yusaku Matsuda?

You may know him because he had played as a role the movie "Black Rain".

I didn't know his best time as actor because I didn't watch his movies and dramas when I was a child.

But now, we and younger people like him and he is a hero for us although we didn't know them at real time.

I like his movies. Because I think his play were real and wonderful. When I watch the movie the moive that he played a killer role, I feel fear. When I watch the TV drama that he acted funny, I feel funny and I laugh.

I like these movie
- Kazoku gêmu

- Tantei monogatari

- Yajû shisubeshi

I want to watch his movies. So I will rent them tomorrow.

Big eater

I like Japanese noodle "soba". But I was very surprised at this news.

He ate wanko soba of 329 cups.

I like eating delicious food. But I can't eat 329 cups of soba.

I think that we can't eat wanko soba in Japan because there aren't any restaurants of Iwate food. Please try eating wanko soba if you go to this restaurant.


Do you know a song of this video?

This song is popular in Japan.
The title of the song is "Arigatou".
It means that I thank you. I like this song. The title and lyric are very nice.

So I dedicate this video to one person who sent me wonderful things.

The lyric is here.
--- There are wonderful persons around me.
I thank you. the word of thank you is my favorite word.
you are precious for me.
I hope that we are happy forever.
I am glad and I am happy because I could meet you.
We are not alone because there are wonderful people around us and they help us.

Japanese school

Big problem in Japan.

I am watching the program on TV now.

I can't believe now.

I don't want to write about bad thing. But I want to know about other countries's situations. So I decided to write about one thing.

Do you know that Japanese children recently suicide because of school bullying? Children hurt other children in Japan.(If you want to know one sad happen, you can read this But more other sad things happen in Japan.).

The news are often said about the news of it in Japan.
If you know about Japanese school bullying, you couldn't believe because it is terrible. I may suicide if I was a child.

I remember one person said that Japanese education is good and other countries try to innovate Japanese education.

It is wrong.

The old education system of Japan may be good.

But the education system of our generations changed worse than old one. And current education system is worse.

The teachers can't pay attentions to children who do wrong things because of the wrong education system's manual of Japanese government.

If the teachers pay attentions to bad children, overprotective parents go to school and they complain.

The overprotective parents don't educate and they depend on teachers and schools.

I think that the number like those parents is increasing in Japan.

In the past,people thought the job of teacher was a wonderful job. But now, it was different. Many of teachers are suffering. Many of they became mental sick. Then they quit jobs in Japan.

So many of people don't want to become teachers because they spend a hard time while working without any joys. Of course me too.
To tell the truth, I don't want to become a teacher if I have a chance to become a teacher in Japan.

It is very sad.

But it is true.

The education system and society may become worse in Japan.

Are there children who suicide because of school bullying in your country?

And are number of children who suicide increasing in your country?


Big surprise

Yesterday, I went back home after work. Then one big surprise waited for me.


After I got a wonderful and beautiful bouquet from the man of home-delivery service, I didn't know who sent it to me at all. Then I opened a bouguet from the box and I found a message card.

Yes! I could understand who sent me. XXXX,I really thank you.(hahaha).I just did what I wanted to do. Anyway, this bouquet is very beautiful.

This bouquet and card are my treasure. To tell the truth, I wanted to bring the bouquet to my desk of my office in order to look at it while working. So I posted the photo of bouquet in order to look at it while working at my office.



Japanese poetry

Do you know Japanese poetry Haiku?

Recenlty,I enjoy making Haiku.

At frist, I thought it was difficult to make Haiku. A few weeks ago, I saw one woman's blog on the net. She is older than me. And she made Haiku. Her Haiku was very interesting. So I decided to make Haiku.

My haiku are here.

- 朝起きる ヨガして 今日もがんばるぞ
Asa okiru yoga shite kyou mo ganbaruzo
- 昨日はね 夜更かしネットで 寝不足だ
kinou wa ne yofukasi net de nebusoku da
- 来年に ペナンに行くよ 楽しみだ
rainen ni penang ni ikuyo tanoshimi da
Sorry that they are Japanese.

It is very fun to make Haiku.


My next vacation

I forgot to talk about my next travel.

Yes, I went to the travel agency on Saturday and paid money.

My next travel is Penang.

I had gone to Penang last year. But I couldn't go to some places and I couldn't do scuba diving.Please look at this if you want to know more.

In addition, my mother wants to go to Penang with me.

At first, I thought that I would go to Langkawi because my friends and Lizze recommend.
But I changed my mind.

I want my mother to see Penang.

Anyway, I will go to Penang with my mother on January of next year.

I can't wait for going to Penang again.

Mircrophone and cold

Hi! I am fine. But I have a cold again because I took a shower after doing Yoga on Saturday and walked for 1 hours.I was stupid. By the way, I bought a microphone and I finished setting up of Skype. I can talk by a microphone. (Fabi,thanks.Because it was a first time to talk by a microphone although I didn't finish setting up of a microphone and I couldn't hear you.I was stupid.hahaha) I will write about the travel agency and my next travel.


About women

Today is a holiday. But I have to work. So I am in my office now.

By the way, one my favorite movie was broadcasted on TV and I watched it at last night.

"All about my mother"

Have you ever seen it?

I can't explain why I like this movie well.

After watching this movie, I think about various women and lives again. One mother lost his son. She tried to find her ex husband and she met actress and nurse and her parents and her ex husband etc. But they had some troubles and one mother helped them and they helped one mother. I think that they were very good persons although they had problems about themselves.

I can't remember how many times I have watched this movie. But my feels are different after watching it. This movie keeps my trust even if I had watched it many times.

I really recommend this movie.


about George W. Bushism

I like this blog. This blog is written about George W. Bushism's comment and others.

If you look at it, you may laugh.

His comments are funny.