My trip of Kagoshima #4

I want to write about the trip of Kagoshima again.

My father and I had gone to many places of Kagoshima by the bus.

- Nagasaki bana

There are some shops and gardens, a zoo around there. I took photos of my dad in there.And my dad took the photo of me.

Although the season wasn't spring, I could see beautiful flowers. In the past, Japanese often had gone on the wedding trip. I heard that from my dad and mom. But they had gone to Guam!!!Wow. I heard My dad wanted to go to Guam!!! Now, he doesn't want to go to other countries... I can't understand him at all.

- Ibusuki city and sand bath

Sand bath of Ibusuki is famous. It was first time for me. Many people enjoyed them. Of course, me too. I heard that they can't put up with sand bath for about 10 mins. But I could enjoy sand bath for 40 mins. I think I could enjoy sand bath because I did hot yoga before.

My dad was scared of sand bath and he gave up to sand bath.hahaha

You know that I love hot springs. Of course, I went to the hot spring of the hotel after enjoying sand bath. Then I was surprised because the water of the hot spring is ocean water! I heard that all of hot springs of Ibusuki are sea water. They are different from other hot springs. So you have to take a shower and wash the body and your hair after entering hot springs of Ibusuki.

- the factory of satsumaage "Satsuma an"

Satsuma age of Kagoshima is a famous food. I heard that Takamori Saigo loved satsuma age. Although there is a statue of him in Ueno zoo and there is a different statue in Kagoshima city. By the way, I didn't like satsuma age before. But I love it at once when I ate satsuma age. It was different from satsuma age of Tokyo. I wanted to buy a lot of them. But they are made from fish and they have to be keept in the refrigerator for a few days. So I gave up buying many satsuma age because I must not eat all of them for few days... So I bought a few them at the factory and I kept them in fridge. Of course, my dad too.

- the factory of Shochu and gold mountain

We went to the one Japanese restaurant and enjoyed having a lunch.

Then we went to the factory of Shochu. Shochu of Kagoshima is made from sweet potato and kouji. I can drink other shochu... But Shocu of Kagoshima smells awful... So My dad and I couldn't drink them at all...

After seeing the factory of Shochu, we went to the gold mountain. In the past, there were a lot of gold mountains in Kagoshima and people found the gold in undergrounds. I think it was hard to work in the underground while I saw the factory. They couldn't see any lights and the works were so hard... I respect them. There is a temple and the gold statue in the underground.

Golds were exported to Chinese, Uk etc. Many people of other countries had lived in Kagoshima and Nagasaki. And Shimazu had a lot of money and they imported to the dishes of Chinese, silks etc. Before the trip of Kagoshima, my mother asked us to buy the gold!!!! Indeed, there are expensive things in the stores. But we didn't buy them. hahaha.

Then we went back to the hotel. There are a lot of beautiful dishes in there. They were called "Satsuma yaki".

People of Kagoshima had learned how to make them from Chinese and UK,Portuguesa etc.

- The garden and houses of Shimazu "Sengan en"

You know I love gardens. So I really wanted to go to there. We had a luxury lunch in there and we went around the gardens and many houses.

- The museum "Syuko sen kan"

This museum was built by Shimazu. You can enter to there for free. There are a lot of exhibits in there. I enjoyed seeing them for 2 hours with my dad. If you go to there, you will learn about the history of Japan and Kagoshima etc. I want to go to there again.

- the factory of the glass "Satusma kiriko"

The glass of Kagoshima is famous.

We watched the way glass blowers made glassware for about 30 mins. It is so excellent and their skill is wonderful! The glasswares are so beautiful.If you have a money, please buy them! They aren't expensive too much.


My trip of Kagoshima #3

Do you like the movie "Mononoke hime" of Hayao Miyazaki?

Of course, I love it so much. By the way, do you know that he imagined the story of the movie when he had gone to Yakushima island of Kagoshima? There are a lot of islands of Kagoshima and natures. Yakushima is a famous island. But I couldn't go to there when I went to Kagoshima. I was sorry.

But I found many goods of Hayao Miyazaki's works.

I wish I will go on a trip of Yakushima island someday. Do you want to go there?


British Tourist Authority

Finally, I finished testing programs. Oh, I can study English!!!

Yesterday, I went to the British Tourist Authority again. The place is close to Tameike station. Before I had gone to UK last year, I went to there with my mom.

I told my mom that I went to there 2 weeks ago. She wanted the travel guide books of 2008. So I went to there yesterday.

Unfortunately, British Tourist Authority is closed on weekend. If it would be opened on weekend, I'll often go to there. If it is possible, I'd like to go to UK again this year and stay longer. Anyway, I have to save money.hahaha

To tell the truth, I am thinking that I'll change my living place. The apartment is close to Shinjyuku. But the rent is too expensive although the room is small... So I hope I'll move on July or Aug. I don't care that it is far from the office. I would like to save money and try to put up with getting the train for a few hours.hahaha


My trip of Kagoshima #2

Hi,I am keeping to test programs today. I wonder when I will be able to finish...

By the way, I want to write about my trip of Kagoshima. Yes, I had been to there on Feb with my dad.

This is Sakura island of Kagoshima.

The landscape was beautiful. I could see the oceans in there. I met some American and Australian. They enjoyed it too.

We can go to there by a ferry. We got on the ferry for 13 mins. The price is 150 yen. So people of Kagoshima often use the ferry.

While getting on the ferry, I talked with American. He came from Frolida and he said that he would keep traveling for 3 months!!! I envy him.hahaha

Then we went to Kirishima city. The hot spring of Kirishima is famous. In addition, Shochu, porks,etc.

We stayed in the hotel "hotel Kyocera".

The hotel was luxury. There are hot springs and shops, restaurants, spas etc. I hope I will stay in there again. I heard that big Japanese companies built the office around the hotel. So I met many other countries. They used this hotel for business. After enjoying hot springs, I went to the bar of this hotel. I drank a cup of wine and read the book for 1 hours. The view from the bar was good. Of course, the dishes too. My dad and I ate Kagoshima foods too much!!! And beer too.hahaha

The famous and delicious foods of Kagoshima are here.
- "Satsuma age"

- "Black pork"("Kuro buta")
- Katsuo tataki(sliced bonito)

Of course there are famous other things.(clothes,dishes,etc) If you want to know them, please check this website. I will write about my trip again!


New Japanese movie director - Hitoshi Matsumoto

Hi,folks! How are you? I am fine.

Today, I want to write about one movie.

The title is "Dai-nihonjin". It means a big Japanese man.funny...

This movie's director is Hitoshi Matsumoto. His is an also comedian. His comedian's name is "Down Town". Since I was 14 years, I have known him. Yes, new generation of Japanese comedy. Indeed, he is most popular among young Japanese. He is called "The boss of New generation of Comedy" in Japan. I think it got to be true!

Finally, he made a movie by himself. Last year, the movie was released. Then I watched it last month. Some of reviews weren't good. But I like his movie and I could laugh while watching his movie! I think that the comedy is so difficult. There aren't any comedians who make all of people laugh. Especially, his comedy is black. So I like UK's comedy. For exmaple,"Extras","The IT Crowd","Little Britain" I think Japanese public TV "NHK" don't allow to broadcast these TV programs. So many people don't often watch TV programs of NHK. The gap between NHK and us is big! hahaha (I'm sorry!!!! But I think comedians are so smartest.)

Anyway, please watch his movie if you have a chance.


The movie festival of Cannes

Now, I often check the website of the movie festival "cannes". It is held now.

You know that I love movies and I love Sean Penn. He is attending as a jury president. I found some movies that I would like to watch at once.

- "Changeling"

- "Guerrilla"
I love the director of this movie "Steven Soderbergh" and the main character "Benicio Del Toro". Although I watched the movie "21G", Benicio Del Toro was so nice.
After watching the movie, I like him so much.

- "I Am Because We Are"

This is a documentary movie. I love true stories. Especially, I have to watch this movie and know that terrible things and understand children.

- tokyosonata

Recently, I think Japanese movies are better. I like the actress of this movie "Kyoko Koizumi".She was a singer. But recenlty, she is popular as an actress.

- Yamano anata tokuichi no koi

This movie is released now. Tuyoshi Kusanagi whom I love played as a main character. I think he is a good actor. For example, his TV programs(drama) are popular. If you have a chance, please watch his TV drama! I hope that you like!

Anyway, I will keep cheking the interesting movies.If you find it, please tell me!

Charo episode9 - The strange dream

Charo is still down in Dread's nest after being terribly seasick. Shota appears in his dream.

Charo: Shota was crying sometimes. He was lonely. His mother died last year.

Shota: ごめんね、チャロ。 これは二人の秘密だよ。お父さんには内緒なんだ。

Charo: He was sad, but he was hiding it. He tried to seem okay.

Charo: One day, Shota said that we were going on a trip to America with his father. Then, Shota's grandma gave us a lucky charm. I'm wearing it. It's here... on my collar.

Shota: チャロ、よかったね。おそろいだよ。

Charo: In America, we were having great fun.

Shota: 見て、チャロ。ほっとドックのソーセージがあんなに大きい!

Charo: Every day there was a surprise. But I was left alone... at the airport... What happened?

An airplane flies over Charo. He madly runs after it.

Charo: Don't go, Shota! I'm still here! I don't want to be left alone. Shota! Shota!

Charo is mumbling in his sleep, with tears in his eyes.

Margherita: Hey, you need some rest, too, Dread. It's my turn to stay awake.

Dread: Nah, I'm not sleepy.

Margherita: ... You know, Dread... You're really sweet.

Dread: No. I'm not. It's Charo. Noisy kid. I couldn't get to sleep anyway.

A friend is one who shares your fears, my friend

One who'll stroke your back while in pain

My friend, have you cried to your heart's content?

Here I am to make laugh again

Won't you smile again?

Charo: (talking his dream) I can get back to Japan. That's for sure...isn't it?

Just as he says this, some thick violent smoke rises from nowhere. And look! A strange woman.

Andorra: Yes, Charo. Sure. You'll get to see the boy again.

Charo: W...who are you...?

Andorra: I am the dream-traveler. I peeked into your dream. I hope you didn't mind.

Charo: My... dream?

Andorra: Someday I will help you.

Charo: Wait! Who are you?

Charo wakes up. It's Dread's nest. Margherita is sitting right beside him.

Margherita: Charo! You're awake! Great! Dread, Dread! Charo is awake!

Dread: Oh... Good.

Checking on the pup, Dread is realieved, and closes his eyes.

Margherita: It's so good to have you back. Dread stayed with you the whole time you were asleep.

Charo: Dread?

Margherita: Shhh... it's his turn to get some rest. He must have been really sleepy.

Listening to Dread's loud snores, Charo looks up at the night sky with a puzzled look on his face.

Charo: I met a very strange woman...


Wait for today!

Finally, Friday came. I had waited for today....

This week, I was so tired. Because I had to keep testing programs and find bugs...

Today, I was late for the office.

What time did I get up?

The answer is 9:30 am....

I think that the reason has got to be watch the movie until 3:40 am. hahaha.

Then I took a shower and went to the office. I arrived at my office at 11 am. I know I'm not a good employee....

Anyway, I am glad because tomorrow is a holiday! I'll take a rest enough!


Find the bugs!!!

Today, I arrived at my office at 11 am. Because I had gone to the hospital. Last week, I had checked my blood. So before checking my blood, I had stopped drinking wine!

The result was good.

So I will drink wine!!!

By the way, I was keep testing the program...

Yes, it was a little tired.

Oh, I have to go back to do the test because the time which I will go home will be come.


Is he a comedian or wonderful movie director for you?

You may know Takeshi Kitano as the movie director. Of course, it is true.

But Japanese think that he is a comedian. Since I was a child, his TV programs were funny and popular. In the past, he made a scene and be arrested. After then, he couldn't show on TV for about a few years.

Anyway, his TV programs are still broadcasted.

What do you think?

Because French don't know he is a comedian!!! When I heard that, I was so surprised at all.

Is he a comedian or movie director for you?


Charo episode8 - The tragic boat Ride

So now, Charo is on board a bout full of Japanese decorations. It is Charo's very frist boat ride, so everything is new to him.


He peeks around but is very careful not to be noticed. Suddenly, he thinks he hears some Japanese.


A Japanese cook is explaining sometning to another cook.

Japanese cook: Okay, this daikon. Japanese radish. This one is shoga. It's pickled ginger. So people call it gari.

Cook: Oh, okey, chief. This is daikon. and this is shoga or gari, right?


Charo continues to explore and wanders into another section boat.

Passenger1: Wow! I've never eaten so much sushi in all my life!

Passenger2: Me, neither! With the beautiful NY view and all this sushi, this is just awesome!

Here, Charo peeps out a little too much. One of them notices him.

Passenger1: Look! What a cute dog!

The young woman comes over to Charo and picks him up.

Passenger1: He's still a puppy!

Passenger2: Maybe he belongs to one of the crew members.

Passenger1: Hey, little puppy, do you want to go out to the deck with us? I think we are just about to pass by the status of Liberty.

The boat seems to have already traveled far. At least, that's what Charo thought.

Passenger1: That's it! That's the Statue of Liberty!

Passenger2: I'll take a picture of you and this puppy with the statue in the back.

Passenger1: Thanks. That'll be nice. Look,pup, look at the camera!


Passenger: Oh,he's so adorable!

The boat is getting closer and closer to the famous Statue of Liberty. But just then, Charo has a strange feeling. The boat isn't going out to the ocean at all.


Passenger1: Okay,sweetie. I'll let you go.

Just at that moment, Charo sees everything around him go round and round in circles.


Charo is seasick. Terribly seasick. He has never felt this bad before.

Meanwhile, Dread and Margherita are still at the pier. They are too empty-hearted to leave the place.

Margherita: Oh, no...look!!!

Dread: What...what is it?

Margherita: The boat. It's coming back.

As soon as the boat parks, a crewman dumps Charo onto the pier.

Dread: Charo!!!

Crewman: Now don't you smuggle in again! you dog!

Dread and Margherita dash towards Charo.

Margherita: Charo,Charo! What happened to you? Open your eyes! Eake up!


Dread: Are you all right? Are you hurt?

Charo is completely done in. It seems that Dread and Margherita will have to take care of Charo... for just a little bit longer.


Japanese anime "Golgo 13"

Well, you know I love Japanese anime. So I sometimes buy anime and enjoy reading them.

Yesterday, I watched the one TV program. Then I knew one anime.

The anime is "Golgo 13". This anime is so famous. But I don't read them at all. After watching TV, I realized that the character of the anime is so funny!

So I bought them in the morning. This anime is still published. I need time to read all of them! I will write about it after reading them.


where is spring???

How cold!!! Well, I feel cold now. Since yesterday, the weather of Japan is strange... Last month,it was too hot. So I put on only T-shirt. However,it seems that winter came back again. According to the weather news, typhoon will be coming now. I miss the nice weather!!!


Charo episode7 - Charo,Jump!!!

One day, Dread runs up to Charo and Margherita. It seems like he has something to say.

Dread:Charo, you're here. Good. I brought you some great news.
Dread:Yeah,listen.Your country,Japan is connected to our countr, the U.S.,by ocean.
Dread:Yeah, a big, big ocean. Between the U.S and Japan.
Margherita:Wait a minute.That means he can go back to Japan by boat?
Dread:Exactly. You hop onto the right boat,cross the ocean, and you'll be in Japan.
After crossing several avenues, the three dogs get to where the fiver lows. Upstream, they see a pier.

Dread:See,Charo? There's a boat.
Dread:Way up there.
Margherita:Could it be a Japanese boat?
Dread:Let's find out.
They run ahead to the pier where the big white boat is staying.

Margherita:Bingo! The sigh says "sushi!. It's got to be a Japanese boat.
Dread:Hey,Charo,see that terrace? Go up there and jump!
Charo:From there? It's high...
Dread:Not that high. Just make sure you're running fast enough when you jump.
Charo:Yes, I will try.
Margherita:Oh, Charo, you are so...(Too emotinal for words) Okay, I'll bark and make a scene to noboday will notice when you jump.
Dread:Good idea. Charo, are you ready?
Margherita:Well, then. I suppose it's goodbye. Oh, Charo, we'll miss you so much.
Charo:I will miss you,too. Thank you. I want to say more but I can't say it well.
Margherita:That's okay,Charo. We understand.
Dread:Okay,that's enough. Now move.
Dread gives Charo a light push. Charo runs to the staircase.

Margherita:Goodby, Charo!
Margherita makes sure Charo gets to the terrace...and starts to bark.

Creman:What is it? Get out of here,crazy dog!
Margherita keeps barking and gets everyone's attention.

Dread:Charo, now jump!
Charo.Yes. Arf!
Charo makes a long jump. He falls onto the top deck near the stern of the boat.

Dread:Good job!
Just then,with a loud whistle, the boad starts to leave.

Charo:Goodbye,Margherita. Goodbye, Dread

watching movies

Well,I went to Nagoya & fish market. But I didn't go to other place because there were a lot of people in famous place and they had to wait for long time. So we watched movies.

The movies that I watched were here.

- "Charlotte Gray"

you know that I love Cate Blanchett. She is so smart and beautiful. I saw this movie many times. I don't know how many times I had watched this movie. But after watching this movie, I always impressed. U especially like Billy Crudup. His character was a teacher and he tried to fight French government and save children of Judaism. Then the woman who Cate Blanchett played came from London to become a spy of UK and met him. At first, he didn't believe her at all. But later , she lived his father as the maid at his big house together. She took care of the childrent of Judaism and worked together. She tried to save them. Then they understood there were soul mates. After the war, she was going to meet him.

I think this movie was so interesting and I think about the war and peace while watching this movie.

- Veronica Guerin

yes. that's right. this movie was based on true story. She was dead... I wonder whether I could do like her... I really respect her.

- First Blood

-"The Holiday"

Sometime, I need funny or action movies . When I watched the movie "The holiday", I could remember UK!

funny tv program

Hello,how are you? I am a little tired because there were train's accident in the morning. So I had to wait for the train for 1 hour... The subway was so crowded and there were a lot of people who tried to go to the offices. Anyway, I want to write about one funny TV program.

The title is "charo". The story is about little dog where got lost in US and he tried to go back to Japan. I bought the text book too. The story is interesting and I can learn English too!


Fish market "Ishiki"

Hi,how are you? I am fine. I didn't upload my blog at all. By the way, now I am in the office. I will write about the big fish market "Ishiki" where I went to go. Last month, I went to Nagoya to meet my parents. And we went to the fish market to eat Japanese food "Sushi" by the car.

Ishiki is famous as seafoods. After 2 hours, we arrived at the fish market. Then we went to Japanese restaurant "Musashi" where is famous as delicious foods.

Already, there were a lot of people that they wanted to eat Sushi!. So we had to wait for 1 hour to eat Sushi. Then we finally ate sushi!!! How huge and delicious!!!

I had never eaten the huge and delicious sushi! The price was 1550yen!!! I think it wasn't expensive because the fishes were fresh!!! If you have a chance,please go to there and eat seafoods.


Charo episode6 - Snow Dream

One day,Charo is walking by the park and a ball flies right in front of him. He jumps for the ball and catched it. At the same time, a charming little dong comes out from the bushes. It's the same dog he saw the other day.

Candy:Hey! That's mine.Give it back.

Charo:I'm sorry.I didn't mean to...
Candy:That's okay. Just give it back.
Chris: Candy!
The voice comes from beyond the bushes.

Candy:Arf,arf. I'm here!
Charo:So your name is Candy.
Candy:Y...yes. And you?
Charo:Candy...that's a nice name. I've never seen any dog...like you...in Japan.
Candy:You're from another country?
Charo:Yes,I 'm from Japan.
Candy:Chris is calling. I'd better get going. Thanks for catching the ball.
charo wants to say something, but Candy has already run back. He watches her jump cheerfully around Chris.

A few days later,Charo has a dream. In the dream, he is explaining to somebody how he met Shota.

Charo: It was snowing that day. I was so cold and hungry. Shota came and ound me.
Charo:But shota just went away. I was sad. I thought I was dying. Then Shota,again! With a sausage!
Charo:Shota picked me up and took me home. He wanted to keep me. But Shota's father said no.
Charo:Shota's father said nothing and went to his room. But shota didn't give up. He held me and sat outside.
Charo:Suppertime came but Shota stayed with me. Snow was falling.After a while, Shota's father came out. He said, "You win, Shota.". We were very, very happy. And Shota gave me a name.
Charo: I was excited. I had a name! I barked! Shota laughed, too... Right? Shota?

Charo wakes up. He is at Dread's nest in New York.

Dread:You're a noisy one, even when you're sleep?
Charo:Dread,I am going back to Japan.
Charo:Shota did everything for me. Now,I will do everything to go back to Shota.
Charo:I can do it. Yes,I can. And I have to. I have to get back home.