My trip of Penang #4 Stalls & local food of Penang

Do you know that Penan is called "Food paradise"?

There are many stalls and restaurants,shops,hotels around Batu Ferringhi. So many travelers often go to stalls around hotel at nights.

Of course me too.

I often went to this food stalls in Penang.

There are food stalls of many types.
These are menu of Chinese food stall. I ate this. It was very delicious.The price was RM6(120yen).

I found Japanese tenpanyaki's food stall.

When I had been to Penang for the first time, I eat Penang's local food "Fried Koai Teow". It was baked noodle with vegetables & prawn. I like it. So I ate it at food stalls or restaurants ,hotel every day.
This is a stall of "Fried Koai Teow".The price in only RM5(170yen)

I wanted to eat spring rolls. But the food stall was closed.

This is a seafood food stall. Seafood is not expensive in Penang. If you like seafood, you will be able to eat enough.

I went to a restaurant "Fantas" because food are delicious and it was close to the hotel.

I ordered "Fried Koai Teow" and beer,salad with my mother. But I couldn't eat all of it. So I taked away.The price was RM14(560yen).

Of course I ate it after 2 hours while drinking beer.
Although food stalls are good, other stalls are very interesting. You can find nice things at stalls.

I bought 2 bottles of perfume. The price was RM50(1500yen).Of course , I said "Please discount,please".

These are candles.

These are lamps. I wanted to buy them. But I gave up because I had no money.
These are DVD of films. I bought one DVD. The price was RM4(160yen).
Anyway, you can eat local food or other and buy all of things.(clothes,bags,clocks,wallets,malaysian's thing.) I really enjoyed walking around stalls. It was a good exercise because I ate too much while staying in Penang.

My trip of Penang #3 Butterfly farm & tropical spice garden

After walking around Georgetown of Penang, we looked for the taxi in order to go to Butterfly farm and tropical spice garden. Last year, I couldn't go to there. So I wanted to go to there.

I made a mistake when I and my mother got on the taxi. I didn't discout the price. So I had to pay RM45(1710 yen). Anyway, we went to Butterfly farm at first. The driver of the taxi was keep waiting for us.

When we entered into Butterfly farm, we were surprised becasuse there were a lot of beautiful butterflies. So we took a lot of pictures.

This bug is called "Man Face Bug".Funny.

This is a butterfly of Germany.

This is a butterfly of Malaysia.

This is a butterfly of Brazil.

This is a butterfly of Canada.

This is a butterfly of Japan.

I tried to find a butterfly of England. But there was not in there.
If you want to more photos of butterflies, look at this.

After seeing the Butterfly farm, we went to the tropical spice center by the taxi because I like hrebs. Tropical spice garden is very big. But there are a lot of species. The man who was a driver guided the tropical spice garden to us.

I really enjoyed walking around the tropical spice garden.If you go to there, you will be able to feel real nature.

We enjoyed seeing Butterfly farm & tropical spice garden for 2 hours. Then we got on the taxi and went back to hotel. It took 20 min from there to the hotel.
We took a rest for 1 hour and I went to the pool of the hotel and enjoyed swimming for 1 hour.

It is very hot until 6 pm. So local people and travelers go out since about 7 pm. There are many stalls and shops,restaurants around hotels. So you can buy anything and eat delicious local food too. Of course I enjoyed eating local food at food stalls and seeing shops.

I will write about stalls and local food of Penang later.

My trip of Penang #2 Going around Penang

After waking up at 7 am, I and my mother went to the restaurant of the hotel in order to have a breakfast. I ate too much. Of course I ate Indian Curry, Omlets, Penang's noodle "Chao Kway Teow" as breakfast. I didn't know this noodle "Chao Kway Teow" before I had gone to Penana last year. "Chao Kway Teow" is one of my favorite Penang's food.

After the breakfast, we went to the lobby of the hotel and waited for the bus. We planed to go around Penang and Batterfly farm and toropical spice garden. The bus arrived in front of the hotel and we got on the bus. At first, we went to the temples.
This is a Burmese temple.

This is Ne French buddhist temple.

Do you know about "Eto"?
I was born in the year of Tiger of "Eto".
This is a tiger of god.

After seeing temples, we went to the botanical garden. I like it so much. There are a lot of trees and flowers. In addition, there are some monkey in the garden!!!

This flower is very interesting. I don't know the name of this tree and I didn't see this tree and flower in Japan.

The Botanical garden is so large that I coudln't go around all of the botanical garden. I am sorry. If I have a chance, I will try going around all of the botanical garden.
After goint to the botanical garden, we went to the Fort Cornwallis.

Then we ate Chinese food at the restaurant and went back to the hotel. I will write about going to the butterfly farm & tropical spice garden.