The game of Japan

The temp of Tokyo is too hot...

I have to water plants and vegetables 2 times a day.

The vegetables are good because the sunshine is stronger.
I harvest lettuce and radish.

Maybe, tomato will become red color soon.

My father is looking forward to harvest tomatoes.
I would like to give him tomatoes when I will harvest them.

By the way, Japanese team couldn't win.

But I think Japanese players played well.

I was so impressed with them.
I can understand why some players shed tears.

I will keep to watch games of World cup !!!


Japanese movie "Shizumanu_Taiyō"

Today, I will watch the game of England.
It will start at 11 pm.

By the way, I watched Japanese movie "Shizumanu_Taiyō".

In the past, I had read a first volume of this novel.
So I didn't know the story at all.

You may know the main character "Ken Watanabe".

I like him.
So I try to watch his movies.

The main character is a office worker of Japan.
He had to leave Japan and he worked in outcountry places for many years.
Because he was mistreated by his company.

But he tried to work harder and do best.

Then he came back to Japan in order to solve one biggest trouble of his company.

The accident of the airline.
Many people died.

The writer wrote this novel after knowing the true accident.

When I watched this movie, I felt sad...
But this movie is so good.

I will watch this movie again to understand this movie more.


The game of Potugal vs North Korea

Do you know this flower?

This is a garland chrysanthemum.
In Japan, we eat leaves of garland chrysanthemum.
I planted seeds of it and harvested it.

Recently, I didn't harvest it at all because I can harvest lettuce every day.

Today, I found a flower of garland chrysanthemum.

This garland chrysanthemum is grown for ornamental purpose. Last night, I watched the game of Portugal vs North Korea.
Portugal was so good.
I will watch games tonight!


My trip of Spain #15 The festival of Valencia

I stayed in Valencia of Spain because I wanted to watch the famous festival "Las Fallas de San Jose".

I took a rest in the hotel for a hour. Then I asked a hotel staff how to go to a festival's place.

They told me that I would got on the taxi.
So I looked for a taxi and I arrived at a center of Valencia city.

There were many people around there.

In the past, I knew this festival on TV. Then I thought I would like to watch this festival.
This festival is one of biggest Spanish festival.

I took many photos of dolls. There were so huge and interesting!!!

In addition, I could watch fireworks.
I was so happy because I could enjoy a famous Spanish festival while I stayed in Spain.


Baby soybeans

Recently,I harvest lettuce every day.
I ate a salad of lettuce and poached egg.

I found a sprout of Japanese bean "Edamame" after watering plants.

In addition, I will harvest some tomato soon!!!

My family likes tomato. So I will grow many tomato seedling this year!

Final game of World cup

Last night, I watched the game of Argentina vs Korea.
Argentina won. However, Korea's play were good.
I could enjoy to watch a nice game!

By the way, I am sorry.

Because I have to work on the day of Final game of world cup...
I think I won't be able to watch it on time.

A few months ago, I tried to avoid it.
But my effort didn't work at all.


Basil and potpourri of lavender

I like herb. Last year, I bought a seedling of Bail. This year, I bought a seed of Basil a few months ago and I planted it.

The leaves of Basil are bigger now.

This is a leave of Lavender. I cut it and it is planted. I like lavender. So I would like to increase lavender.

I will cut these flowers of lavender soon because I want to make potpourri.


The game of Spain

The vegetables in my balcony are good.

I will harvest them this weekend. Tonight, I will watch the game of Spain.
I can't wait to watch it!!!


Th game of Japan vs Cameroon

Now, my pleasure is to watch games of World cup.

So I try to leave my office before games start.
Yesterday, I worked overtime a littel. When I finished my work, I got on the subway at once.

It is 7:40 pm when I arrived at my home.
Then I quickly cooked the dinner.
I ate this dish.

Baked tofu "Atsuage"!

I ate it with ponzu.

Last night, many Japanese watched the game of Japan.
Fortunately, Japan could win.

I am so happy.

I will watch games tonight. But I am sorry because the game of Brazil isn't broadcasted in Japan. Anyway, I will support Brazil!


Hainanese chicken rice

Do you know "Hainanese chicken rice"?

It was Malaysian cuisine and Singaporean cuisine.
When I have been to Malaysia, I ate it. It was so delicious!
So I made it at home.

The recipe is so easy. So you can eat it at home.

By the way, I harvested lettuce and I made summer rolls.
I ate it with with chili sauce.

By the way, I could watch the first game "South Africa vs Mexico" of World cup.
I watched it while drinking wine.

I could enjoy to watch game!!!!
I think the team of South Africa was good.
The game was interesting!!!!

Of course, I watched the next game of "Uruguay vs France".
I was so happy because I could chat with Mike!
Mike, thank you so much!!!!

I could enjoy to watch a game together!!!


The first game of FIFA world cup

Finally, the first game South Africa vs Mexico will start soon!!!
I have to keep waking up until early morning this world cup.

But it is my happiness because I love football!!!

If you have a account of Twitter or Skype, or MSN, please tell me!
I would like to talk about games of World cup!

Anyway, let's enjoy World cup together!!!



In the morning, I found some sprouts in my balcony.
These are sprout of radish.

This is a sprig of rosemary.
I tred cutting of rosemary a few month ago.

Now, it are staying firmly on the ground!!!

I am so happy.

These are sprout of lettuce.

I had planted seeds a few weeks ago.
I will harvest them soon.
Of course, I will plant seeds of radish and lettuce this weekend.

By the way, I read the website of radish today.

I didn't know that radish was imported from Europe to Japan in Meiji Period at all.
I saw purple radish for the first time.
I will look for seeds of purple radish in garden centers.



Yesterday, I ate Japanese food "tofu".

By the way, it is hot since a few days ago.
So I have to water all plants at the morning and the night.

Yesterday, my friend gave me a plant "Monstera".

I am so happy.

I looked for it in garden centers.
But I couldn't find it a few month ago.
Then she knew it and she gave me it!
I was so impressed with her kindness.

I really thanked my friend.
I want to have many plants although my balcony isn't big.


Tomato leaves

Do you know the smell of Tomato leaves?

The smell of tomatoes are so wonderful.
I like it!

I found some tomato fruits.

I bought tomato seedlings a month ago.
They are bigger.
I cut tomato spring and I planted it.

Because I heard Tomatoes can be intergrafted.

I hope I will harvest many tomatoes this year!!!

These are sprouts of lettuce.

I will harvest them soon.


Ivy and dollar plant

Last night, I bought Australia wine and I drank it at home.

I cooked a dinner while drinking wine. hahaha. I ate these.

- herb roasted mackerel

My friend told me this recipe. So I harvested some rosemary sprigs before cooking. The taste was so nice!!!

I found fresh shrimps in the supermarket. So I bought them. Because I love shrimps!!!

- Sasimi of Shimps

I ate them with Japanese soy sauce.Recently, I often eat Japanese food "Sashimi" with soy sauce and pepper sauce "Tabasco". I recommend!!!

A few weeks ago, I went to the garden center. I bought these plants.

- Ivy

- dollar plant

In the past, I grew up them. So I wanted to grow them again and I bought them. I will try to cut them. Then I'll plant them.


Radish and Summer roll

I harvested some radishes.

Then I cooked a dinner.

Recently, I made often Summer roll.

By the way, FIFA World cup will start next week , finally!!!

I am so happy!

Many games will start at about 23 pm in Japan.

Of course, I will watch many games.
So I will be lack of sleep while this world cup.


My trip of Spain #14 Valencia

I went to Valencia after staying in the hotel of Granada. It took about 5 hours by the bus. However , I could watch nice landscapes while sitting on the seat of the bus. For example, beautiful ocean.

Finally, I could arrived at Valencia.

I ate Spanish food "sopa de mariscos" at the restaurant. "sopa de mariscos" is a soup of seafood.

Of course, I drank beer too. I will write about my trip later.


Nankyoku Ryourinin

Yesterday, I ate tomato's pasta at home. I harvested some sprigs of Rosemary in balcony and used them for cooking. These are plants of tomato in my balcony. I found some flowers. I hope I'll harvest tomatoes soon. This year, I often harvest some lettuce. I am so happy because I couldn't harvest them at all last year. By the way, I watched some movies. - Nankyoku Ryourinin This movie was so funny. This movie was based the true story. Japanese chef went to Antarctica in order and he stayed in there for about a year. He tried to cook wonderful foods for other. Anyway, I could enjoy it!!! - Red Cliff I like the actor "Takeshi Kaneshiro" and the director "John Woo". Takeshi Kaneshiro played as the character "Zhuge_Liang". He was so smart. I could really enjoy watching movies!!!!