Fireworks? NO!!!!

Today, the fireworks of Sumida river will be held. I often went to see fireworks there. (I go to a fireworks of Yokosuka navy base every year.) This year,I can't see them because of my work. I am sorry. I really want to see them. But I could see nice fireworks while I worked at my office!!! yes, Google video of X!!! If you see them at the nice place, you have to get the place where you will see fireworks until 1 pm. But today, I didn't need to take the place and wait for 5 hours until the fireworks will start. Then I could see fantastic fireworks after I cliked the url of Google Video. Thanks!



When I look at the news about government after I got up in the morning, I often feel disappointment of our government and our system. Koisuzu will resign on September. He didn't solve any problems at all. Increase of senior citizen and destruction of pension system,impropriety of bureaucrat ,raise of a consumption tax,deficit financing of the government,personal waste by the government,increase of suicide,increase of difference society,increase of NEET(young people Not in Education, Employment or Training) , declining birthrate etc. He just had enjoyed his trip of America and he sand a song of Elvis by using our tax. I had watched the TV programs about our government a few weeks ago. Then one commentator said funny words on TV. "There are lot of problems so much, but, according to the government, it is only Japanese citizen that continue working. If there are such a disgraceful affair and a problem abroad, the demonstration happens." I laugh when he said that. Yes. Surely! In addition my boss didn't know about Google Analytics at all until yesterday. Oh, Sorry.It is not about the government. Anyway, I want to talk about other topics today. Have you ever watched the movie 'Tokyo God Father'? Yes,I like this movie. When I had read a magazine (I forget the name of it) ,I had known this movie at the first time. Then I tried to watch this movie. Yeah, The story and character, animation were very good! Satoshi Kon made this movie. You many know this movie because this movie was elected by a candidate Academy Award Animated Featuer Film Award work and competed with "Finding Nemo" although it couldn't win. But this movie won the prize at Belgian international animation festival's TV movie prize. Then he made new movie 'Paprika'. 'Paprika' was based on the novel 'Paprika' of Yasutaka Tsutusi. 2 days ago, I had posted about the movie 'Mushishi'. According to the news, both movie of Mushishi and Paprika were nominated in Venetia International Film Festival. 'Paprika' will be realsed in Jan of 2007. Of course I have to watch 'Paprika'!!!



I know that Japanese is not big. The land price of Tokyo is especially expensive in Japan. If you want to rent buildings (houses ,appartments etc) or buy them in center of Tokyo, you have to pay more money. So it is very hard to get houses in center of Tokyo. Some of them leave there and start living in other place where is far from the center of Tokyo in order to get their own retirement homes. So please don't laugh even if you look at these thin buildings. By the way, this building of Canada's Vancouver 'SAM KEE BUILDING' is the most thin and it is recognized Guinness officially at overall width 178 centimeters here.There is this building close to an entrance if you will go from downtown of Vancouver to Chinatown. Please tell me if you find the building like these.

Preloadr & Flickr

Do you have accounts of Flickr? I have an account and I ofen upload the photos of Flickr. If you sign up preloadr by using same user's name and password, you can more edit your photos. I recommend perloadr.


Gray hair and green eyes?

Finally, today was an exceptionally fine day. I wish that it will keep until this weekend. At last night, I left my office at 7:40 pm then I got on the subway until Ichigaya station. But I met an accident of subway. So I have to be waiting for subways and a train for almost 1 hour. I can't go to my office or my home without Japanese transportation. Because I don't have a license of cars and I can't drive them at all. So I depend on Japanese transportation. By the way,I read nice news today. Yes. The news was about a movie of Mushishi. You may know a director of this movie 'Otomo'. He was directors of the movie 'AKIRA'and 'Steamboy'. Whe he had read the comics of Mushishi, he wanted to watch a movie of Mushishi. Then he decided to make a movie as a director. Then he and his staffs thought about making casts, story etc of this movie for 2 years. Jyo odagiri played as a role of the main character of Mushishi 'Ginko'. According to the news, the photography of the movie was performed at the mountains of Shiga prefecture for about 3 months from last August. Then important character of "mushi" are made by CG now. The movie of mushishi will be released on the spring of next year. I wonder whether Odagiri's eyes are green and his hair is gray in this movie. I hope I will watch this movie.


Short trip from Tokyo

Well,rain is falling today. It isn't hot in Tokyo. But the humidity today is high too. When I slept at last night, I woke up at 4 am because I felt too humid. According to the weather news, it is about 3 years ago that this rainy season of Japan is terrible. I was looking at websites of Chofu's jindai temple. Once, I went to there and I went around there and I ate soba of Jindai temple's famous food. When I went to there, it was summer. But it was cool because there were a lot of trees and rivers and lakes in there. I heard that Jindai temple is a second old temple in Tokyo. The first temple is Sensou ji of Asakusa. I like both temples. There are some Japanese noodle 'soba' restaurants and shops, a plant park, 2 hot springs('Yukari', 'Shiro yama tei') in around Jindai temple. It take about 40 mins to Shinjyuku station from Jindai temple by a train and a bus of Keio. If you go sightseeing in there, you can feel Japanese old atmosphere.

new coach?

I am excited now. I am Japanese. But I am happy because Dunga became a new coach of Brazil soccer's team. I watched his play on the stadiums in Japan. So I hope that this news is not wrong.


Do you need?

Since last week, it has been heavy rain. landslide disaster happened in south of Japan. According to the weather news, rain may keep falling this week. By the way, many Japanese look at the web site of YouTube. You can find Japanese TV programs on the website of YouTube. When I can't watch the TV programs, I look for them on YouTube at firt and I ofen find out them on YouTube. When I read this news, I noticed that it was not only for me. Many people did that. I head that half of access's number of YouTube was from Japan. If you read this news, you can understand. If I have to take TV or PC, I select PC without hesitation. In deed I usually watch LOST or other movies on my notebook. When I couldn't watch the news or other , I often accessed YouTube and found them that I look for. So my notebook is running at my home even when I work at my office. Today, it is not unusual to watch something on your PC. Moving video picture's services of the internet begins and they are trying looking for the business models .(YouTube, Google Video,GUBA,Veoh etc) Do you still need TV?



Departure of the next world cup. Mr.Osim became a new Japanese official soccer's coach and he had given a interview. I saw his interview and I agree with his opinion. I support Japanese team but I didn't think Japan could win at the world cup of Germany. The level of the world is higher than Japan. But Japanese medias didn't say about that. If you want to win, you have to find your weakness. Japanese players didn't notice that at all.(Nakata and Zico noticed that.) On next month , Japanese offical team will play at the friendship game in Japan. Of course I will try watch that. I don't know whether Japanese players and coach is good yet. Anyway, I will be able to know about new team next month. After the world cup of 2006, many TV special programs were broadcasted in Japan. At Friday's night, I could watch the TV programs of Zico. Then I could know about things I didn't know before I watched this programs. According to the TV programs, Hidetoshi Nakata couldn't communicate with other players at all. Nakata had dinner alone in Germany although other players stayed together. They couldn't understand each other at the games of Brazil. When Japan lost to Australia, the players couldn't know how to play and Zico and Japanese players talked about the next game of Croatia. Japan must not lose the game of Croatia. So Zico adivised Japanese players how to play at the next game. So They managed to play at the game without lose.(The game was draw.) The things that I was most surprised were here. - Japanese players took different from instructions action in the trouble. Altought Zico taught them the way of playing the game. (Kawaguchi etc) - Japanese players didn't feel senses of impending crisis at all. Many Japanese players didn't know the level of the world.(Nakata only knew that.) They knew only Japanese soccer.(I used to watch the game of J-reague.But I don't recently watch them because they are very boring.Sorry if you like.But I want to be honest.) - Japanese team needs the star! (yes.I think this is most important.) Some of Japanese said that the way of Zico might be faster because Japanese players's ablitys were not best. I think it is true. But they must learn how to play by themself. Because the coach can't play at the games. The players must play while thinking what they do. So I think Mr.Osim is good because his thought is same of Zico. Anyway, Osim was a good coach of Yugoslavia. So I look forward to watch next friendship game of next month.


Tokyo tower

Once, I posted the article of the book 'Tokyo tower'. When I read the book 'Tokyo tower', I was very impressed. It was a first time that I shed my tears while reading. Many people bought this books in Japan. I was looking forward to watch the TV drama of this book since I read this book. The TV drama was decided that it was broadcasted this month. But it may not be broadcasted in Japan because a trouble of one comedian. So I read this book today and I was very impressed again. Family is most important and I really respect my parents. I thank my parents very much. I want everyone to read this book. Of course I hope the TV drama of this book will be broadcasted someday.

The season 1 of LOST

I just finished watching episode 16th of LOST. Oh, I can't imagine the last of this story. But it is very interesting. After finishing the episode of LOST, I can understand the character's secrets or troubles. By the way, this photo of Ba's blog is very funny. Ba,Thank you!!! Nice photo!!! I am thinking whether I keep watching rest of LOST until morning because I want to know the last of LOST.(oh,I had kept watching 24 hours a few years ago.hahaha.I don't grow up at all.) I may finish watching season 1 of LOST and start watching season2 while this weekend. This weekend may be rain. So it may be good to stay at my home and watch LOST or look at the websites or chat! My wallet too. Because I won't pay any money if I stay at home.



Rain,rain,rain.... Yes, it has been raining in Tokyo since Monday. Although I could sleep at night without an air conditioner. At Last night, I had watched 'LOST' again. After finishing the world cup, I tried looking for something that I could enjoy. Then I am enjoying watching 'LOST' and playing the game 'SODOKU' that X taught me. But my brain is dead. So I can't finish the game yet.(hahaha) I read an interesting article of Japanese magazine 'R25' yesterday. 'R25' is a free magazine and many people read 'R25'. According to the magazine, many people who are over 30 years old don't notice a sound of 20 kHz. 14kHz 15kHz 16kHz 17kHz 18kHz 19kHz 20kHz So unique service 'mosquito' of these sounds are popular among children of England now. They like that they use this as a ringtone of cell phones. When their mobile telephone sounds during a class, the teachers who are over 30 years old can't hear these sounds. So children look at the their teachers and laugh because children can hear these sounds. I will try these sounds and I wonder whether I can hear a sound of 20kHz. Now, the sound of these may be sounding around you. Be careful of 'mosquito'!!!


We need hopes and joys

I am talking about hopes and joys. I have been shocked since last night. Her blog gave me a lot of joys.


Hub of English pub in Tokyo

I used to go to English pub 'HUB' in Japan because I lived near Opera city and I worked at there. I went to HUB in order to drink beer or have lunch etc. But I didn't know about drink 'Strongbow' of England before Mike taught me. ストロングボウ サイダー5度275ml(イギリス)STRONGBOW CIDER So I had wanted to try drinking that at once. Then I went to HUB on Sunday. Then I could try drinking Strongbow. Yes It was very delicious. Mike, Thank you!!! If you didn't tell me about it , I didn't notice it and I couldn't drink it when I went to HUB. So Thank you!!! In addtion I could eat 'Cotswold Honey Glazed Chicken and Pepper Kebabs'. This dish was made from recipe of Cotswold's chef Rob Rees. Of course I eat fish and chips!!! If you may go to HUB in Japan, I recommend that you will eat Rob Rees's dishes.



Do you know about tarako of this video? If you want to know about Japanese food tarako , look at this. Tarako is a character of Japanese company Kewpie. Kewpie's mayo is famous in Japan and we use Kewpis's products. Tarako is Japanese food and it is a egg of fish. We eat rice with tarako, pasta with tarako. Now, Tarako is a character of CM and it is very popular among Japanese woman. If you want to buy goods of Tarako, look at this. たらこキューピー オルゴール 本物 たらこキューピー ストラップ  本物 The song of CM was sold in Japan and it is popular now. The title of this song is 'Tarako Tarako Tarako'. What do you think Tarako? Cute or ugly?

'Elephant cafe' of Shibuya

After work, I arrived at the restaurant at 8 pm. Then I met my friends. It was a first time that I had dinner at Thailand restaurant'Elephant cafe'. The food of this restaurant is Thailand.That is right.I love Thailand food. Well,I could enjoy eating Thailand food and a lot of beer. I ate these - Yam Wun Sen (Bean starch vermicelli salad flavored with coriander) 650 yen - Pak Boong Fai Daeng 880 yen (I think I always order these and eat when I have dinner at Thailand restaurants.) - Coconut-banana ice cream wrapped in crepe 530 yen - Kara age of chiken 680 yen - Green curry of Spinach and coconuts 750 yen By the way, there are many people in Shibuya. Especially around Shibuya station. If you wait for friends at Shibuya station, it is very difficult to find your frined because many people were waiting for someone like you. There are bronzes of dog we call 'Hachi-kou' and 'Moyai' at Shibuya station. So people wait for someone around those. There are department or shops,movie theaters,Karaoke box,manga cafe etc in Shibuya. I think there are more young people than Shinjyuku.I sometimed go to Shibuya but I used to go to 109 when I was a student. There are many fashionable shops at 109. If you lost the trains , you will be able to spend until morning in Shibuya. Shibuya is a non-sleep city like Shinjyuku. Fortunatly, I could go home.Anyway,I could enjoy eating and drinking.


where is my effort?

I can't open my eyes now. Last night was hot too. So I couldn't get up at 5 am .Then I slept for 2 hours. So I wanted to take a day off when I got up at 7:30. But I managed to go to my office. Then I repeated clicks of one web site for many times(hahaha) and finished stuffs at 4 pm. Then my brain was stop thinking about stuffs. So I tried to drink a cup of coffee and drank. But coffee didn't help me get up. Tonight, I will meet my frineds in Shibuya and we will have dinner and drink beers etc. I will write about that soon. In addition I think I will go to the pub in Tokyo on this weekend. I could know about nice drink and nice food of 'HUB' last night. I used to go to Japanese pub 'HUB'. When I lived in Hatudai, HUB was close to my appartment. SO I often go to there alone. For example, in order to have lunch. Recently,I don't go to there. So I really want to go to the pub of the pub 'Hub' again. If I knew about that the chef of HUB and one drink 1 week ago, I might ask my friends to go to HUB! Anyway, I hope that I enjoy drinking and eating at the pub 'HUB' again. By the way, I got my weight again... Oh, my god. My efforts was waste. Well, I put on a pants of 1 years ago after taking a shower yerstaday. Yes... I couldn't put on it. So I have to start a diet soon. It was true that I could lose some weights and I stopped a diet. Then the world cup controlled me. I sometimes ate many foods(snack,noodle) and drank wine while watching the games of the world cup at midnight. But forgive me about tonight and pub of this weekend. I swear that I will start a diet after that.



Do you know about GEOCACHING? I didn't know about GEOCACHING at all before I heard that from Fabi. Then I read the explanations of GEOCACHING. I think that GEOCACHING is very interesting game and I want to try playing that. There are caches in Japan too and some Japanese enjoy playing GEOCACHING in Japan. It is true that GEOCACHING isn't still more popular in Japan than other countries. But I will try playing GEOCACHING in Japan. Players need GPS at first. Of course if you can access at the internet, you will be able to enjoy GEOCACHING after looking the website of GEOCACHING and looking for the places where there are caches in Japan. But I want to get GPS!!! Then I hope I will enjoy playing GEOCACHING by using GPS.

Japanese festivals 'Matsuri'

Japanese festivals we call 'Matsuri' are held on the summer. I love festivals so I want to go to all of Japanese festivals someday. When I was a child, I often worn Yukata because my mother let me wear Yukata. I can't wear Yukata by myself. It is very difficult to tie an obi of Yukata. The festivals I want to watch is Nebuta matsuri. Nebuta matsuri is held in Akita prefecture of Japan.Many people go to there and they enjoy watching Nebuta. If you go to Japanese festivals, you will be able to meet many types Japanese stalls at festivals. I often buy Japanese food Takoyaki,Yakisoba etc and enjoying eating them. This is a pan of Takoyaki. I heard that people of Osaka have Takoyaki pans at their homes. This is yakisoba. Yakisoba is a popular food in Japan. Many instant foods of yakisoba are sold at the stores. Please look at Japan National Tourist Organization if you want to know about Japan and Japanese culture.



Well, Madonna will come in Japan. So I thought I would go to her concert of Japan at first. But I gave up because the ticket is 50,000 yen. I know she doesn't come to Japan every year. But I can't buy the ticket. If I have 50,000 yen, I will be able to go to travel!!! So I decided that I will watch Japanese comeday.

Burnout syndrome!!!

Although the world cup was finished, many TV programs about the world cup were broadcasted in Japan. So I watched them and I remember the games and laughed Maradona. His programs of Argentina was broadcasted at last night. He had played at volleyball and he had been angry again. His TV programs were very funny. I would like to watch them in Japan. The world cup was finished and I don't need to get up at early morning. But I woke up at 4 am again. hahaha.I wonder why I could get up without an alarm of my clock. My mind is vacant now. I might be absorbed in the world cup. By the way, I found an interesting news while working. So I will try You OS if I will get up at early morning.hahaha.


The champion

Champion!!! Finally champion of the world cup was decided! Yes, this world cup's champion was Italy. Italian, congratulations! Of course I got up at 4 am and then I could enjoy watching the game of Italy vs French. I think it was a heated game.(Mike, you will be able to look at the celebration party of Italy! You are very lucky.) Anyway, Italy was a champion of this world cup. I could really enjoy watching the games and my and Ba's bets! It was a first time for me that I chat with Ba,X etc while watching the games of the world cup! And I could talk about the games with Mike ,Ipshi and Fabi.I can't forget this world cup. It was a most wonderful experience for me. So I look forward to the next world cup of South Africa. I hope that I will enjoy the games of next world cup with you together! How was your this world cup?


Germany won!!!

Finally, the world cup will finish at 4 am of tomorrow. I watched the game of Germany vs Portugal after I had got up at 4 am. I think the game was nice and the players of Germany were very good. I will watch the game of Italy vs French. If Italy win tomorrow, I think Mike will be able to enjoy his trip of Italy.hahaha. I want to watch the game of tomorrow. But to tell the truth,I don't want to watch the game because the world cup will finish. (But I won't be late for my office after the world up will finish.) Anyway, I will enjoy watching the game of Italy vs French.



I can't sleep now. I had slept but I woke up because it is too hot. By the way, I wanted to talking about W-ZERO3[es] of Willcome. New type of that will be sold in Japan. Please look at X's blog, if you want to know more. Anyway, I will check this battery.


How many web sites do you access a day?

I read the news about Google. If this engine is released, I want to use this. When I get up at the morning, I look at the web sites of news and check my email box every day. When I look for the informations, I sometimes have to look at the web sites of Google and Yahoo etc.(Because there aren't many information that I look for.) In Japan, 'Web2.0' is becoming the talk of the internet business. The personalize web sites or Search engine may be shown soon. By the way,I had watched the game of Germany vs Italy. I think it was a wonderful game. But I couldn't watch the game of French vs Portugal because I forgot to set the alarm . Today,I found interesting news about Japanese soccer player Hidetoshi Nakata. His retirement announcement may be shown as school's text books. I think it is good because I am impressed with his announce and it was very wonderful. So I have to learn how to write well.hahaha


Japanese tradition

If you believe this video and you eat like this, Japanese must be surprised!!! I love this funny video!!


You make me happy now

Now, I am wathing the TV progmras of Nakata. I know he did good job. But I can't stop feeling sad. But Ba makes me happy now. Could you understand? Yes.Finally,Your letter and present were arrived at my house! When I read your letter,I coulnd understand well. Because I felt same feeling. I will write the letter from you. Thank you very much!!! And I am sorry because I mistook the cake!hahaha

The announcement form Nakata

Hidetoshi Nakata's announcement is here. “人生とは旅であり、旅とは人生である” 2006.07.03 ~1985年12月1日 - 2006年6月22日~ 俺が「サッカー」という旅に出てからおよそ20年の月日が経った。 8歳の冬、寒空のもと山梨のとある小学校の校庭の片隅からその旅は始まった。 あの頃はボールを蹴ることに夢中になり 必死でゴールを決めることだけを目指した。 そして、ひたすらゲームを楽しんだ。 サッカーボールは常に傍らにあった。 この旅がこんなに長くなるとは俺自身思いも寄らなかった。 山梨の県選抜から関東選抜、U-15、U-17、ユース、そしてJリーグの一員へ。 その後、自分のサッカー人生の大半を占める欧州へ渡った。 五輪代表、日本代表へも招聘され 世界中のあらゆる場所でいくつものゲームを戦った。 サッカーはどんなときも俺の心の中心にあった。 サッカーは本当に多くのものを授けてくれた。 喜び、悲しみ、友、そして試練を与えてくれた。 もちろん平穏で楽しいことだけだったわけではない。 それ故に、与えられたことすべてが俺にとって素晴らしい“経験”となり、 “糧”となり、自分を成長させてくれた。 半年ほど前からこのドイツワールドカップを最後に 約10年間過ごしたプロサッカー界から引退しようと決めていた。 何か特別な出来事があったからではない。その理由もひとつではない。 今言えることは、プロサッカーという旅から卒業し“新たな自分”探しの旅に出たい。 そう思ったからだった。 サッカーは世界で最大のスポーツ。 それだけに、多くのファンがいて、また多くのジャーナリストがいる。 選手は多くの期待や注目を集め、そして勝利の為の責任を負う。 時には、自分には何でも出来ると錯覚するほどの賞賛を浴び 時には、自分の存在価値を全て否定させられるような批判に苛まれる。 プロになって以来、「サッカー、好きですか?」と問われても 「好きだよ」とは素直に言えない自分がいた。 責任を負って戦うことの尊さに、大きな感動を覚えながらも 子供のころに持っていたボールに対する瑞々しい感情は失われていった。 けれど、プロとして最後のゲームになった6月22日のブラジル戦の後 サッカーを愛して止まない自分が確かにいることが分かった。 自分でも予想していなかったほどに、心の底からこみ上げてきた大きな感情。 それは、傷つけないようにと胸の奥に押し込めてきたサッカーへの思い。 厚い壁を築くようにして守ってきた気持ちだった。 これまでは、周りのいろんな状況からそれを守る為 ある時はまるで感情が無いかのように無機的に、またある時には敢えて無愛想に振舞った。 しかし最後の最後、俺の心に存在した壁は崩れすべてが一気に溢れ出した。 ブラジル戦の後、最後の芝生の感触を心に刻みつつ 込み上げてきた気持ちを落ち着かせたのだが、最後にスタンドのサポーターへ 挨拶をした時、もう一度その感情が噴き上がってきた。 そして、思った。 どこの国のどんなスタジアムにもやってきて 声を嗄らし全身全霊で応援してくれたファン――。 世界各国のどのピッチにいても聞こえてきた「NAKATA」の声援――。 本当にみんながいたからこそ、10年もの長い旅を続けてこられたんだ、と…。 サッカーという旅のなかでも「日本代表」は、俺にとって特別な場所だった。 最後となるドイツでの戦いの中では、選手たち、スタッフ、そしてファンのみんなに 「俺は一体何を伝えられることが出来るのだろうか」、それだけを考えてプレーしてきた。 俺は今大会、日本代表の可能性はかなり大きいものと感じていた。 今の日本代表選手個人の技術レベルは本当に高く、その上スピードもある。 ただひとつ残念だったのは、自分たちの実力を100%出す術を知らなかったこと。 それにどうにか気づいてもらおうと俺なりに4年間やってきた。 時には励まし、時には怒鳴り、時には相手を怒らせてしまったこともあった。 だが、メンバーには最後まで上手に伝えることは出来なかった。 ワールドカップがこのような結果に終わってしまい、申し訳ない気持ちでいっぱいだった。 俺がこれまでサッカーを通じてみんなに何を見せられたのか、 何を感じさせられたのか、この大会の後にいろいろと考えた。 正直、俺が少しでも何かを伝えることが出来たのか… ちょっと自信がなかった。 けれどみんなからのmailをすべて読んで 俺が伝えたかった何か、日本代表に必要だと思った何か、 それをたくさんの人が理解してくれたんだと知った。 それが分かった今、プロになってからの俺の“姿勢”は 間違っていなかったと自信を持って言える。 何も伝えられないまま代表そしてサッカーから離れる、というのは とても辛いことだと感じていた。しかし、俺の気持ちを分かってくれている“みんな”が きっと次の代表、Jリーグ、そして日本サッカーの将来を支えてくれると信じている。 だから今、俺は、安心して旅立つことができる。 最後にこれだけは伝えたい。 これまで抱き続けてきた“誇り”は、 これからも俺の人生の基盤になるだろうし、自信になると思う。 でもこれは、みんなからの“声”があったからこそ 守ることが出来たものだと思う。 みんなの声を胸に、誇りを失わずに生きていく。 そう思えればこそ、この先の新たな旅でどんな困難なことがあろうと 乗り越えていけると信じられる。 新しい旅はこれから始まる。 今後、プロの選手としてピッチに立つことはないけれど サッカーをやめることは絶対にないだろう。 旅先の路地で、草むらで、小さなグラウンドで、誰かと言葉を交わす代わりに ボールを蹴るだろう。子供の頃の瑞々しい気持ちを持って――。 これまで一緒にプレーしてきたすべての選手、関わってきてくれたすべての人々、 そして最後まで信じ応援し続けてきてくれたみんなに、心の底から一言を。 “ありがとう” --- Life is a journey and journey is a human life. - From Dec 1th 1985 to Jun 22th 2006 Time of about 20 passed since I went for a trip of "soccer". When I was 8 years old in the witner, The trip began in school grounds of an elementary school of Yamanashi.I aimed at only I was absorbed in kicking a ball in those days, and deciding a goal desperately. And I enjoyed a game earnestly. There was always the soccer ball near me. I did not think that this trip of soccer got longer so much.I became from the prefecture selection of Yamanashi the Kanto selection, U -15, U -17, a use and a member of J League. I went over to Europe which occupied most of one's soccer life afterwards. I became representative Olympic Games, a Japanese representative and fought by many games in a nook and cranny of the whole world. Soccer as for any kind of time of my heart central. The soccer granted really many things. I gave joy, sorrow, a friend and a test. Of course it was not only the thing that was pleasant with peace. That is why all of what was given "had a splendid experience" for me, and next, next, "bread" brought oneself up. I decided to retire itself from the professional football world that had this German World Cup too much last for about 10 years for a half year. Some special event is not warm. The reason is nothing, too. What I can say graduate from a trip of professional football now and want to appear on a trip of "the oneself search for who is new". The reason was because it thought so. Soccer is greatest sports in the world. All the more many fans freeze, and there are many journalists again. I expect it, and a player attracts much attention and takes responsibility for victory. By the way, I am exposed to praise as I get an illusion when oneself can do anything, and it is sometimes tormented by one's significance of being criticism that I am made to deny entirely. Since became professional; "is soccer good?" There were "and oneself who cannot say obediently to "like" it even if asked. The fresh and young feelings for the ball which I had in childhood while feeling a big impression in preciousness of I took responsibility, and fighting were lost. It shared it that there was surely oneself whom I loved soccer after Brazil round of June 22 when I was for the last game as けれど, a professional, and did not stop. It is the big feelings that came from the heart so that even oneself did not expect it. Thought to the soccer that I shut up in and I did not injure it depths of a chest. It was the feeling that it built a thick wall, and it kept. I behaved bluntly daringly till now when there was it again inorganically to protect it from the various situation of the circumference once as if there were not feelings at all. However, in the last last, in the wall which there was in my heart, all the breaks overflowed at a stretch. After game with Brazil, I calmed the feeling that came while carving with the touch of the last lawn in a heart, but the feelings blew up once again when they said hello to an athletic supporter of the stands last. And I thought. Fan - - which I fastened it to any kind of stadium and made a voice hoarse and supported in a body and soul of country of any place. Encouragement - - of "NAKATA" which I heard even if to pace of various countries in the world throat. When it was continued a long trip of ten years simply because there was really everybody…. "The Japanese representative" was a place for me in a trip of soccer especially. I thought about only it and played "on earth what it might be told me" in in all of players, the staff and a fan in a fight in Germany which was the last. I felt that a meeting, possibility of a Japanese representative were considerably big now. Besides, a present Japanese all-star representative personal technical level has speed really highly, too. It having merely known the art that 100% started ability of oneself to have been disappointed with nothing. I came over for me for four years to have it notice it somehow. I sometimes encourage it and sometimes shout, and there was able to be the thing that I have sometimes angered a partner. But I was not able to tell it to a member well till the last. The World Cup ends in such a result, and I am sorry; was full of feelings. I thought about what I was made to feel what it was shown through soccer till now by all after this meeting in various ways. To be frank, was I able to convey anything a little?…There was not really confidence. I knew that a lot of people understood anything, it which thought that it was necessary to something which I read all けれどみんなからの mail, and I wanted to convey, Japan representative. It may be said that my "posture" after I become professional was not wrong in now that it knew with confidence. I felt that it was hot at all to be separated from a representative and soccer without anything being conveyed. However, I believe that "everybody" who understands my feeling may surely support the future of the next representative, J League and Japan soccer. Therefore I can leave in peace now. I want to tell only this last. "The pride" that I continued having will suffer from a base of my life from now on till now and thinks that it is it in confidence. But I think that "a voice" from all is warm and was able to protect this. I live in a voice of all without losing a pride on a chest. It is believed that I can get over it so that there can be the thing that it is any kind of difficulty on this former new trip simply because I can think so. A new trip begins from now on. I want to tell only this last. "The pride" that I continued having will suffer from a base of my life from now on till now and thinks that it is it in confidence. But I think that "a voice" from all is warm and was able to protect this. I live in a voice of all without losing a pride on a chest. It is believed that I can get over it so that there can be the thing that it is any kind of difficulty on this former new trip simply because I can think so. A new trip begins from now on. There will be never that I stop soccer though I do not need to rise to pace as a professional player in future. Instead of exchanging words with somebody at a small ground at the grass, in an alley on travel, I will kick a ball. With a fresh and young feeling in the days of a child - -. In all players who played together till now, all people concerned with and all which believed it till the last, and continued supporting from the heart a word. "Thank you"

Nakata's retirement

I arrived at my house at 21 pm. Then I turned on the TV and I surprised at the biggest new and I shouted. Today,Hidethoshi Nakata announced his retirement from the soccer on his blog. I am feeling sad. Because I had known him when he was 20 years old. When I watched his game for the first time, I thought Nakata might become a best player in Japan.(In addition,I was surprised at his birthday..hahaha) He was different from other Japanese players. When I knew the news of his retirement, I really understood why he cried after Japan lost Brazil. Because he had never cried when his team had lost. Anyway, I am shocked now. I will post about him again tomorrow.

Unexpected results

I watched the game of England vs Portugal,French vs Brazil. These games were unexpected results for me. Because I guessed that England and Brazil would win before I watched the games. Well, I recognized that It ain't over till it's over when I watched these games. Now, it is very difficult to bet which team will become No.1. Anyway, this world cup is full of European Power!!!


The game of Germany vs Argentina

I am happy because I could watch the game of world cup again! The game of Germany vs Argentina was very excited as soon as the game had started. I could hear the voices of many Germany supporters while the game. I think Argentina was better than Germany as soon as the game had started. Argentina and Germany tried to get points. I think Argentina had more chances than Germany.So I believed that Argentina must won. The defense of Argentina could do good jobs when Germany tried to get a goal. When I watched the game, I remembered that when I had watched the game of Germany and Miroslav Klose had gotten the golas at the world cup of Japan and Korea.When I had watched his goals, I had shouted for several times. Anyway,I think both defences were very good. The game of Argentina and Germany played in real earnest. And finally, Germany won!!! Yes.Yes,I could enjoy watching the game and the game was exciting and nice. To tell the truth,I guessed that Argentina would win at ease. But it was different. Germany played very well. So it is interesting to watch the games of world cup. The games of the world cup are more interesting for us.