Japanese noodle with rocket salad

Yesterday, I watered my plants and checked them. Rocket salads are growing like topstitch because the weather are fine.

This is a rocket salad.

I picked up some rocket salads and made Japanese noodle "Soba" with Rocket salads.

The recipe is so simple. I sauted mushrooms and Japanese noodle "soba" with olive oil. After sauting them for a few mins, I added Japanese soy sauce "Mentsuyu" and some Rocket salads. Mentsuyu is the "soup" for the noodles. It is available at asia shops, but you can also try to make it yourself.

I ate this Japanese dish and drank some beer!




This is Japanese garden of Hase temple. There are many plants.


Cucumber and green onion

Yesterday, I left my office as soon as it was 6 pm. Then I went to the flower shop. The shop was having a sale on plants.
During watching some plants, I found cucumber and green perilla's seedlings. The price was 150 yen. So I bought them.
Because I want to make salad of green perilla and pick cucumbers "Nukazuke".
I started to pick vegetables about 1 month ago.

After arriving at my home, I watered them and I checked out how to grow them by the internet.
According to the website, it isn't easy to grow a cucumber because of a plant disease.
But I found this information.

Yes, companion planting.

It is best to grow a cucumber and green onions.
Fortunately, I am growing green onions.
So I planted a cucumber and some green onions. companion planting is so interesting. I will learn about it more!


Saltwort's leaves

Today, I watered my plants(radishes,rocket salads etc). Then I found leaves of the saltwort!!! Could you find leaves of saltwort?

I touched the sprout of saltwort. They were harder than other's sprouts! So I could understand the reason that saltwort is called "Oka hijiki" in Japan. Saltwort looks like Japanese seaweed "Hijiki". Hijiki is hard.

After I checked out saltworts.The saltworts is popular in Turkey too. Turkish eats salad of saltworts with olive oil and garlic and vinegar. The salad is called "Deniz borulcesi salatas".

Anyway, I hope that saltwort will become bigger!!!


The seeds of Saltwort and Lettuce

Yesterday, I planted the seeds of Saltwort and Lettuce.
I bought seeds of them before holidays.

I didn't know about saltwort before I found the seeds of saltwort in the shop.
Of course, I have never eaten that.

I didn't plant seeds of them because I planted to stay in my parent's home.

This is saltwort's flower.If it is possible, I want to see flowers of saltwort.
By the way, I couldn't water plants(radishes, rocket-salads, Garland chrysanthemum) during the holidays.
So I looked for the informations on the net and found one way.

I filled big styrol boxes half-full of water and planters of plants were filled with styrol boxes.

According to the website of Japanese gardening, plants can be grown for about 7 days. The way is called "Koshi mizu". I am sorry because that I don't know the word in English...

My all plants were growing because of "Koshi mizu". During holidays, I was so worried about my plants.
Yesterday, I thinned out seedlings of rocket salads,Garland chrysanthemum. Of course, I ate them as salad. The taste was so good!I hope that they are bigger!!!