Brit Awards 2009

来年2月に『Brit Awards 2009』が開催されるそうです。

日時は2/18(水)。ロンドン アールズコートで開催されるらしい。



「BW」 「BW」


UK again?

Hi,how are you?

I managed to finish off one of tasks on time and I have some free time until mid-Nov. So I will try to check out the tours of travel agency on the net and I will decide to go to where I'll go next year.

Do you know where I will go to travel on Jan or Feb of next year?

Well, at first, I'd like to go to Italy or Spanish,Malaysia.
My mother hopes that she will visit Italy or Spanish.

I will need a long vacations if I go to there with her.
Because there are far from Tokyo, And heavy jet lag too.
I like travel.
However, I don't like to get on planes for a long time...

Then we discussed where we will go to there a few days ago.

We want to visit UK again after going to UK for the first time.
Yes, now, I am looking for informations of UK.

Although I have been to UK for the first time, I really love UK's culture or nature, other.

And I didn't go to all museums of UK around London.

So I'd like to go to there again.
Now, I miss UK's pubs because I am writing about UK.