The holidays

Hi, how are you? Now, I am at a home of my parent. Yes, I got on the highway bus for Nagoya in Shinjyuku of Tokyo after attending the farewell party on 26 th. Then I arrived at Nagoya station of Aichi pref in the early morning of 27 th after 6 hours ago. I couldn't sleep enough while getting the bus. Maybe, I was a little excited because I drank a lot of beer in the party. Anyway, I enjoy talking with my parents and watching the movies. I will write about the movies later.


I am up to my neck in work!!!

Hi,how are you? I am so busy since Monday... So I had to work overtime on Christmas... The reason is my job... Yes, I had to fix bugs and programs and release them. I couldn't send emails from my friends at all. I am sorry because I didn't send cards and emails etc from my friends. I will send them from my friends later.


Try not to spend our money?

I can't get over this cold yet...
Anyway, I will take a rest after my work.

By the way, I finished reservations of highway bus yesterday.
I have some tasks of my work until new year end holidays.
And I have to attend the farewell party on 26 th because one temporary staff will quit.

So after I will attend the party after completely finishing my work on 26 th, I want to get on the highway bus at a midnight.
If I get on the bus, I will arrive at Nagoya station in the early morning of 27 th.

If I take day offs from 29th of Dec, I can stay at my parent's home for 8 days!!!

The winter holidays of this year is so long for Japanese.
If Japanese economy was good, many people would go to travel during the winter holidays.
However, the news said that the number of Japanese who will go to travel this year is decreasing.
I can understand that because our salaries may be cut off from now.

About 6 months ago, prices of many things in Japan were raised up.
Now, many Japanese try not to spend their money...

Unfortunately, I don't have any special plans on Christmas and new year day.
However, I will try to have a good time with my family.


Lack of sleep

I have a fever yet..

Unfortunately, my cold is worse than it was yesterday.

I have a runny nose and a little fever, a heavy cough...

Yesterday, I left my office as soon as it was 6 pm.
Then I got on the subway and the train for about 40 mins and arrived at my home.
At first, I didn't want to cook any food.
Because I was so tired.
But I cooked Japanese noodle "Udon" of the boiled egg and ginger, onions.

I slept at 11 pm.
After 2 hours, I suddenly woke up because I had a blocked nose and I couldn't breathe at all.
So I decide to give up to sleep again and started reading books in the bed.

I put Kleenex into my nose because I had a runny nose.
If you saw me, you must laugh at me...

Anyway, I read the book for 4 hours and I tried to sleep again at 5 am...
So I felt a sleep when I woke up this morning.

Although I wanted to stay at my home, I left my home at 8 am after taking a shower.

I hope I will sleep enough tonight until the next morning.


The hotels around hot springs

Hi,how are you?

I am not fine because I have a cold since last Friday...
Now, I have a fever yet...

By the way, you may know I like hot springs.

When I went to Kagoshima on Feb, I took hot springs of the hotel many times a day.
(For example, I took a hot springs 2 times after having a dinner.
Before sleeping and after waking up in the morning, I took a hot spring again.)
They offer limousine service from hotels to the center of Tokyo.
(The fee is only 300yen!!!)

I would like to go to hot springs because the winter is so cold.

I found the hotels "Ohruri".

There are hotels around major hot springs and the prices are so cheap!
Their hotels are close to famous hot springs.
(Kinugawa,Kusatsu,Nikkou,Nasu,Shiobara etc)

Kusatsu is one of my favorite Japanese places. Kusatsu is famous as the winter sport's place.

If you go to there with 4 person, the price with half board is 5,300yen per a person.
(It is including limousine service and dinner and breakfast)

Do you want to go to there?


My year-end and new year holidays

Hi, how are you?
I am fine and I am enjoying net surfing in the office.hahaha

By the way, I am planning to go to Nagoya-city of Aichi pref in order to spend time with my family while year-end and new year holidays.
(I can take holidays from 30 th of Dec until 5th of Jan.)

On 29th of Dec, I will get on the highway bus to Nagoya-city from Shinjyku station. After about 5 hours, I will arrive at Nagoya station stay at my parent's home until 4th of Jan.

Last year, my brother and I have been to Atsuta Shrine on new year day and enjoyed the countdown of New year in there.
When we visited at there,there were a many food stalls around shrine.
Then we drank beer after praying.

According to the website of Wiki, Nobunaga Oda visited at Atsuta shrine and prayed for victory the war in 1560.

There are many exhibitions of national treasures(swords,votive objects,ancient texts etc) in museum of Atsuta shrine.
If I have a chance, I will try to visit there.

I didn't know that!!!

I am looking forward to go to Atsuta shrine again!


Hi,how are you?

I am fine.
However, it is too hard for me to get up and leave from my bed in the morning. Because of extremely cold morning...
So I need many times to leave from my bed everyday.

By the way, I found nice website "Lang 8".
Do you know about this website?

I think this website is so useful for people who want to study languages on the net.

If you write diaries and there are mistakes of your diaries(grammars,phrase etc), somebody correct mistakes for free!!!

And you can check contents of "Lang 8" and you ask somebody help about studying languages.

I signed up for "Lang 8" yesterday, I started my diary of Lang 8.
After starting my diary, I corrected mistakes and taught other Japanese.

If you would like to learn languages or master by using Lang 8 for free, please try using "Lang 8".


What will you do while your year-end and New year holidays?

Hi,how are you?

I didn't upload my blog recently.

Now, I have some free time.
Although I wanted to look for the tour of UK, I can't go to there on Feb of next year.
Because Japanese economy is worse day by day...

I often listen to the news about layoffs of Japanese companies...

Oh, I am sorry.

However, I have to put up with saving money for now...

I will write about my plan of the year-end and New year holidays.