I have a cold a few days ago. So I ate Japanese food "Zousui".


Rocket and sushi

I harvested the vegetable.

Then I make this. This is Chirashi zusi.


Seven Herb Porridge

I harvested vegetables in the balcony in order to make Japanese food "okayu".

In Japan, It is Japanese culture to eat Seven Herb Porridge for a long time. It is called "nanakusa-gayu" on 7 January.

So seven herbs are sold in the super markets a few days ago. I am happy because I don't need to buy seven herbs in the super markets because I can harvest them in the balcony.


The gift from my friend

Now, I am listening to the music which my friend sent me. I really thank my best friend and I would like to meet my best friend again.

Japanese food "Yudofu"

I harvested the vegetables. Then I made Japanese tofu "Yudofu".

Rice ball "Onigiri"

I harvested vegetables of the balcony and I made Japanese rice food "Onigiri".

Japanese rice ball "Onigiri" is so popular. We often eat it. This year, I can harvest many lettuce from the balcony. I will plant seeds of lettuce again.



Japanese food "Omurice"

I harvested these vegetables.

Then I made Japanese dish "Omurice".

Sometimes, I would like to eat it. It is popular in Japan.