Recently, I don't often buy vegetables in the super markets because I can harvest some vegetables every day.

I sometimes harvest the rockets in the morning. Then I eat the salad of the rocket.

This is Mizuna. We often eat them as salad or Japanese dish "nabe" in the winter.

I ate Japanese dish Skipjack tuna's sashimi "Katsuo no tataki". I ate it with garlic. It was so delicious.

My friend had sent me it and I ate with it my bother. He was so satisfied with it because he likes fishes. Of course, me too.

Yesterday, the typhoon came to Japan. So the weather was so bad and it was coldest...

I hope it will be warmer...


The dinner with my brother

I harvested vegetable "Komatsuna" and "mizuna". Then I cooked some dishes and I ate them.

- sarada of mizuna and nagaimo

- ohitashi of Komatuna and Aburaage

Aburaage is fried tofu. It is so popular in Japan. we often eat it after baking or drinking miso soup of Aburaage.

The fresh vegetables are wonderful.

The taste is so best!!!

This is leaves of Japanese radish "Daikon". I will harvest them soon.


Sushi's video

Today, it is so cold... So I don't want to go out...

I hope it is warmer tomorrow.

I found an interesting website of Japan.

You can watch how to make sushi on real.

The out-of-season herb

According to weather news, this fall will be ended and the winter will come soon.
This weather is so strange.
The vegetables of autumn and wither are fine.

I will keep to grow plans and vegetables after moving.

I harvested leaves of Japanese vegetables and I cooked Japanese hot noodle "Soba".

I often eat soba.

By the way, could you see this?

This is basil!!!

I found it a week ago.
I was so surprised because it is a summer herb. I will keep to grow it in my apartment.



It is so cold today...

These are rockets.

These sprout are garlic.

Last year, I had planted garlic.
But I couldn't harvest them at all.

I hope I'll harvest them this year.


Deeper Underground

I still have a cold...

Today will be colder by the weather news.

I couldn't sleep well because of fever and congested nose.

When I have a cold, I often eat hot dishes.
I ate Japanese hot noodle.

My mother worried about me and she talked I had to eat some pork.

So I ate the hot noodle of pork and vegetables.

As I couldn't sleep at all of the heavy cold, I enjoyed to watching videos of Jamiroquai.

I think my favorite song is "Deeper Underground".

When I went to the concerts, I was so excited.

I would like to go to concerts of Jamiroquai at soon.


Rock Dust Light Star

The summer ended and it is fall in Japan. A few days ago, we had wear jackets in mornings and nights. By the way, I am so happy.

Because my favorite musician Jamiroquai's CD will be released in Nov.

I will buy it.

I am so glad!!!

I hope I'll go to their concerts in Japan.

I listened their songs.

- Bad Girls
- HighTime
- Deeper Underground

I would like to listen the newest songs!!!


The fried noodles "Yakisoba"

Recently, I often harvest Japanese vegetable "Komatsuna".

A few days ago, I made Japanese dish "Yakisoba" after picking up vegetables in my balcony.

We often boiled komatsuna or spinach with soy sauce.

We call it "ohitashi".

This is ohitashi of komatsuna.

By the way, I have to prepare to move my apartment. Oh, I have many books and etc.


The gift and Korean vegetable dish "Namul"

Finally, I harvested Japanese autumn's vegetable "Komatsuna".

So I made Korean vegetable dish "Namul".

I like it but I made it for the first time.
The recipe is so simple.
So I will make it again.

Last week, my best friend sent me a gift.

This is one of them.

She is living in the place where is close to a beautiful ocean.
The wonderful fishes and vegetables, fruits are famous.

I don't meet her. But we can communication by the net.

I have a favorite novel 10 years ago.
The place where she is living is written.

I would like to go to there before we knew each other.

Someday, I would like to go to there. Of course, I would like to meet her if it is possible.